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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
but the system is done for

love in the time of dragons
September 14th, 1893 — Magical London
It had not been very clear to him if the call to action for people from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures also meant his division - in the chaos, some things had been left unclear. At the very least he was able-bodied and wanted to help so either way, he was here. He had been at the debate, mainly to see what Ozy's answers to the questions would be. He was helping with search and rescue and he had seen a lot of traumatizing shit already and it was only their second time heading out.

This time he had headed down one of the streets within the barrier that had been put up. Some of the buildings were busted up which meant a dragon had been through here. Hopefully, it had left this area and none of its companions would come around here. A sequence of things seemed to happen all within the span of a second, he saw a familiar face and heard the flapping of large wings overhead.

His stomach dropped as he made his way towards Miss Gallivan without also trying not to alert the dragon to their presence.
Cecily Gallivan

This was the most Cee had ever been terrified since she'd seen her father transform into a werewolf. There was fire and blood everywhere, people screaming, buildings falling apart. It almost felt surreal, she couldn't hear very well and she couldn't say if it was the splinching injury to her ear, or just that everything was too loud.

She and Veronica had been separated in the midst of it all. Then, she saw Veronica being taken by one of the dragons.

In reality, it was just an unlucky woman who happened to look very similar to her step-mother, or perhaps she didn't even look similar to her and it was Cee's traumatised mind making familiar faces out of strangers.

The result was all the same: she had curled up amongst some ruins, shaking in tears, unable to gather up her composure to flee. She couldn't attempt simply apparating away, having been left scared of that time she got splinched.

When she saw the familiar face of Desiderius Morgan, she began to sob again -- was it relief, or was it a "Oh, Mr. Morgan, I saw my step-mother be taken by a dragon!". She covered her mouth with her hands, painfully unaware that it wasn't sure the two of them.

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