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March 10th, 1894

Ford and Mrs. Greengrass (Jemima, she reminded herself) were now on their honeymoon, and the Greengrass household was more silent than it had ever been. It wasn't Ford's presence that she felt as much as it was the lack of anticipation for the wedding that had been haunting the house since the engagement was announced. The parlor was her sanctuary, but it was not all her own; occasionally Mama wandered in, usually chattering on about all the changes that needed to be made to the house. Other times it was Clem, peeking in and then immediately leaving when she noticed Grace in the farthest chair. And sometimes it was Noble, who she always greeted with a warm yet timid smile.

She was closer with both brothers than either of her sisters. Maybe it was because Ford was the one who always seemed to have all the answers, and Noble... well, he'd been in Gryffindor with her, had seen her struggles and protected her when he could. She'd never felt the need to hold her tongue with him—even less so than she did with Ford, she realized.

She'd just poured him a cup of tea, having insisted that he keep her company while her nerves were taking over.

"—and I don't understand why honeymoons are such a big deal, either. What happens on a wedding night that could not be done from home?" she asked, more rambling than sincere, but still!
Noble Greengrass

Noble missed Ford. It was a lot of pressure, being responsible for Clem and Grace — and technically the Australians as well, although Noble had always considered them to be less in need of support than his sisters. So Noble was happy to spend time in the parlor with Grace, drinking tea and listening to her talk.

Noble nearly choked on his tea. "Has Mama not told you?" he said, caught off guard. He knew that girls could be sheltered, but surely Mama had told the girls. Or maybe they learned the way Noble did, from friends and through semi-illicit readings — as the thought occurred to him, he realized that Grace rarely did anything she was not supposed to.

Oh, Merlin, had Mama really not told them?

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Grace shot him a bewildered look. "Told us what?" she asked defensively. She didn't think she was so clueless. She knew a men and women needed to be together after their wedding for it to be considered valid. It made sense: being left alone would solidify the bond. That's why unmarried men and women could not be together without a chaperon—it was seen as a tie of matrimony, so they had no choice but to wed if they were caught.

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Noble blinked at Grace, equally bewildered. She was smart, and he had a hard time believing that she had never put this together. "She's never told you about wedding nights?" he said. (He was too baffled to realize that he should pull out of this conversation, at least so far.)

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"Well," she scoffed, racking her brain for any conversation with Mama that stuck out to her. She knew of wedding nights just from the giggles of all of her debutantes, but Noble's expression seemed to indicate that she was missing something. "I know that it's when a man and a woman spend their wedding night together. What else is there to know?" (Perhaps it was some sort of ritual or spell. It made less sense the longer she thought of it, because muggles clearly married, but maybe witches and wizards were different?)

Noble made an expression best described as "horror stricken." "... Do you want to know more?" he said, tentatively.

Ford was going to be furious with him about this one, he was sure.

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Noble looked horrified. Grace was intrigued.

Slowly the frustration melted off her face, replaced by an expression of wide-eyed hesitance that only appeared when one was presented with forbidden knowledge. And like Eve at the foot of the tree of good and evil, she took the fruit.

"... Yes," she answered, sounding somehow both confident and uncertain to her own ear.

Noble tugged at the collar of his shirt. He was not sure how much detail he could give Grace without it causing serious problems; (like her telling Mama, or Ford, or her debutante friends.)

With this in mind, he gave a simple answer that hopefully captured the issue: "Honeymoons give couples time to explore how they have babies."

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Noble's answer surprised her, but not in the way she expected. Of course married men and women were left alone to explore how babies were made—surely they had to at some point! Most married couples ended up with children. Still, it didn't explain why the honeymoon aspect was so important. Couples could have an entire brood of children years apart; clearly not all were conceived during the honeymoon!

"Well yes," she said, like it was obvious, "but they can do that from home, can they not? Some other night?"

Noble frowned at his sister. How much more obvious could he make it? It really seemed absurd that Mama (or Verity, frankly) had not enlightened her — he was sure that Clementine had found a way to figure this out. He tugged at the collar of his shirt, as if he was hot.

"I think you should check this at the library," he said.

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