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Half of My Heart
February 27th, 1894 - Kirke Residence

The morning snow had been a delight, she had braved the weather along with Bentley while Maisie took her morning nap to flit about their little garden making a snow man or tossing snowballs. It hadn't lasted long, the cold was too much, but it had been enough to knock her son out for a good, long afternoon nap. Maisie too was down again, fighting off a little case of the sniffles and sleeping a bit more than usual. It was rare these days that the two naps overlapped, so Elsie was enjoying the quiet by the fireplace with a book.

It was a good thing they had ventured out during the morning, as by the time Elsie was roused from her own little impromptu siesta, she noticed just how bad the weather had gotten outside. Miss Halliwell had the children well in hand, and Mrs. Robinson had started on dinner, but as Elsie watched the snow accumulate she worried about them getting home and thought to send them at once, but the weather was truly unruly. This in turn made her worry about Tyb's ability to get home as well. Hopefully the floo would remain unaffected, but she also worried that it would be an all-hands situation at the ministry if this kept up. Elsie had lived through enough weather events in Hogsmeade to realize there was always the potential for disaster.

This suspicion only increased as the hour grew later and the weather more peculiar and the fact that Tyb was still not home.

Elsie had managed to keep herself busy with dinner and the children and setting up both Mrs. Robinson and Miss Halliwell for the night. Els had always stood firm on the fact that their employment was only during the day, save for a few weeks after each birth, but the three of them had agreed that it would be much wiser if everyone stayed put. Elsie was not about to refuse the help, especially without Tyb home, but it did not ease the growing anxiety as the sky darkened and the house quieted without the children's laughter and babbling. She had fed Maisie one more time, distractedly, in the dim light of her own bedroom, having moved both children in there in their cots. The cold crept through the house, clawing at the wood and the walls like her frayed nerves clawed at her throat, but Elsie knew that it would be easier on her own mind to have them in the same place, near the roaring fire of the master bedroom.

She too had settled herself into bed after thanking Mrs. Robinson and Miss Halliwell yet again for the steadfast company, but her mind wandered, only finding some comfort in the steady breathing of her babes. Certainly this is what Tyb had to have gone through when she was stuck at the library after the dragons and though Elsie knew a snowstorm, even one that had indeed turned out to be some sort of magical heist with it's alternating outpouring of precipitation, was not quite as dangerous, she had no idea how long it would last or indeed, just what the ramifications would be.

It was going to be a long night.

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February 28th, 1894 - 1.0

The exhaustion had won out somewhere around three am, after she fed Maisie one more time. By the time she'd woken, Ben had crawled into bed with her, and was still snoozing soundly next to her. Maisie was awake but happily babbling quietly in her cot. The room had cooled, but not too badly, so Elsie slipped from her bed, tucking Ben under a wool throw blanket, before she moved to stoke the fire. Pulling on her warmest layers and her slippers, Elsie felt like she was bunding up to go outside, even though she was just crossing the house. She added a couple more logs and prodded the flames into something more useful. Once it was roaring again, she moved to get Maisie from her cot.

The anxiety was near paralyzing, the fact that Tyb had not come home and Elsie felt guilty for falling asleep. He hadn't slept a wink until she had come home after the dragons, but she supposed she had come home within twenty-four hours. It had been years since she had felt this all-encompassing sort of dread welling up in the pit of her stomach and she didn't miss it. She was no better prepared to deal with it either, having hoped they were past everything now that they were married and settled and happy. Now that she had everything she wanted though, losing it was just that much more terrifying and she froze completely in the realization.

The smell of breakfast forced her to move, cradling Maisie close, wrapping her tightly in the warm blankets, Elsie left Ben to sleep for a little longer. He was perfectly warm and content and she had to be thankful for that. It would be a long day of being stuck inside, waiting, and worrying and hopefully the could remain distracted enough to get through. It didn't ease the gripping fear around her heart at all, but Els knew she had to push through it for the children. Maybe they would have some pancakes this morning, they were Ben's favorite and they would help keep Elsie's hands busy, even if Mrs. Robinson wouldn't love the help.

Hopefully they just had to get through today. Just today. Tyb would be home and everything would be fine. Just today.

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MJ always makes her so pretty
February 28th, 1894 - 2.0

Elsie had spend the majority of the day stuck in a surreal feeling of deja vu. She'd woken up cold, with Bentley snoring softly beside her and she could have sworn her toddler was her husband for a moment. But the dread settled again into the pit of her stomach like a rock sinking in a river. She'd dressed and gotten Maisie up while Ben had slept on so soundly that she almost envied him, even if the fact that she'd fallen asleep made her feel immensely guilty.

They had started making pancakes, both for something for her to do with her hands, and because they were Ben's favorite, but there was already a plate of them in the icebox and Elsie distinctly did not remember making them the day before. The day the storm started she'd been far too busy worrying about Tyb to do much of anything, anxiously pacing the house and trying not to let her babies feel the panic emanating off of her in spades. The pancakes looked like a Tyb-sized portion and Elsie had to wonder just if they had all gotten a little out of whack during all of the waiting.

Mrs. Robinson had had gone off to do the wash and Miss Halliwell was playing with the children in the parlor while Elsie cleaned Bentley's room after he'd gotten a little too adventurous with his toddler-sized bookshelf. She repaired pages with careful consideration, almost glad for the distraction, even if she couldn't shake the feeling that something was entirely off. By early afternoon everyone was ready for a nap and she was worried Ben was coming down with a little something. He was tired and a little warm and she tucked him back into her bed for a nap while she took Maisie to her nursery for a feeding and some cuddles. Unable to truly settle, Elsie changed her mind at the last minute and brought Maisie back to the cot Els had put in her own bedroom. If the children were around she could keep it together and even if they were sleeping she couldn't lose her composure.

Once they were both down, she climbed carefully beside Ben, a book in her hands, but unable to focus on anything other than the steady, quiet breathing of her babies. A tear leaked down her cheek and she swiped it away, taking a deep breath. She didn't want to wake them, but she wanted the suffocating feeling in her chest to dissipate. She glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. He had to come home, he just had to. Elsie sunk further into the covers and snuggled in close to Ben, burying her nose into his curls and willing herself into a nap too.

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MJ always makes her so pretty

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