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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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novelty in familiarity
November 19, 1893 — Chance D'Amour
Cassius Lestrange Ivy Sandow

One of the unanticipated upsides of her new position were the weekends. There was still work to do, of course--lessons to plan for the week upcoming and such--but the novelty of having whole days to herself on a weekly basis was one that had not yet worn off. And, frankly, Chastity didn't anticipate it wearing off for some time, not after so many years in service.

Still, though she now had the time to meet with friends, she didn't have the space in her little rented room, so she'd invited Ivy out for afternoon tea to catch up. She had been out of the loop with all of her old friends for much too long.

"How has work been for you?" Chastity asked when they'd both settled at a table.

Ivy shrugged her shoulders. "It's been decent," she said. She had not been put in undue danger, and no one had tried to kill her. Well — Crain had maybe tried to kill her. She had gotten locked in a haunted house with Mr. Davies a few weeks ago.

"And how are the students?" Ivy asked, enthused. She could not imagine having to deal with children on a regular basis. At least dark wizards were mostly adults.

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"Surprisingly, not that bad," Chastity said. "There's just so many more than I'm used to handling at once." Chastity didn't mind children--at least not now that she was actively choosing to deal with them as a career instead of it being decided for her--but going from one charge to a classroom full was certainly an adjustment. Though at least here she wasn't alone. "I'm not used to having quite so much free time on a regular basis. I'm not sure what to do with myself." And what a wonderful problem that was to have.

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