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February 27th, 1894 — Emrys' House
They saw each other more often now that Emrys and his wife lived separately than they had when Emrys lived with the wife, but things still required some arranging — Arthur tried not to vanish on his wife as often as he had when he was actively gambling. The snow today hadn't looked so bad, even despite the low temperatures — so Art bundled up to 'grab a drink at the pub' and apparated once he was outside.

Since they could not see each other always, Art liked to give Emrys the whole of his focus when he was here. His mouth tasted like whiskey and Emrys, and he paid no mind the storm outside — despite the continued sound of the wind against the panes of Emrys' windows.

Arthur swallowed Emrys down, leaned back on his legs and grinned up at the other man, feeling cheeky. "Good?" he asked, waiting on his knees to hear what Emrys thought.

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Emrys offered Arthur a crooked smile while he waited to catch his breath enough to respond. He had always had a weakness for the look of men on their knees but Art was especially delicious here. His eyes were often bright but seemed to shine clearer at this angle; there was more obvious mischief to him. Maybe that had something to do with the question, too.

"I believe I already made myself quite clear on that point," he said with a chuckle. He tousled Arthur's hair fondly. In other sexual encounters he might have moved quickly to reciprocate, because it was important to his pride as a host that he didn't let a guest leave unsatisfied, but with Art he was less hurried; he didn't want to part ways anytime soon, so they had time.

When he had finished drinking in the sight of his lover on his knees, Emrys moved to his own so that he could be on level to take Arthur's face between both hands and kiss him. "I have a new massage oil," he volunteered when he eventually broke off. "Should we try it out?"

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E. Selwyn
Arthur grinned into the kiss, satisfied — at least on an emotional level. But he knew that Emrys would get him back, and he was in no particular hurry — he had the whole afternoon to be here, and could stretch the dalliance into the afternoon if he really wanted to.

"Yes, please," Arthur said. (He'd noticed that Emrys liked when he said please.) "I want your hands on my back."

He wasn't with Emrys solely because of the money, but the money did often come with nice perks — like massage oil, something Art could never justify purchasing on his own.

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Emrys planned to have his hands on significantly more of Arthur than his back, but they would get to that. "Take off your shirt," he instructed, while he went to fetch the bottle of oil. "And lay down on the bed." They were in the bedroom Emrys reserved for entertaining guests; connected to his own bedroom through the closet but otherwise distinct. This was meant to be the room a wife lived in, but even when Angelica had lived here he hadn't had her in this room; it had been the room for guests of a particular variety for too long for him to process it belonging to someone permanently. That, and they had never had the sort of relationship where he'd wanted her to only be a closet away from his bedroom. (Or they hadn't had that kind of relationship while they had been married, anyway — he had loved her, once, but it had all gone downhill when they exchanged their vows, just as he had always known it would). Angelica still had a furnished room across the hall, just... in case she ever stayed the night. It hadn't happened since she'd moved out, but so long as he kept the bedroom full of things she liked he could tell himself that it was not his fault it hadn't happened.

So this was the third nicest bedroom in the house, after his and after Angelica's, and it was more than up to the task of hosting Arthur for an afternoon of sex and massages and perhaps a little opium.

The dresser with the massage oil stood between the two large windows in the room, and Emrys glanced out briefly before he returned. He hadn't bothered to re-dress himself, but there was no chance of anyone seeing him in the window with the snow falling so heavily. "We don't often get snow here," he said as he returned to the bed. "Rain, always, but very seldom snow." Snow this heavy was a touch concerning; Bristol was a port, and if it was snowing here it might have been snowing in the surrounding seas as well. The last time Britain had a blizzard Emrys' shipping company had lost three ships. It wasn't something he was eager to repeat.

But it also wasn't something he was eager to worry about, at the moment. He climbed over Arthur, straddling him, and opened the bottle. "Where are you tense?"

