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November 1893
November 1893

This month, the full moon will be on Thursday, November 23rd. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of November.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


MJ made this!

What: The swearing-in of Minister Ozymandias Dempsey
Who: Ministry of Magic officials and wives
Cost: No, but you have to be in the Ministry or run a hospital, or married to a Department Head or Hospital Head
Where: Wizengamot Courtrooms
Why: Self explanatory.
When: November 1st

Put any extra details here!

Contact Player(s): Beanie Cassius Lestrange



What: Post Swearing-In Tea
Who: Hosted by Thomasina Dempsey to celebrate Ozymandias Dempsey; invited are Ministry officials & wives and the very important and their wives
Cost: No
Where: The restaurant of the Destiny Hotel, London
Why: Celebrate Oz!
When: November 1st

Sina is wildly uncomfortable. The decor is tasteful but not particularly interesting (and was done by the hotel, not Sina.)

Contact Player(s): Beanie Cassius Lestrange


set by MJ
WCAB/ MCAB | REP 4+ | Party

What: WC/MC Ball
Who: For the working class and middle class, although anyone can crash I suppose? Hosted by some WC/MC ministry workers (realistically probably their wives who just wanted to host something before the year ends.)
Cost: N/A
Where: Hogsmeade Hall
Why: working class need some events for NaNo Non-UC people deserve some time to let their hair down and have fun.
When: 10 November 1893

Aesthetic is a lot like Bilbo’s Birthday Party. Nothing fancy and no real theme, although expect some chaos because the alcohol will be flowing freely. The decor is minimalist with some wild flowers in vases on all the tables. Children are invited although it’s expected that their parents keep them under control. A band and light refreshments have been set up for an evening,

Contact Player(s): Gus Lissington


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[Image: LmNrdz0.png]

What: Birthday Party for Zandra Malfoy
Who: the typical UC crowd, some MC* department heads/ministry officials, anyone friendly with the family
Cost: n/a
Where: Malfoy Manor, London
Why: to Celebrate Mama Malfoy!
When: November 23rd, 1893

Hosted by the Malfoy girls, to celebrate their mother's birthday of course! It will be your run of the mill ball, but with cake! And fireworks! After all of the Halloween mischief, it's time to just enjoy a nice evening! The theme for the evening is roses & champagne because I am feeling particularly uncreative today. The ballroom is overflowing with roses of all hues and different bottles of bubbly are available, soft lighting and more whimsical music played.

Contact Player(s): Bee on Daffodil Potts


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[Image: Torie-Gold-Sig.png]
Back to blonde mid-August '93. Boo.
ACAB | Any || DADA, Transfig, Herbology Extra Credit

What: Skill Practice Scavenger Hunt
Who: Any and all Hogwarts students currently taking DADA, Transfigurations and/or Herbology
Cost: N/A
Where: Hogwarts Greenhouse
Why: Earn some extra credit in DADA, Transfigurations and/or Herbology
When: 28 November, after classes have ended

Each student is given a list of things of 10-15 they must find before they enter the greenhouse (pairs are permitted). The whole space has been transformed into a maze of sorts, with hallways, rooms and dead ends, etc. In order to navigate through the maze, students will need to use different spells they’ve learned over the years to open doors, cause objects to appear, transfigure objects back to their original purposes to use them, and maybe cast a spell or two to get around some plants in their way. (Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless lol.) Once each item is found, it will magically be crossed off the list. Upon the completion of the list, it will be presented to Gus, Mason or Basil who will award some kind of prize, ranging from candy to house points.

How does this work IC wise?
- Complete a thread, 10 posts, at least three being your own. Only 2 participants per thread.
- Gus, Mason or Basil may pop in by request of the player, or randomly if things are looking like they are getting too out of hand, as the three of them are hosting together.
- The first thread participants to complete their thread will be awarded 15 HP, second 10 HP and third 5 HP (Each student will earn the respective amount.)
- When the thread is finished, please PM me (Gus Lissington) with the archived link.

Don’t forget, if you’re taking DADA, you can earn extra HP by threading IC, and the first three threads completed may double up with the above. More details here!

Contact Player(s): Gus Lissington or Basil Foxwood


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[Image: UkiVTG8.png]
UC/MCAB | REP 6+ | Ball

What: Enchanted Forest Ball
Who: Upper and upper Middle Class society types
Cost: Nope
Where: The Wellingtonshire home of Mr. and Mrs. [insert name here]
Why: Because those who aren't in mourning still need to hobnob
When: November 17

The ballroom of the home has been fully transformed from a standard ballroom to a lush meadow, though the wooden floor remains in place, turned green and enchanted to look like grass. In place of floral arrangements, living plants in pots, concealed by fake moss, have been placed around the ballroom. Wine, lemonade, and light desserts are available on the east edge of the ballroom. Music is provided by a string quartet.

Contact Player(s): Miriam Hitchens


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