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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
It would be easy to assume that Evangeline came to the Lady Morgana only to pick fights. That wasn't true at all. They also had very good biscuits.
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you're dark, you're stormy
Late on December 31st, 1892
Miss Temerita Reid,

I am safely ensconced in my own home.

In love with you still,
E. Carmichael

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   Temerita Reid

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January 2nd, 1893
Enclosed is the five of cups tarot card; it is crisp and shiny, as if Elliot purchased a new deck for this exact scenario.
Miss Temerita Reid,

Thank you for spending time with me on Saturday night. I was apparently under the influence of something; I must suspect magical interference as I had not had much to drink. I apologize for the inconvenience that I caused you.

E. Carmichael

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   Temerita Reid

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Enclosed is a Six of Cups tarot card appearing to be from a slightly dated, standard-issue school supply deck.

3 January, 1893
Mr. E Carmichael

I am honestly surprised you remember anything from that night but much less surprised that you suspect some magical influence.  At the time I suggested it might've been a potion since you were quite insistent that you were not drunk.

It was really no inconvenience at all.  In fact, think I should be the one to apologize since I sent you through the floo on your own but I really was at a loss for better options.  I could also apologize for not replying to your note that night but I thought it would be confusing if you woke up the next day without any memory to give context. 

I hope you are well and not suffering any other unfortunate effects from whatever it was.

Happy New Year,
Temerita Reid

January 5th, 1893
Miss Temerita Reid,

Oh, I remember all of it — that is why it took me a few days to come up with the appropriate way to apologize. There is also no need to apologize for not replying to the note that night, nor for sending me into the floo by myself. I am an adult, I managed it well enough.

I appreciate the card; did you use your school deck?

E. Carmichael

avs by Bee!

7 January, 1893
Mr. Carmichael

I can't claim magical influence for any of my behavior, as embarrassing as some of it is looking back, but I am glad I said what I did about speaking freely. 

Yes, it was from my old school deck.  I hope it was the right one, I always thought that deck liked to spite me.

T Reid

January 10th, 1893
Attached is the three of cups from Elliot's new deck.
Miss Temerita Reid,

If I remember correctly, you thought that every tarot deck was trying to spite you.

E. Carmichael

avs by Bee!

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