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Dreaming of a White Christmas
December 4th, 1893 — Crouch Home

The winter chill embraced Hogsmeade, wrapping its frosty fingers around the cobblestone streets and settling into the corners of every home. Within the cozy confines of the Crouch residence, the air held a faint scent of pine and hearth warmth. Benevolence, her once petite frame now bearing the undeniable signs of pregnancy, slowly made her way into the sitting room. The swish of her long skirt echoed against the floor as she waddled, her expression a mix of discomfort and determination.

Settling into an overstuffed armchair, she exhaled a tired sigh. "Roman," she addressed her husband, glancing towards him with a mix of weariness and anticipation, "what do you think about Christmas this year?"

The dinner gong would soon echo through the house, summoning them to their evening meal. But for Benevolence, the idea of socializing outside their immediate circle seemed daunting. Confined by the nearing due date of their impending arrival, their options were limited. Her fingers traced absentmindedly over the subtle curves of her growing belly as she awaited Roman's response.

Her eyes held a glimmer of hopefulness despite her discomfort. "Should we host your brothers for Christmas dinner? It might be a pleasant change of pace from the quietude of these recent days." She paused, a faint smile tugging at her lips. "Or perhaps we could devise something different, something intimate, just for us?"

The warmth of the fire danced in her eyes as she looked to Roman, her partner in both life's joys and its quieter moments. The air was pregnant with possibilities, much like the life growing within her.

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His wife was heavily with child by now which meant that they were free of going to social events. It was expected for her to rest at home. He didn't really know what she meant by her question. "I should like to spend it at home," Roman said since that was really one of the only options he would currently entertain.

"I am not adverse to something intimate with just the two of us. I would not want Ben to feel out of place with a family dinner." Besides, he felt it was Helga and Aldous's place to host such a thing given Aldous's place as the eldest.

Benevolence shifted in the armchair, the cushions molding around the curves of her figure. The warmth of the sitting room seemed to envelop her as Roman spoke, and a soft smile played on her lips. She took a moment to gather herself, her hands hesitantly gripping the arms of the chair as she prepared to stand.

With a gentle groan, she hefted herself upward, the weight of her belly making the motion a bit more laborious than before. Once on her feet, she swayed slightly, adjusting to the change in position. She made her way toward Roman, the fireplace casting a warm glow on her features.

A tender smile graced her lips as she reached him, her hands instinctively finding their way to his hair. She ran her fingers through the strands, a gesture that held a comforting familiarity. "You are so thoughtful," she murmured, her eyes reflecting the firelight as she reseated herself closer to him. Leaning down, she tilted his face up towards hers, her lips meeting his in a gentle kiss.

"Just think," she whispered against his lips, pulling back slightly to meet his gaze, "this will be our last Christmas as just the two of us." Her hand drifted down to rest on her swollen belly, fingers tracing the subtle contours. Even the well-designed maternity corset couldn't entirely conceal the burgeoning life within her.

The flickering flames in the hearth seemed to dance in rhythm with the emotions shared between them. With a soft, contented sigh, Benevolence rested her head against Roman's shoulder, savoring the warmth of his body and the fire.

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Roman looked up as Benevolence moved to stand. He had learned early on in her pregnancy that she did not always like it if he immediately stood like she was some invalid if she wanted to walk somewhere. Especially if she planned to only go across a room. He couldn't help it though, he had never had a pregnant wife before.

Even so, he reached for her as she came to him with her hands in his air. "I worry about him," Roman said. He had always worried for Ben. The youngest son, the most rebellious and now this whole separation from his wife with a child in the mix.

Speaking of children, his fingers gently draped over that of his wifes as he joined her in tracing the contours of her growing belly. As she lay her head on his shoulder, he settled more into his own seat and pulled her onto his lap. "We will need to think of names."

As Roman's hand found hers, their fingers intertwining in a shared caress over the gentle curves of her belly, Benevolence felt a surge of warmth. She understood Roman's worry. From what she knew of him Ben had always seemed to march to the beat of his own drum, a rhythm that occasionally left him wandering on paths less traveled. She liked him a great deal, he seemed warm and kind, and had liked him better yet when she thought he was the love her friends life.

Resting her head on Roman's shoulder, she couldn't help but share his sentiments. Ben's journey, marked by rebellion and now a separation that left a lingering ache, left her uncomfortable - a reminder that not all marriages, not all love was permanent.

Roman's embrace provided solace, and as he guided her onto his lap, she nestled into the comforting cocoon of his arms. The warmth of his presence enveloped her, the subtle scent of his cologne mingling with the crackling fireplace. She sighed, into his arms, allowing her head to drop to his shoulder, and squeezing his arm in support.

She didn't fight the change in subject, Romans fingers tracing gentle patterns on her back. The topic of their child's name was certainly more pleasant than Ben's heartache. "Mhhhh, for a girl - Lily or Violet?" she suggested with a playful grin, a tender glint in her eyes.

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Roman smiled as his wife nestled into his arms. It wasn't wholly comfortable - she was pregnant, after all - but he loved it. He nestled his head against hers as her head dropped to his shoulder.

"Those would be fine names," Roman agreed. "No women in your family you might want to name her after?"

Her own name, Benevolence Lily, felt like a mouthful, a relic of tradition rather than a reflection of her own identity. She had always found solace in the simplicity of floral names, drawn to their timeless elegance and natural beauty. However, when it came to her own family, there were no names that resonated with her in quite the same way.

With a tender sigh, she gently rubbed her swollen belly, feeling a flutter of movement beneath her touch. It was as if the baby within already had a personality of its own, expressing its approval of the plan for naming.

"I'm afraid there aren't any names from my family that I feel particularly drawn to," she confessed, her voice soft and thoughtful. "There's a part of me that has a feeling this little one might be a boy." She glanced down at her belly, a fond smile gracing her lips as she felt another gentle kick. "But regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl, I know they'll bring us endless joy and love."

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