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March 1894
March 1894

This month, the full moon will be on Thursday, March 21st. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of March.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


MJ made this!

What: Potts/Grimstone Wedding
Who: Hosted by Laurel Potts but lbr Daff did everything xD
Cost: n/a
Where: Plunkett's Farm, East Hogsmeade
Why: BECAUSE YES, finally.
When: March 20th, 1894

An intimate family wedding, Daff has overdecorated the Plunkett's barn with a ridiculous amount of wildflowers in mismatched vases, fairy lights and rustic touches. Is there an entire Pinterest board for it? Of course. There's a couple of really long, family-style tables with varying sizes of vases and flowers sprouting from them in a multitude of lengths, textures and colors. Basic, brief vows, dinner and dancing!

Invites include; Simon & Lucille Grimstone, Anthony Grimstone, Ruth & Magnus Lockhart w/ kids, Laurel & Basil Potts, Amaryllis & family, Senna & family, Thistle Potts, Rhys & Zinnia Gallagher, Quin & Dahlia Honeyduke, Calla Potts, Jack Dorset, Millie Potts & the entire Cecil Potts clan, Auntie Myrtle Potts, The Ewart & Ailsa Fraser clan, the Belbys, the other two Phillips sisters & families; the Plunketts of course; Hope St.John-Black & family, Delphine Hunniford, Rosalie Hunniford; also Penelope Fawcett, Irene Crawley and any of Elias' other close friends.

lbr it's half of Hogsmeade despite Daff wanting to keep it "small." Hit one of us up if, in my scatterbrain, I forgot someone or you think they ought to be there!

Contact Player(s): Bee @"Daffodil Potts" or MJ Elias Grimstone


[Image: Daff-Sig-Spring24.png]

What: Greengrass/Farley Wedding
Who: Mr. & Mrs. Farley are delighted (or something) to invite:

— Farley family (Jacob Farley Delilah Warbeck and various NPCs)
— Greengrass family (Audra Greengrass Noble Greengrass Verity Swann Grace Greengrass Clementine Greengrass Greer Owens Lorelei Owens and various NPCs)
* technically all the played Crouches are as closely related to Ford as the Owens are but I imagine they are not particularly eager to involve themselves here, so. Probably invited out of courtesy with the assumption that they would not attend? Come if you want but don't feel obligated.
— Jemima's friends (Darling Whitledge Frida Lestrange Dahlia Honeyduke Octavia Fawley), with a chaperone as necessary but not with your whole families
— Ford's friends (Cassius Lestrange Tycho Dodonus Barnaby Wye George Robins)

Cost: No (unless you want to bring a wedding gift)
Where: A church in Tutshill
Why: well?
When: 8 March 1894
Small and simple affair. Flowers by Wildflowers, cake from Honeyduke's, outfitted by Gladrags (the Bee show through and through). Following the ceremony guests are invited to the Farley residence nearby for a reception. Barnaby Wye will be on his best behavior (he promised) and this event will (hopefully) go down without incident.

Contact Player(s): Lynn & MJ! or Bee lmao


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   Daffodil Grimstone, Elias Grimstone

Set by Lady!

What: Prewett Sip & See
Who: Hosted by Fitz and Camilla Prewett to introduce anyone who merits hanging out in the Protterbottom chat, and anyone generally friends with either, to their son William. Not sure if you're invited? Reach out to Mum or Dad!
Where: Elysium, their country home in Hampshire
When: March 14th

An informal luncheon with ample libations. Fitz's TWO nannies will be on hand both to manage William and to supervise any other Small Humans so that their parents can generally ignore them.

Contact Player(s): Aldous Crouch


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   Ambrosia Selwyn

[Image: KWQb2uI.jpg]
graphics by lady ❤ —
MC/UCAB| REP 6+ | Ball

What: Elements Ball
Who: Upper MC and UC people, who would be invited to a ball at the home of a socialite
Cost: None
Where: A UC London home
Why: society gonna society
When: 22nd March

A society event, ladies and gents are encouraged to style themselves after the 4 primal elements, you can elect for a special kind of dance card which will pair you with someone styled as a complimentary element based on star signs elements and compatibility. Otherwise you can pick the other type and just do your own thing.

Contact Player(s): Dante


[Image: m5lSNKW.png]

What: Ladies' Night Out

Rufina Mulciber is hosting any upper class, married women of society and of good reputation. Excluded are any women who currently hold employment. Exceptions to both of these policies are her siblings/cousins or their wives. The Minister's wife is also invited as a matter of course.

Cost: Only what you choose to wager...
Where: Rufina's new house in Wellingtonshire, which is exactly three doors down from the old one.
Why: Relaunch Rufina Upon Society
When: Evening of 29th March
Rufina Mucliber is officially out of mourning, and very much not the sort to quietly re-enter society. Still, this is a bit on the low-key side...

Come one, come all, for libations flowing a bit too freer and women allowed to participate in less than genteel games of chance for a rare unrestrained evening without husbands or children to worry about.  This video clip is the vibe:


Contact Player(s): Aldous Crouch


The following 2 users Like Rufina Mulciber's post:
   Daffodil Grimstone, Marlena Scamander

graphics by mj ❤ —

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