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February 1894
February 1894

This month, the full moon will be on Tuesday, February 20th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of February.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3
MC/UCAB| REP 6+ | Charity Valentines Event

What: 'Posey Post' in aid of Hogsmeade Hospital
Who: If the organisers would invite you to a ball you can take part in this. Natsuko Foxwood is one of the married ladies on the committee - but there are others.
Cost: Several levels of donations - from a single rose to a bouquet of flowers.
Where: Ladies from the organising committee will be able to take your 'orders' at events, but you can also send donations and 'orders' anonymously.
Why: Society Ladies doing charity things!
When: 1st Feb to 14th Feb - flowers and notes delivered 14th feb.

A fundraiser for the Hogsmeade Hospital, gentlemen are encouraged to give generously.
Likely only married, or publically courting/engaged couples will engage publically with the organisers and want to be seen to be giving funds.
For anonymous notes - no one will know how many a gent is sending, or to whom - other than the gent.

Contact Player(s): Natsuko Foxwood


[Image: 1h84GbB.jpg]
Gin made something stunning


What: Love At First Sight Ball
Who: NPC Wellingtonshire hostess, for MC/UC society types
Cost: Nope
Where: Wellingtonshire home
Why: Valentine's Day and such
When: 14 February 1894

Most of the party is exactly what you'd expect on Valentine's Day: decor featuring hearts and arrows, punch in shades of red and pink, themed hors d'oeuvres and desserts. Ladies will have their choice of two types of dance cards for the evening (and may see the staff mid-event to swap between them, if desired): a white card, which is nothing more than a slip of paper one would normally use, or a pink card. Gentlemen will likewise have a choice of white or pink carnation for their complimentary boutonniere. If a lady with a pink dance card and a gentleman with a pink boutonniere's eyes meet, they are compelled to spend the next upcoming dance together (love at first sight!) This effect can be repeated, so if a couple isn't careful they may end up spending quite a bit of time together during an evening...

Guests are aware of the effects of the pink cards/flowers. They do not alter anyone's feelings or perceptions, or have any effect beyond being forced to spend your next dance together. The pink cards/flowers are only being handed out to single guests who want them — while it's not entirely out of the question for your character to get one by mistake, it would certainly raise eyebrows if your married/otherwise attached character didn't correct the mistake quickly.

Contact Player(s): Lynn


Set by Lady!

What: Winter Ball for the Less Fortunate
Who: Hogsmeade Chamber of Commerce
Cost: 10 sickles
Where: Hogsmeade Memorial Assembly Rooms
Why: Party where proceeds are donated to the St. Mungo's Home for Inconvenient Children
When: Feb. 3

A ball without much in the way of extra trimmings.

Contact Player(s): Cassius Lestrange


[Image: jY757Rj.png]
set by MJ | adopt a Bythesea!
MC/UCAB| REP 6 | Ball

What: Amormentia Ball  - just a ball ostensibly, but attendees will get to discover what amormentia smells like for them, and will be given a small vial of the scent as a keep sake. 
Who: A society lady, who is a well known potion maker is hosting, for MC and UC social circles. 
Cost: NA
Where: Mrs Bathshots London Home
Why: The month of lurve!
When: 12 th February

She's having it ahead of Valentines, so people have their scents for Valentines day, to help them in their search.  She's just a lady who loves love and is rather good at potions.  A general ball with the amormentia as a bit of a twist/USP for the event.

Contact Player(s): Dante


[Image: 6jslCZa.png]

What: Sweetheart Dance
Who: A Valentines dance put together by a small committee for the 16+ individuals of the working classes to mingle and have some fun.
Cost: None
Where: Hogsmeade Hall
Why: A Valentines event for those of the working class that are 16+.
When: February 10, 1894

Decorations consist of florals and the room is decked out in pinks and whites. There is also a small collection of statues that will wolf whistle if they see two people acting in a way that they perceive as "couple-y" near them - no matter the genders of either party so even if two guy friends are laughing together, they might do so. They might also hit on you and tell you to ditch the zero and get with a hero (the hero being the statue) if you are with a companion. The Committee got them at a huge discount for a reason. There are also refreshments.

Contact Player(s): Tycho Dodonus


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