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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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Baby, It's Cold Outside
February 28th, 1894 — Beast Boutique

Maddie sat by the window of her cozy apartment above her shop. She didn't normally stay in the apartment, Cane was happily ensconced in the residence normally but the snow had kept him trapped at the library. She was grateful for it tonight when the snow was too thick and dangerous to even attempt to make it back to her parents. The fluu wasn't working and she had settled in to wait out the snow. She was tucked into the upstairs window, looking down at the street below, a warm cup of tea cradled in her hands as she observed the snowflakes dancing in the dark evening sky. The air was heavy with the promise of an even thicker blanket of snow, and the world outside seemed to be hushed in anticipation. The glow from the street lamps reflected off the swirling flakes, creating a magical, winter wonderland.

As she gazed into the night, a figure emerged, barely visible through the veil of falling snow. Maddie's eyebrows furrowed with concern as she recognized the struggles of someone trudging through the accumulating snow. Instinctively, she rose from her seat, the tea forgotten on the windowsill, and descending the stairs to the front door of the shop.

The wind howled as she tugged at the handle, the door resisting against the weight of the snow. With a final, forceful push, Maddie managed to swing it open. The cold air rushed in, carrying with it the scent of winter. Squinting against the snowflakes, she called out to the person battling the elements. "Hello there! Do you want to come in, you can't be out in this!" Maddie's voice cut through the wintry silence, offering a warm invitation. She stepped onto the threshold, her breath visible in the frigid air, and extended her hand towards the struggling figure, her golden blonde hair catching stray snowflakes.

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Look what MJ did!!
He was the only one outside in this tonight, and no fucking wonder. Trudging through the snow wouldn’t send him to his death like it would some – but he was hungry, and he wasn’t used to worrying about his usual supply of blood. But his stores in the cavern were not as full as he would like, and the Floo was down so he had no way of getting to London, and – who knew how long this weather would last?

So he had been tramping towards the slums, hoping to knock unceremoniously on the door of one of his ordinary bloodbanks, when... a door opened on the deserted High Street.

And who was Ishmael to resist an invitation inside, when it came? He could hear her pulse in his ears already, guiding him as he crossed over to the doorway through the battering snow – and he grasped her hand gratefully to let her bring him inside, sure that she would mistake the coolness of his touch for a mere consequence of the frozen weather.

“Thank you,” he murmured, once he had crossed the threshold.

Maddie couldn't fathom how anyone could be out in such treacherous weather. "Come in, come in quickly," She urged. She couldn't ignore the chill emanating from his skin as she wrapped her fingers around his hand, and then putting her weight against the door to reseal it against the oppressive cold and billows of snow that were already sweeping around her feet.

"Here, let me help you," Maddie insisted, ushering him into the warmth of the small living room. She hurried to fetch a thick blanket, wrapping it around his shoulders. "You must be freezing. Please," she gestured to the seat closest to the hearth, a comfortable high-backed gentleman chair, "Sit down by the fire," she urged.

"You need to warm up before you catch hypothermia," she fussed, "Can I get you something warm to drink? Tea, perhaps, or some hot cocoa?" she waved her wand and a tea pot and cups appeared on the side table. Without waiting for a response, Maddie bustled to pour a steaming mug and pressing it in his hands. "Here you go," she encouraged, offering a comforting smile. "You'll feel better once you're warmed up. Just take your time."

She didn't recognise him as a local - perhaps it was why he was stuck tramping in the snow rather than sheltering with a someone he knew. Even in the small room, the fire was struggling to keep the room warm as the storm outside did it's best to drain the room of heat. Maddy took the seat opposite the one she had ushered him into, pulling her feet up under her wrapping a shawl around herself.

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Look what MJ did!!
She was like a furnace in comparison to the cold outside, and Ishmael, playing at being placid, allowed her to usher him to a chair and wrap a blanket around him and fuss over him, like he was a plaything or a lost orphan or a poor stray creature. He wasn’t used to such a reception.

(He took the mug, and feigned lifting it to his lips, close enough to inhale the steam off it – but of course he had no need, nor desire, to drink it.)

She seemed quite relaxed at having company, a perfect rosy young hostess. Ishmael set the mug down beside him, swallowing in his dry throat as he heard, and smelled, the blood coursing in her body. “Y-you’re very kind,” Ishmael ventured eventually, drawing the blanket more around him to act as if he was shivering beneath it; really, he was trying not to show any glint of amusement in it, and his pretend teeth-chattering. “I’m sorry to impose,” he added: smooth, polite, listening out for anyone else’s footsteps in the building and hearing no one. She seemed very comfortable; unintimidated by having a stranger here – naive or open-hearted, maybe. His brow furrowed thoughtfully. “Is no one else at home with you?”

'Of course you're not imposing' she fussed, her lips twitching in a smile. 'No one should be out in that!' she gestured to the road over her shoulder through the window behind her with a shudder, her body at 90 degrees to him, halfway between him and the window, the fireplace between them. She was worried about Cane, he didn't tell her his coming and goings, but it was usual for them bid goodnight to one another - when he arrived home from work, and as she left to return to her parents. It was rare for her to spend the night here, and while there were a few of her things here for emergencies it was very much Cane's residence.

Distracted Maddie was twitching the curtains checking the street, half expecting to see her brother slouching up the road, his jacket up against the cold, his face buried in the scarf that she had made for him last Christmas, but the snow was deep and unbroken and there didn't seem to be anyone outside. Without thinking she shook her head, 'he's probably stuck at the library' She muttered distractedly, fighting pack a small surge of panic, before letting go of the curtain material and turning back to her guest.

Her eyes returned to the present, turning again to focus on him, 'This is my brother's home' she explained, sipping her tea, cupping her tea cup with both hands, absorbing the heat through the bone china. 'Are you from around here?' she asked observing him, her head cocked to one side 'I don't think I recognise you from the village'

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Look what MJ did!!

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