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My Heart is so Full of You, I Can Hardly Call it My Own
March 20th, 1894 - Potts/Grimstone Wedding

Whoever said all the planning that went into a wedding only for it to fly by was far more accurate than Daff would have ever imagined. Her ideal, small, intimate family gathering wound up feeling like half of Hogsmeade was invited. She supposed that their family had grown (and was still growing!) considerably in the last year or so.

Despite the chill in the spring air, the Plunkett’s barn was nice and toasty warm now, if only for the sheer amount of people tucked inside. Daff hadn’t been able to truly nail down a color palette that she liked, which considering she did this for a living, was a little humorous. Instead she’d just opted for a rainbow of wildflowers tucked in every nook and cranny she could find, even her own hair. Ama had wound it into some complicated plait lacing flowers throughout so that it hung beautifully over her shoulder. Of course this late in the evening, it was starting to come loose, but that was to be expected for her.

All in all she was perfectly content. There was a lot of laughter, love and a general sense of warmth that she hadn’t realized she would feel today and it was making her a little emotional. She also felt the slightest bit guilty that Zinna hadn’t been able to have something like this for herself and was cognizant of the fact all day.

Dinner was over and the merriment in full swing; it had to be closer to the end of then night than the beginning now, she'd lost track. Daff watched both her parents and Elias’ on the dance floor, smiling softly with a glass of cider in hand. She'd had one glass of champagne earlier to celebrate, but that was all she'd indulged in. With half a mind to go sneak another piece of cake, the contentment she was feeling had settled and swelled so completely in her chest, she was too mesmerized to move. Thankfully, she didn’t need to look to see who it was that had come up beside her; she’d had big doe eyes on him all evening, unable to keep her gaze from him for very long. ”I think it’s gone well.” She hummed out, leaning into him, sighing.

Elias Grimstone

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Today marked the end of all their waiting. Elias had spent most of the day revelling in that, just celebrating the fact that they had finally made it here. It was as happy as any ending to anything could be. But now, as the hour had drawn later and she had just leaned into him, it was actually sinking in. He was starting to see the beginning of it come to life.

He hadn’t felt any nervousness about it until just now, as the grand scale of the change dawned on him. Marriage was a new phase of being, one he had been desperately waiting for and still had no concept of yet. He only knew his life as it had been, and known that the pockets of time with Daff, in which they were together, were the most valuable parts of it. In that case, he supposed he was a rich man now.

Elias cast a look down at her, feeling too content to resist running his fingers along one of the loosening waves of her hair and stealing a little sprig from it as a keepsake, a tiny flower that had already escaped the braid and was going to fall out sooner or later, especially if they danced again. Instead, for the moment he spun the sprig in his fingers, smiling at its small petals and at her and at the whole picturesque scene.

“I don’t think it could have gone better,” he countered, because he couldn’t have dreamed up a complaint – except maybe that she’d had to dole out her attention to everyone, and there were no shortage of people here. “Will you be sad to leave?” he asked, half just to tease her. Although everything here did have Daffy’s mark on it all over, down to every detail. So it would be a shame when it all came down and the barn went back to its usual state.

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Delighted to hear he agreed, she chuckled as he plucked a tiny bud from her hair. She was probably shedding them all over the place as she moved around, but it was hardly noticeable about the sheer amount of greenery. Ama had done her best to get the braid to stay put and it had lasted longer than any of her normal updos, but her hair was so fine it always escaped whatever she tried to contain it with. Elias better get used to finding it everywhere.

"No, I won't be sad to miss the clean up." Always the hardest part. So much care went into assembly and then by the end of a long night, taking it all back down was almost a little miserable. Daff had been so focused on putting it all together so carefully last night and this morning that she hadn't even realized just how hard it would have been if she had to be the one to take it down. Fortunately she would be spared. Of course she had asked her mother to keep the bouquet so she could press it when she got back. That would be the only thing left and that was alright. Today was just one day, they had every day after this and that was what she was looking forward to.

She'd get back into the habit of tucking flowers all over his workshop, just like in the barn at the moment; and now the house too. All of the little vases she'd used today would come with her and he would never get away from flowers ever again. It was a good thing he wasn't allergic. "I was going to steal some cake though, I'm starving." They'd been so busy and even though she'd sat down for dinner she wasn't even sure how much she'd actually eaten. She cast him a conspiratorial smile and looked over her shoulder to where the cake still sat on the table. Truthfully she was ready to go, but unsure of how to even go about trying to sneak out.

[Image: Daff-Sig-Spring24.png]
She had arranged the decor for so many weddings that it must be a little strange to have planned her own; but he grinned at her comment about the clean up. No, they would be well on their way by then, coasting out on a high note probably before the party had quite died down.

That was fine by him.

“Good idea. I might join you,” Elias said, casting a look at the cake, but perhaps tagging along less because he was starving and more because he wanted to hang onto her company before she got swept away by one of the many members of her extended family wanting a little piece of her. It was probably good if they ate something now, besides, or took something for their travels; and he was quite certain she had been more intent upon seeing their guests suitably entertained before she had begun to think about herself.

As they gravitated towards the cake, and Elias passed her the knife, trying to avoid accidentally catching anyone else’s eye in the process, to dissuade anyone from interrupting them, he added in a murmur, “It’s been perfect, but – I can’t pretend I’m not looking forward to having you all to myself for a while.” Finally.

