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Picture it: something happened and time is temporarily broken. It's only affecting a few characters and they're looping through the same moments over and over again. Only one of them remembers previous iterations when they "restart."

Someone do it with me. I don't care if my character is the remembering one or the not-remembering one but just imagine the angst <3 Imagine having a tense conversation and then having it three more times with different outcomes. Imagine making confessions and then doing confession take two and three. Imagine extracting promises that the other person just forgets about. PICTURE IT AND THEN GIVE ME A GOOD PAIRING FOR IT.

Obviously this works best for characters who have ~dramatic things to talk about already, not just a pair of random strangers.

Also open to the idea of it being a trio - either all stuck, or with two people stuck and one on the outside able to infrequently communicate with one/both of them to try and get them out of the situation.


Set by Lady!
Hi! Me! Pick me!

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   Fortitude Greengrass

Amazing set by Bee!
[Image: V14YYm.png]
That sounds so much fun! But I doubt I have anyone that you'd want to do that with.

[Image: dorian-signature.png]
Beautiful Set by Athena ♡ !
Iiiiii have no idea who I'd use but this sounds fun >DD

Okay I am probably going to do it with more than one character because I have already had more than one very appealing offer >> SO, LET'S MAKE IT A MINI-PLOT!

We'll have this be a thing that affects people in a certain area at a certain time, so I can trap a few pairs and if folks who are interested but don't pair well with mine want to jump in as well you can grab your own pair to do it with >D

We'll call it a section of Padmore Park on a Saturday afternoon so anyone can reasonably put their pairings there.

Alfred and probably Ford have plans already but I'd be up for adding any of these characters to my list if anyone has good ideas for pairings:
Ozymandias Dempsey
Juliana Ainsworth
Edward Flourish (MJ/Nolie eyes-emoji?)
Victor Daphnel

Set by Lady!
driveby to say oh I would be very into stale love triangle loop shenanigans in whatever form

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look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3
Popping in to also say I'm down for whatever with whoever <3

Here is an event - start threads at will >D

Set by Lady!
I'm very interested in this plot. Available for options:
Alice Dawson
Fallon Hatchitt
Penelope Fawcett

Amazing set by Bee!
[Image: V14YYm.png]
Atticus and Suki

Also offered for random dramatics- Merida who has personal secrets and family ones.

Also Christabel!

Francesca and Kitty would be super fun just saying


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   Ozymandias Dempsey

graphics by the glorious mj!
I'm having fun with this and open with --
Zelda Darrow
Ivy Sandow
Elliot Carmichael
Arthur Pettigrew

MJ made this!
(September 30, 2023 – 11:17 PM)Alice Dawson Wrote:  I'm very interested in this plot. Available for options:
Alice Dawson
Fallon Hatchitt
Penelope Fawcett

Okay what if: Fallon/Jules if one of them just had an awkward interaction with Lachlan MacFusty right before the loop started and the other was like :eyes????: about it??

Prof. Marlowe Forfang

I'm open to this! I'll dm you

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