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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Want Ad Refresh 2024
Want Ad Refresh 2024
ADOPTing Some Changes
Hello, Charming!

Originally, this was going to be a quick note about your standard issue want-ad cleanup but instead, get ready for some system tweaks!

Currently, our adoptable characters and plottable characters are wild west-y in that you can just... go for it. The major disadvantage of this, though, is that it's not always clear which ads are still relevant and which ones aren't.

The change? After some discussion, the staff team has decided to switch to ads per character. This means that I would post ads relevant to Iphigenia Adebayo from her account, but ads relevant to Maelstrom Crumb from his. (They both have fabulous ads, btw.) For some of you, this will be no change at all! For others (including me), it will be a pretty hefty overhaul.

What are the benefits?
  • More of a visual breakup = less "wall of text"-y, making the ads easier to browse.
  • Less text/coding to dig through when you want to store your ads.
  • Clearer which ads are relevant & 'active', making for a better browsing experience.
  • Easier to tidy up inactive postings both for players and staff—no more formal want ad cleanups

(We do recognize, though, that this means some more account switching when it comes time to edit!)

What does this mean right now?
  • Each post in the Adoptable Characters and Plottable Characters threads will be deleted, with their coding sent to the account that posted them.
  • You will be asked to sort through your ads and filter them off to the correct account—I suggest PMing even ads you don't need right now, so you have them on the requisite account when ready!
  • Updating time! Make sure all information in each ad is as up to date as possible. Hop over to Maintenance to store any ads that have been picked up!
  • Repost from the relevant account.

What does this mean moving forward?
  • Ads from inactive accounts will be cleaned up more consistently. 
  • If a post gets "emptied out", please post in maintenance to have it deleted.


Feel free to post below if you have any questions!

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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
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