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look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3
Despite the fact that it was their wedding, Daff felt as though she had woefully little time with him this evening. It was to be expected, she supposed, so much attention to be paid to those celebrating with them, but as they moved in sync toward the cake, she realized she was getting a little impatient with it. She had started wondering just how early was too early to leave.

Taking the knife, she cut out one big piece of the delicious dessert and put it on the closest plate. She added a fork on either side, one for each of them, taking hers in one hand and holding the cake between them. Almost all thoughts of cake flew from her mind though at that comment. She flushed, feeling the heat in her cheeks as she bit her lip to keep a giggle from escaping. He probably didn't mean it like that, but Daff certainly couldn't pretend she wasn't looking forward to their uninterrupted time together as well, even if she was the tiniest bit nervous.

Daff pulled a little bit of cake off with her fork and took a bite, just to give herself a moment to get through being flustered. "I'm ready to sneak out when you are," she decided it couldn't be too early. "Well, after this slice of cake." She was hungry and didn't want to have to think about it later. "Are you going to tell me where we're off to yet?" The time might as well be spent on what else she had to look forward to.

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“After the cake,” he agreed, with a grin. She had cut them a piece to share, so that was excuse enough to shift an extra pace closer, to close the gap between them as far as he could whilst still being able to spear a bite of cake. Elias was watching Daff’s expression more than he was tasting the cake’s flavour, though – it was difficult to concentrate on anything else while she bit her lip like that, holding something back.

The corner of his mouth twitched up in a smaller, more secretive smile. At her flushed cheeks and at the question, both. “Do you want to know now? Or wait and see?” He raised his eyebrows, running his free hand lightly down her back mostly just to tease her. Elias didn’t want to keep her too in the dark, or to get her hopes up too high by it – it was nowhere terribly exotic (he could have flown to all the places he’d chosen on his own broom, though a portkey and a short ferry trip would see them there more comfortably tonight). And neither of them could truly be away too long, or their businesses would no doubt suffer for it. But in this moment he half-wished it could be for longer, a months-long tour around the world. (Less for the world, and more for the time spent indulgently with her.)

But he hoped she would like the places he had planned, anyway.

look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3
Maybe she could forget the cake. The hand on her back, though light, started a shiver that ran from the base of her spine, all the way up to her shoulders, visible in a little shake. There was no playing it off, nor did she feel the need to. He knew exactly what he was doing.

She looked up at him, popping another bite of cake into her mouth, not rushing, but not finding it necessary to savor it either. Did she really want to know? Daff wasn't used to not knowing all of the details. The details were her job, she decided the details, always knew who, what, where and when. She'd been happy to leave the honeymoon up to Elias, amidst planning everything else, but she was dying of curiosity.

"Is it going to take a long time to get there?" Daff tapped her fork lightly on her lips. That was her main concern, the travel time. Once they left, she just wanted to be wherever they were going, without a ton of time needed to get there. Once it was just the two of them, she didn't want to share him even in the slightest.

[Image: Daff-Sig-Spring24.png]
Elias wasn’t used to having quite the upper hand with her – teasing her in keeping things to himself, or with that touch at her back – but he was revelling in it, just a little. Usually when he kept secrets, he kept them fast: birthday gifts he’d crafted for her; the ring he’d held onto for some time before they were engaged; even things he thought or felt, sometimes, until he truly had to part with them.

Still, he tried not to smile too fondly at her gentle fork-tapping or the first question she had. (He didn’t know if it was his own impatience reading into the meaning of it, the yearning to get away and just be together, but if it was he was glad she felt it too. If it wasn’t, it was nevertheless a reasonable question, if Daffy were trying to guess.)

“We’ve got a portkey that’ll take us to Dover to start,” he admitted – Dover, on the southern coast, was a clue towards their general direction. Then across the channel by magical methods would not take them too long, and he had the Floo address of the country cottage in northern France where they would spend their first few days. He had chosen it more for the gardens and the surrounding countryside than the house, but – he hoped she would find it as picturesque as he did. (And thankfully relatively removed from the hustle and bustle of Hogsmeade or London or mundane life.) “But not too long, no. Why,” – and he was really purposefully teasing her now, his spirits were too high to resist it; after all, they were married“are you very tired?”

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He was enjoying this just a little too much, Daff could see it in that little ghost of a smile on his face and she narrowed her eyes at him, eyeing him curiously. It was hard to keep the expression though, so she bought herself a moment with another bite of cake. She was eating far more of it than he was, but she supposed once she was done, they could sneak out the side door to take their portkey and that would be just the start of the rest of the night.

"Heading south then," she mused, getting the last of the frosting off of her fork. That didn't really narrow anything down, a lot of the world was south of here, but she supposed that if it wasn't that long to get there, it wouldn't be too far of a journey. The destination really didn't matter to her, but she was relieved for a variety of reasons. Still, she didn't want to give him too much of the upper hand. His question about being tired had her pondering a reply. Truthfully she wasn't all that tired, the energy of the day lingering in her limbs and the excitement and nervousness of what was still to come kept her energized, but it would be more fun to tease him.

"Mmm," she said over another bite of cake; pleased that she was almost full. Daff let the sentiment simmer for a moment, hoping to mislead him just a little bit while she finished her bite. "I am very much looking forward to falling into bed tonight." She leaned in as she said it, hardly above a whisper, tilting her head to the side to look up at him again. She bit her lip again, trying to hold back the smile, hoping he could read her expression instead of her words.

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