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2024 Charming Resolutions
2k24 Resolutions

(January 2, 2023 – 12:25 AM)Daffodil Potts Wrote:  First of all, wow I failed. But I did do the ONE BIG THING. Which was buy a house xD

-- pass my MS science teaching cert
-- buy a house
-- drink more water
-- stick with my daily journaling

-- follow through more faithfully on networking
-- thread with every member
-- Charming somehow daily
-- Mason. Something to do with Mason or I will ax murder him.

-- pass my MS science teaching cert -which I don't need, but I want!
-- drink more water
-- stay caught up on grading
-- intentional 1:1 time with the kids more often

-- find something good for everyone to do, not just let them float along
-- Charming somehow daily
-- no new characters until everyone is at 75
-- spread my wings and make sure I thread with everybody
-- network, dang it!

Not sure I did well on any of those things, but I am CURRENTLY all caught up on grading, which I am doing better about at school!

. . . I think it might be time to ax murder Mason?

on to 2024
-- start my masters degree - this is a summer project!
-- drink more water & stretch daily
-- money management, almost time to buy a new car!
-- scoll my phone less and read more books! hoping my book club(s) help! send me recommendations!
-- +kiddo time

-- I am DESPERATE for an enemies-to-lovers plot, it's my favorite, somebody please hit me up
-- depth not breadth! ignore Addie shhh
-- successfully pull off this Sloane/Sadie plot
-- new bachelor? might be time, see above plot desires XD
-- networking as always, I want everything with everyone!

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[Image: Daff-Sig-Spring24.png]
(January 2, 2023 – 2:15 AM)Clarissa Cosgrove Wrote:  2023 RP Goals
- Get Clarissa married off.
- Get another character to 200 posts.
- Have at least two or more romantic ships.
- Marry off at least one of my bachelors (not counting already engaged ones).
- Have a scandal happen with one of my characters.
- Rapid-fire more often, at least once a week.
Welp, did NOT marry Clarissa off. Did NOT get another character to 200 posts. DID get a couple of new romantic ships. Married off Lionel (and my engaged ones aka Roman and Timothy). Did NOT have enough scandal for my liking. Did NOT get to rapid fire more often.

2024 RP Goals
-- Post at least 5x a week.
-- Start saving characters at the start of each month.
-- Develop more romantic ships because I love them.
-- Develop more IC connections in general.
-- Marry a character off/get them courting/engaged organically.

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I had no 2023 Charming goals, but here are some 2024 Charming goals:

• Get Minnie to 250+ posts, and one other to 150+ posts
• Have a long term ship with any of my muses
• Improve my graphics & make new sets
• Actually make Arcturus Black by June 1894
• Be less shy about talking to fellow charmers

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[Image: jessamine-signature.png]
  • 2023 was actually an A+ year mentally, so keep doing that, please.
  • Be more active, physically. I own a treadmill, I need to use it
  • Actually chip at my TBR pile.
  • Make progress on my 18328932 WIP story ideas. Preferably without adding more ideas, but that might be a superhuman ask.

  • Charming
  • 75 posts for more characters/200 for Harry
  • Romance?? I don't think I've ever actually done a romance plot on Charming. I swear I enjoy them. You wouldn't know it.
  • Ruin someone's life. This can be related to the romance, I'm not picky.

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    [Image: Harry-Sig-copy.png]
    Set by Bee <3
    2k24 Resolutions

    Haven't done one of these in a long time but I'm feeling up to the spirit!


    • get Winter Lab out on time (instead I'm doing this so we're off to a great start folks)
    • more ships (pls hit me up, I have a slough of characters that I need to hurl out >D tropes I am drawn to: bodyguard, forced proximity, fake dating, enemies to lovers, grumpy + sunshine)
    • consistent posting/presence
    • stop being so harsh on myself about my characters and writing

    • start planning a wedding (pray for me pls)
    • make and more importantly stick to a budget
    • read more books! an extension of this will be that I need to keep to this order of obtaining them: my own shelf —> the library —> second hand bookstore —> local bookstore —> bookshop.org —> buy from a larger book retailer
    • train the cat to walk on a lead
    • exercise more often
    • take an acting class

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    So for next year
    Get 2 more characters to 200
    Plot more!
    Some ships or Romances - ideally a scandalous/toxic relationship
    Create 2 more characters - and get them to 75

    RL Goals:
    Excercise more often - I started before Christmas but I'd like to get back to running daily.
    Read 52 books this year

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    [Image: IqdY1tT.png]
    Look what MJ did!!
    I generally avoid resolutions because they never work well for me, but here's to trying xD


    Focus on the health/mental health journey more. Especially when it involves remembering to take meds.
    Stick to the weekly cleaning chart.
    Exercise 3-4x a week. Getting back to crossfit would be ideal.

    Charming night once weekly, post everywhere owed - not just favorites.
    Get a new plot off the ground, stop just saying you want one.
    Post a networking on the board to help develop more IC connections that aren't romantic.

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    Amazing set by Bee!
    [Image: V14YYm.png]

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