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E. Selwyn
Art took off his shirt and left it hanging off the edge of the bed. He was not so comfortable here as to leave his clothes on the floor if Emrys was not undressing him, for all that he tried to project collected and casual when he was here. Emrys' house was well-equipped for debauchery, but it was also a nice house. The debauchery was controlled, not cheap. And even if they had been in a cheap house — or an opium den — it was polite to one's bed-partner to keep things relatively tidy unless it was to turn them on.

"It was snowing in Hogsmeade, too," Art said over his shoulder, ready to settle in on the bed. He rolled on to lie on his stomach, and rested his forehead on his arms.

"Around my shoulder blades," Arthur said. His voice was now muffled by the mattress. "And the tops of my arms — sore from practice."

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Emrys frowned. Snowing in Hogsmeade, too. That was too big to be a single storm, which made him think this was not going to go well for any of his docked ships. In theory it could have been two distinct storms, and both perfectly normal, but it snowed so rarely in Bristol that he was already suspicious of it. But if it was a magical storm it was hardly as though he could do anything about it, and despite how much was falling they were perfectly safe from it in here. He'd might as well focus on what was in front of him.

"I've always been fond of your shoulders," he murmured. He poured a generous amount of the oil into his palm and rubbed his hands together, then set to work on Arthur's muscles. "How long are you staying, today? Maybe before you go we can get you sore somewhere else," he teased. "To distract from anything in your arms I can't work through."

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E. Selwyn
Art hummed as the oil, and Emrys' hands, hit his shoulders. It was pleasantly warm, and he felt the satisfaction of relaxation in advance. He eased into the mattress.

"I have a few hours," Art answered, still muffled. He could claim to have had multiple drinks at the pub. He could claim the snow kept him there. He didn't feel any urgency. "Enough for you to have your way with me."

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Emrys smiled. The usual instinct to hide it away behind a smirk surfaced but he ignored it. With Pettigrew face down in a pillow it wasn't as though he needed to perform for anyone; he could allow himself to look as pleased as he felt. He briefly contemplated teasing Arthur with the idea of getting away for a longer stretch sometime — traveling, maybe — but that he did bite back. He was wary of coming across as too eager, even years after the initial seduction was complete. He couldn't always be the one suggesting things that might cross boundaries; it set a poor trend. And they tended to avoid conversations that would necessitate bringing up their respective wives, anyway.

"Or you could have your way with me," he offered, as he continued working the muscle. He didn't let people he casually hooked up with inside him — he didn't like the vulnerability, with strangers — but by this point this whole affair could hardly be called casual.

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"Oooh," Arthur said — the sound came out half due to interest and half because Emrys' hands had just relieved a particularly painful knot in his muscle. "I'd like that," he added — unlike Emrys, Art rarely had concerns about being too eager as long as Emrys had already opened the door. He was a naturally expressive person, verbally and in his face, especially when he was pleased — he was sure that Emrys knew how he felt about him better than Arthur could have expressed verbally.

He hadn't topped Emrys before, although he was historically happy to go back and forth in his encounters — they'd set a rhythm in their first encounter and Art had never wanted to push for more than Emrys would willingly give him. (The door, opened.)

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"I'm sure I would, too," Emrys returned, playfully salacious. It was an experience he was looking forward to, now that Arthur had agreed to it — for the sake of the sensation, sure, but also because it felt like the sort of moment where he might learn something new about his partner. Technically it made little difference who was in which position during intercourse, but it still seemed like setting the tone of the interaction was moreso the responsibility of the person doing the thrusting than the other way around. So he was keen to see what, if anything, felt different with his lover in charge, so to speak, instead of him.

He moved his hands down to Arthur's mid-back. "I'm going to China next month, for business. What should I bring you?" China was where he had honeymooned with Angelica; a gift for her was essential, for the sake of keeping things cordial and keeping up appearances, but much more fraught. A souvenir for Arthur Pettigrew was something he might actually enjoy picking out.

wild oceans shake what's left of me loose

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