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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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March 8th, 1894 — Farley Greengrass Wedding
This was a joke. This was a joke, but they had made it through the ceremony, and Daffodil's flowers looked lovely, and Miss Jemima Farley was now Mrs. Jemima Greengrass. Noble had been half-expecting the couple to fall apart before the altar, but they had made it to the reception — and he was trying to keep an eye on his older brother without looking like he was keeping an eye on Ford.

So: he had a glass of white wine in hand, and he joined Clementine.

"Enjoying yourself?" Noble asked his youngest sister; really, he was worried that Clementine would find a way to misbehave. Normally he found his youngest sister's antics fairly charming. Today, he was trying to make sure they escaped without any more damage to their reputations — and he was very aware that he was responsible for Grace and Clem when Ford and Miss Farley were at their honeymoon.

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Part of her had thought, fleetingly, when her eyes had opened that morning that perhaps it had all been a dream, perhaps Ford had not courted scandal instead of a woman and wound up with a bride tarnished by gossip. That had lasted until her gaze fell upon the dress set out the evening before.

The dress she was to wear to her brother's wedding.

It was not the act of his marrying that irked Clementine Greengrass, nor even the woman in question, but the whole affair of it grated nonetheless, and the smile she plastered on her face as the dutiful sister looked nothing shy of vaguely forced. The ceremony was done, regardless of Clem's thoughts on the matter, and now Mrs. Jemima Greengrass would be the second Mrs. Greengrass under the family's expanding roof, which would surely be confusing when anyone came to call. Not that callers were particularly expected, given the rumours involved.

(Still, the guest turnout hadn't been embarassing, so perhaps callers were in their future.)

"Would you ask that of me if this were a funeral?" she answered her brother, reaching out a hand in silent request for his drink. "For that is what this is, really, a memorial for two individuals who shall be no more."
Noble Greengrass

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Noble frequently took advantage of his position as the fun brother to be less strict with Clementine than Ford had to be. He huffed out a laugh at her joke, and handed her his white wine — with a flick of his wand, he summoned another one off of the table to fly into his hand. (Roughly a third of the liquid sloshed onto the floor.)

"I don't think it has to be that way," Noble said, skeptical, "After all — they're in love."

He did not think that Clementine would have anything good to say about love. But he needed other people at the wedding to hear him say that.

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A yes, the Big Story that her brother and the new Mrs. Greengrass were in love with one another. A truly miraculous thing, given that Clem could not recall ever seeing them together before the whole debacle. If rolled eyes made a sound, the one emitted from the witch would have been deafening.

"Even with an addition, the house will be too full," she complained. "Not just with Miss Farley, but with the sheer bulk of the awkwardness of this whole situation."

At least the distant cousins were moving out as a result of all this, Clementine would have her own room once again. But how long would that last? Surely Miss Fa the happy couple would start having children before long, unless they wound up following Verity's example.
Noble Greengrass

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