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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Midnight February 28th, 1894 - Harvey residence

It was cold – intensely cold, the kind that makes it feel like even your bones are shivering on your insides, rattling enough to break out. Thomas woke up only when he shuddered so hard under his threadbare blanket that it slipped to the floor. The fabric felt cold enough that he debated its ability to still keep him warm, but not for long – he still pulled it around his shoulders like a cape. He couldn’t remember exactly when he’d fallen asleep.

What Tommy did remember: Earlier in the day, he got drunk and increasingly anxious and restless as he paced the modest home he shared with his mum and sister. Every now and then, he would deviate from his short loop around the house to peek out the window out into the street. (The snow kept falling. It was a lot of snow. Where the hell are mum and Georgie? Are the families they’re working for insisting on keeping them around? Georgie at least would Floo back to gather her things for an overnight, wouldn’t she?)

So, warming charms – he cast a bunch of them. The home was like swiss cheese. On particularly loud windy nights, he could plug up the holes at a certain rhythm and play the house like a bagpipe. This seeping cold was nothing a bit of persistence couldn’t solve. But halfway through an incantation, it felt like the earth came to a grinding halt and shook from under him. Tom staggered and stuttered, and his wand sparked. Ignoring the growing sense of unease in his stomach, Tommy carried on with more charms to warm up.

Next thing he knew: he was awake from a dreamless and fretful nap, and cold enough the tips of his fingers and toes ached. So for nearly an hour, Tom cast what felt like hundreds more warming charms. Even still, every breath he took still billowed in front of him like a smokestack. Either the blasted cold was too damn cold, or he’d forgotten how to do basic charms. It was impossible to boil the damn tea, for example. He couldn’t even summon another blanket from the other room. Tommy’s wand lay abandoned on a side table as he warmed his hands with the roaring fireplace.

Still-drunk turned into now-hungover. Tommy nursed his precious fire, the only real warmth he could manage. His thoughts lingered on Isis, heart clenching. They hadn’t spoken much since the dragon incident. There were old wives tales, superstitions really, about what happened to wizards who spent too much time next to squibs. Just superstitions. Today was just damn cold, as the papers said. Even if the papers said nothing about a bloody blizzard.

It was at that moment that the fireplace crackled, burning a brilliant green. Tommy jumped out of his skin, but not out of the way, not fast enough – odds are this is finally Georgie, and she was about to spin out to land directly on top of him in a heap.

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Seraphina Bythesea could not abide this much time cooped up in her home. She couldn't even go outside to take a promenade on the street; the piles of snow were too high. She sat in her part of the house, Henry sat in his part of the house, the staff bustled around them. She spent hours playing with her youngest son, until the nanny started to eye her as if she were odd. She couldn't do this. She couldn't.

She had to go to one of her brothers. It was easy, from that decision, to pick Edwin — she walked down to the floo in her house dress and tossed the powder. The flames sputtered, and off she went — tumbling out in a heap of skirts and ash in the fireplace. Sera brushed off her skirts and stood — and struck her head on the edge of the fireplace. Edwin's fireplace wasn't usually at that height.

"Ow," she muttered, taking a step out and eyeing the room. This wasn't right at all — and who was that? Sera pointed at the man and said, "Ah!"

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Thomas crouched at the ready. The service Floo that Georgie used was always far too narrow, and their fireplace at home far too low, and as a consequence she had to hunker down and run through the fire upon landing, more-so than delicately step through it. But instead, a woman delicately stepped through it. Well – tried to.

His eyes widened, too startled to even be confused. Through chattering teeth Tommy echoed her ow, because he knew that knock to the head hurt like hell. Then she pointed and exclaimed at him, and he jumped back, defensively tightening the blankets around his arms.

The first thing he noticed – honest-- was that her clothing seemed very nice, although there was not very much of it, which seemed a bit cold to him. “Who the hell are you?”

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