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Feb 27th, 1894; anytime after sunset — Harley's Irvingly Residence
The winter storm had Harley Stressed. Did this whole thing extend to Hogsmeade? Was his shop all right? The floo had not been working when he had tried to floo over to check on it earlier. He had not bothered to recheck. The implosion that he had felt only added to his anxieties. And then the blizzard had hit. The safest course of action was to stay at home, he figured as he gazed outside his window.

Hearing a thud coming from the direction of his home library which was where he had a floo operational fireplace (since that was the best place considering the small size and limited rooms of the cottage he had built), Harley frowned in consternation. "Penelope?" He called out in some confusion. His sister was pretty much the only person that would come over to his place but she never used the Floo so he couldn't imagine why she might be starting to do so now, especially in such awful weather. Besides, it had not even been working earlier.

The snow had made it impossible to walk from her aunt's to the hospital. It had piled over the doorways already, effectively trapping them all for the foreseeable future, when Rosalie realized her grave error in waiting to flee. The hospital would need as many healers on staff as possible when the injuries inevitably began to flood in. Frostbite injuries were easy enough to heal, but the mediwitches wouldn't be able to handle the amount of people insane enough to venture out into the blizzard.

Minutes later, she had packed an overnight bag containing three spare dresses and her alternate set of healer robes and stepped into the floo. It was only a short distance, surely it would be operational enough to see her safely to her destination.

It didn't.

"Hello," Rosalie called out from where she remained in the fireplace. She hadn't thought to travel with extra floo powder and wasn't about to steal some from this stranger to escape to somewhere else. "I think the floo network isn't functioning with this storm. I was supposed to arrive at the hospital — St. Mungo's."

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The woman before him was very much not his sister but she was someone who was not entirely unfamiliar, at least. He had not had much personal cause to meet the young woman so they were still more strangers than acquaintances. He really only recognized her because she had once been promised to Ezra Applegate, a man he had developed a sort of childish antagonism with in their youth. He didn't think he had actually spoken to the man in quite some time.

"Oh. Hello," Harley said awkwardly. He was not quite sure what the usual protocol here was but he saw no reason to disbelieve her. "You have arrived in Irvingly instead," he informed her, taking up his floo pot and offering it to her. Of course, he would have no way of knowing that the Floo would now not take her anywhere at all.

Irvingly?! Rosalie could understand the floo malfunctioning and spitting her out elsewhere in London, but to have brought her so far North to Irvingly was ludicrous. (And yet another reason for her to dislike the floo as much as she did.)

"My sincerest apologies." She offered, her cheeks flaming red with embarrassment. Then, while graciously accepting a handful of the powder, she continued, "I'll just be going then."

Except, the smoke flew up around her and when Rosalie waved it away from her face she was absolutely mortified to see that she was still in Irvingly. "I don't suppose apparition would work in this storm either..." she said rather than asked.

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Harley was not so far removed to not find a beautiful woman attractive. This womans flush only added to it all. Unfortunately this also made him feel more awkward than he might have had it been a homely church mouse of a woman or elderly man had come fluttering through his Floo.

Nothing happened, the Floo didn't even flare up properly aside from smoke. "Best not to risk it, Miss," Harley urged. He did not like the idea of her trying to get to where she was going to go only to leave her fingers or ear behind or something. "I can fix you some tea if you would like to wait things out?" The universal language of most people on this continent seemed to be tea, at least.

She was still stuck standing in the floo, the cloud of green dust settling on her robes. This day couldn't get worse, for now not only was she shirking her hospital duties but she was stuck with a man she'd never met. She lingered in the fireplace for another second after the offer of tea was made. Tea! Like a cup of tea would somehow fix the fact that they were trapped together for the foreseeable future.

Sighing, Rosalie said, "yes, a cup of tea would be lovely." She took a few steps into the parlor, taking care to dust as much of the powder off her robes as she could. "I'm so sorry — I didn't introduce myself. I'm Miss Rosalie Hunniford, and you are?"

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So she was Applegates old flame. Applegates engagement had happened years after Harley had withdrawn from society but he had kept up a bit. Mostly via his parents, sister or the few friends that had stuck by his side and not been chased off entirely.

Harley shuffled to the other room of his cottage to get the tea. His cottage was not that large and had been built by his own hands so it would be a stretch to call anything a parlor as his parlor was also his home library, personal study and living room. Thus he felt a little self-conscious as he returned to the room that the woman (and the Floo) were in. "Harley Fawcett, miss. Penelope Fawcetts brother if you happen to know her," Harley said. He wasn't too sure who Penny's friends were these days but perhaps it would make a nice buffer if she was. He had been about to mention that he knew Ezra Applegate but figured that was a bad idea. For one, Applegate was the womans old flame so that was a possible minefield. And two, it wasn't like he and Applegate were friends so it would be awkward to be like "oh, we never quite liked one another" if she asked how he knew Applegate.

Miss Penelope Fawcett's brother. The reference might've been reassuring if only Rosalie had any context of his sister besides her odd choice in career. She couldn't have been a terrible person though if this man — Harley Fawcett — felt comfortable enough to use her name like this. "I'm sorry to say I don't." She answered sheepishly. "She's the broommaker, right? Are you in that industry as well?"

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