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February 27th, 1894 — Swann Home, Bartonburg
Normally, Verity avoided hosting her siblings for any length of time. Not because she didn't care for them or that she didn't necessarily want them around, but because this house was the first thing that had ever been hers. Sharing it, however temporarily, pushed on her already frayed nerves from the storm. There would be foreign noises that she'd have to grow accustomed to once more and polite smiles she'd have to muster at breakfast when she rarely rose in time for breakfast anymore. Having someone in her house — someone other than Everett — altered her every routine.

Still, it wasn't as though she could ask Noble to leave in conditions like this. Not when the floo had sputtered out nearly an hour ago and Everett hadn't even made it home. She'd have to be accommodating, hospitable even. The only bright side to this entire encounter was that it was Noble who was trapped, and not Clementine or Grace. Verity inwardly cringed at the prospect of being trapped with either of her siblings. The most Noble would demand of her was a book or a drink, both of which she'd be able to supply easily.

And, another benefit to it being Noble was that he wasn't Ford.

"I had the housekeeper make up a room for you." Verity commented after returning to the parlor. Her staff, thankfully, resided at the house with them so she needn't worry about them traveling in these conditions (or, worse, having to fulfill their duties herself). "Do you think it'll last long?"
Noble Greengrass

Noble didn't want to be here. He wanted to be in his house, where at least he could hide in his workshop and make potions until the cold and the snow stopped.

And he knew that Verity didn't want him here, either. He'd known her for too long to think that she was comfortable having someone stay overnight in her house. The eldest of his sisters was very particular.

So he knew it was kind of her to have the guest room made up for him. Neither of them wanted him to be here. "Thank you," Noble said, with a thin smile. "I'm hoping it'll lighten up by morning so I can head back."

A morning departure would be easiest for the both of them.

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"Of course, sure." Verity allowed. It was a pity that as siblings they weren't eager to spend more time together, but she had long since lost hope of any sort of favorable relationship with either of her brothers. Noble had only ever tolerated her at best, and after the fiasco prior to her wedding she doubted he had any sort of warm feelings towards her.

She gestured over towards where Everett stored his liquor collection. "Feel free to help yourself to anything, Everett won't mind." Or, more likely, even if her husband did mind he wouldn't say as much. Her husband was too mindful of her tense relationship with her siblings to comment on anything that might upset her.

Noble gave a grateful nod; he was happy to be allowed access to his brother-in-law's liquor collection. He stood up from his armchair and walked over to it, intent on pouring himself a few fingers of gin.

"Do you want anything?" he asked — he hadn't touched any bottles yet, because it was polite to ask his sister before he started pouring things that were more hers than his.

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"A gin and tonic, if you wouldn't mind." She usually preferred sweet wines but had developed a taste for gin in the years since her wedding.

Then, once his back was to her and she had seated herself on one of the sofas, she added, "could I ask you something?"

Noble made his sister the gin and tonic before replying. "Of course you can," he said — experience had taught him to be wary of questions from his sisters, especially Verity, but he couldn't exactly deny her. He began pouring himself too fingers of gin, neat.

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She sipped her drink and questioned whether or not she ought to go down this path with Noble. On one hand, he'd likely be uncomfortable, on the other it was perhaps the only opportunity she had to ask without him somehow orchestrating a reason to flee. Verity drew in a breath, her eyes downcast at the patterned rug, and asked, "Ford - he didn't - it wasn't like what happened to me, right? He wouldn't do - it's different when you're in love, right?"

Noble took a sip of his drink before replying; he did not look at his sister, but did look at her patterned rug. This wasn't the life she'd wanted. "Nobody got hurt," Noble said. People were getting hurt emotionally, but no one had been hurt sexually. "It's different when you're in love."

He had suspected, but not been sure until now, that she and Everett were not intimate. Not for the first time, Noble wondered if his brother-in-law was an invert.

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Ford's demeanor and choice of words that night haunted her still. (A heartless rake then.) How could he claim to love Miss Farley when he was willing to destroy her so thoughtlessly? Sure, he had changed his tune quickly enough, but Verity didn't believe a word coming out of him anymore. Not after that.

She didn't think she would ever fully believe him again.

"It is?" She asked, feeling smaller than she would have liked to. "Have you been in love, Noble?" It wasn't an accusation but a genuine, almost hopeful question.

Noble shrugged his shoulders at his sister and took a sip of his drink. "I was," he said, "But I was too young — didn't work out." He was still too young. A few years ago he never would have admitted to it but now there was no arm — and she was about to get married, anyways.

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