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Kitty Fogg
Full Name: Katherine Regintrude Fogg
Nicknames: Kitty
Birthdate: 10 March 1860
Current Age: 33 Years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Co-Owner of ‘Fogg’s Jewellery Shop’
Reputation: 7 - is a spinster; her family owns a shop in Knockturn Alley, which, while it doesn’t advertise it, is known to sell cursed jewellery
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Pliant, 10’’, unicorn tail hair and rowan
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working Class
Family: Her parents both died in 1884. She has an older brother born in 1857.
Appearance: Homely looking, with red hair and large, round blue eyes. Her skin is pale and her cheeks tend to get very flushed when she is upset. She has a fleshy body and uses her right hand.
(1860 - 1871)

Kitty is the second child to a pair of shop owners in Knockturn Alley. While they do own a jewellery shop, the fact that the jewellery is cursed has kept them from perhaps joining the ranks of the middle class. This suits them well, as they don’t exactly advertise that they have jewellery that can kill people. Outwardly, this is the type of shop where you would buy a trinket to mess with a debutante who’s trying to steal your man, give her pimples for a month.

Even before going to Hogwarts, Kitty is taught a bunch of minor curses and curse-breaking charms, so she can help around the shop. She is not shown much affection by her parents, who are prone to pretty much abandoning their children and then randomly giving them a lot of love and affection. A modern day therapist would probably tie Kitty’s codependency issues as having made their start then.

(1871 - 1876)

Hogwarts is a breath of fresh air for a child who grows up among a bunch of cursed objects. Kitty is sorted into Hufflepuff due to her fiercely loyal nature. She is a somewhat good student, very skilled in Charms and Defense against the dark arts.

In spite of their working class status, the Foggs keep her older brother for all seven years of Hogwarts and Kitty up until her fifth year. They do deal with a bunch of cursed objects, after all, so they can’t have people who can only barely work with a wand.

The Cursed Courtship
(1882- 1883)

Kitty is twenty-three at the time and while she had had some flirtations with other folks around Knockturn Alley, nothing had come close to being serious. In the Christmas festivities of 1884 she met a man who worked for a neighbouring shop and the two fall in love.

Kitty’s wicked brother thinks it hilarious to prank the pair. He tells him to pick one of their more expensive (and super cursed) rings to offer to Kitty, promising that he will break the curse. In later years, Kitty is glad that her beloved picked a ring that made him hate her, instead of a ring that could have killed him.


Perhaps it is out of pity that her parents leave half of the shop to Kitty. She is shocked to find this out after their deaths of the Laughing Plague, when her father’s Will is revealed. Her brother is not pleased, but at the same time he can boss her around.

Mr. Finlay McKinnon
(1890 - 1893)

The year Kitty turns thirty she has given up any hope of getting married. She is just too unlucky in love!

It is then when she finally decides to focus on herself that she meets Mr. Finlay McKinnon. At first he doesn’t mention that he is married. Their relationship begins with just innocent flirting, then love letters, then a kiss. Towards the end of 1890 however, Kitty loses her virginity to Mr. McKinnon.

Scared that she is of her family finding out, she tries to ask about them potentially getting married. It is then that he admits that he is married. Kitty is at first shocked, then devastated. How could she be so stupid, losing her virginity to a man she didn’t even think to make sure he wasn’t married? However, Mr. McKinnon manages to get her back on his side, convinces him that his wife was a terrible shrew, a crazy woman, he even went as far as to claim that she’d tried drowning their child in the bathtub! Kitty is shocked and she even begins to feel guilty for initially being angry at the man. Her poor, poor Finlay, being with that evil woman! By that point, Finlay had convinced her that his wife was an evil witch who would kill them both if she found out about the affair.

Their affair continues for the next three years. There are times when Kitty sees more “clearly” and feels fed up over the fact that she’s with a man who can never be fully her own. Finlay then convinces her that he wants them to run away together to the United States, away from his evil wife. Unbeknownst to Kitty, he has gotten in trouble financially and while he may be considering fleeing the country, it is for a different reason altogether. Finlay begins to ask Kitty for money, supposedly to prepare their move to the United States, where they would live as a family. Kitty, blind with love, obliges and she steals away from the shop’s registry and cooks up the books so her brother won’t notice.

Only her brother does start to notice that something isn’t quite right with their profits and then the love of her life dies. When she gets word from his wife, Kitty is terrified. What will that wicked woman do to her?!

Personality: Romantic. Loyal to a fault. Naive. Can be perspective and at the same time ignore reality if it doesn’t suit her.
Other: Superstitious, believes 3 to be her unlucky number.
Sample Roleplay Post: At least a paragraph. Only required for first or canon characters.
Name: Sofia
Age: 26

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