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the most curious thing i ever saw in my life
October 21, 1893 — Annual East Ridge Farm Harvest Celebration; Plunkett Farm
As he continued his exploration of the Celebration, Josiah found himself once more thankful for his friendship with Declan Plunkett. He was a muggle so he couldn't see Hogsmeade but the farm was far enough away on the outskirts that he could be there. The Aversion enchantment still had him feeling peculiar and a little 'off' but he was still enjoying his time. Irvingly had rules against magic in public spaces so besides his muggleborn brother, he had not seen much of actual magic being performed.

He was now going through a corn row maze and he had been delighted by two different enchantments already. Today had been one of the most curious days of his life. He had just turned a corner when he ran into a woman. Oh, he was no good when it came to speaking with women. It looked like he was going to have to get over that though as one of the hedges entertainment enchantments seemed to see fit to temporarily stick them in place.

"How long do these sticky enchantments usually last?" Josiah asked, supposing the other to be a witch or at least knowledgeable like Mrs. Adlard.
Hurling! WC/MCAB, 18+
ooc note: josiahs muggle presence greenlit by staff & bee!

Oh for Merlin's sake. How was she ever to keep up with the little floating light if it kept reappearing and disappearing in the corn maze! Greer wasn't even sure if it was anything worth following, but aside from a few other harmless charms here and there, she hadn't seen anything else of much interest.

It wasn't nearly as good as the cocoa. Of course that had it's own set of exasperations as well.

She was about to round another corner, and suddenly found herself very stuck, to a very tall, very handsome man who was inquiring after the sticking charm. "Ehm?" She wasn't even sure it was a sticking charm. Honestly she thought she'd just run smack into him. Gigi tried to move her feet and failed. Indeed. Well then.

"Honestly, never been stuck in one," she admitted, looking up at him, Australian accent on full display in her embarrassment. "But nothing else has lasted long in the maze." At least the couple of things she had encountered. "Might as well get to know one another, name's Greer Owens. I'm new around here, how about you?" She never had been one to beat around the bush after all.

[Image: GreerSig.png]
Her accent was a curious one and one that Josiah had never heard before. Understandable really considering he had only ever been between Irvingly, London and of course his homeplace of Dundee. The less he thought of that place the better, though. Irvingly was home now.

When she said she had never been stuck in one, did she mean she was also a muggle with little experience with such things? Or simply been one lucky witch? Though it was also possible that most people didn't get Stuck with a charm. His little brother didn't tend to tell him those kinds of things, usually instead focusing on things like Quidditch instead.

It took him a bit to muster up the ability to even look at the young woman, let alone actually speak to her. "Josiah Rohlwing. I hail from Irvingly," Josiah informed her. He tried moving his foot but it remained stubbornly steadfast.

Irvingly. Greer wasn't exactly sure where that was, but it must have been nearby? Then again she supposed all sorts of magical folks came to Hogsmeade for a variety of reasons, herself included, so it could be just about anywhere. "Well, Mr. Rohlwing, have yah been enjoying the day? We didn't, don't? Have anything quite like it where I'm from." Sure they had little parties in her hometown, small gatherings, perhaps like the barn dance that would be happening later, but all of the activities, and the food! Of course the drawback was the cold, but she would hopefully adapt.

Speaking of, she sank further into her scarf, rubbing her hands together as best she could without hitting her company. "Is it always this cold around here?" She groaned quietly. Greer was used to it being hot year round, rarely anything more than a drizzle to cool down the temps.

[Image: GreerSig.png]
"I very much have. I have seen many things that are new to me," Josiah said. After all, even with magical relatives in his family, he never got to actually see much magic. Which was a shame when it fascinated him so much.

He chuckled when she asked about the cold. "More or less but it will warm some when winter ends. Do you come from somewhere very warm then?" If she did, he doubted she would enjoy spring much either with its foggy days and rain.

Well, that made two of them. Though the magic wasn't what was new to her, Greer still wasn't quite used to the Northern hemisphere yet. Disappointed that the cold seemed to be here to stay until spring. Which would be her autumn technically? Greer suddenly realized that if she was home, this would be her spring. Oh she was all turned around.

"Australia," she supplied, attempting to move her foot with a little too much enthusiasm, which had her wobbling. In her attempt to correct her balance, she reached out with both hands to grab hold of Mr. Rohlwing's jacket. "Sorry," she grimaced, flushing just a little. She wasn't usually one to blush, but she hadn't even been physically stuck in the same small space as a man she'd just met. "Is your Irvingly far from here?" It had to be closer than Australia, obviously, but she was still learning about the nearby towns and layout of her new home.

[Image: GreerSig.png]
Australia. Josiah had no idea where it was or if it was a country or a city. To him, it was just a name. He wondered where it was a made a mental note to find a map that might show him where this Australia was.

Josiah flushed as the young woman grabbed hold of him with both hands. Well, his jacket, but even so. "That's quite all right. As for Irvingly, it is three hours away by carriage. Two or so on horseback."

Three hours by carriage? Two by horseback. Surely that was not how Mr. Rohlwing had gotten here? Was he no able to apparate? That seemed like a task in and of itself. "Quite the endeavor, do you enjoy riding" She had enjoyed it in her youth, but hadn't had much of the chance in the last few years.

Greer's muscles were starting to protest the strange sort of lean she was trying to keep herself in and so she pulled her wand from a pocket in her cloak. Surely there had to be something she could try to speed this process up. She borrowed Mr. Rohlwing's arm for support, in case she did manage to end the charm and she lost some stability. "I'm going to see if I can't get us unstuck," she warned him, aiming her wand at their shoes to cast and Finite Incantatem.

[Image: GreerSig.png]
"On occasion, that's actually not that long of a journey," Josiah said. Getting to London tended to take longer, especially if he was going by way of the forests. If he remembered right, wizards used something like a fireplace. He had seen it at the Casino once.

"All right," he said, not able to hide his fascination as she cast a spell. Luckily for the pair of them, it took a moment but soon Josiah found that he could move his feet normally again.

It was still lost on Greer that Mr. Rohlwing didn't just prefer a more muggle approach to travel, but that it was a necessity. Still, she could appreciate the fun and exercise in a good ride, so didn't add any further comment.

Her attempt to end the charm was more successful than she'd anticipated and as the spell released, she wobbled in her step back, the ache in her legs seeing them give way beneath her as she toppled backward, landing rather ungracefully on her rear end in the dirt. An unladylike oof rushed from her lips before she inhaled to recapture the air; she had just barely managed to withhold the oath that threatened to escape.

"That'll teach me," she chuckled once she found her breath again, looking up at Mr. Rohlwing sheepishly.

[Image: GreerSig.png]
Josiah chuckled despite himself as the girl ended up on her rear. Josiah was very active in the outdoors so he had been able to withstand the ache in his legs but just barely. Any longer and he would likely have ended up on his behind upon being freed as well.

"Here, allow me to help you up," Josiah murmured shyly as he extended his hand for her to haul herself up.

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