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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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ISSUE #284 — Heard Around Town: Dragon Attack Edition
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Witch Weekly
One knut
Issue #284, 17th September 1893
Dragon Attack Edition
Written by Belvina Babble
Did you see poor Miss Aurelia Bulstrode? Her poor face is absolutely ruined! She might never marry now unless an arrangement is made for her. If I was her, I would never be able to show my face in society again.

Poor Miss Lycoris Dempsey was reported to have broken her legs in the chaos after the debate. Not only that her mother was also terribly burned! Do you suppose that they are all right?

When I was in the triage, I heard Mister Cornelius Flint asking about his siblings. It turned out that his sister had been missing overnight! What do you suppose happened to her? Speaking of Mister Flint, I heard he fought off a dragon with his bare hands to save Miss Seneca Lestrange!

I saw Mister Aristide Selwyn when he was brought in... he was clutching a
corpse. No one could tell if the poor soul had been man or woman, they were burned so badly. They must have been someone very dear to the young Selwyn as he looked like he had died along with them despite looking as charming as ever.

I do have to say, those young healers sure know what they are doing in a crisis. It makes me feel better about trusting the hospitals with my care should I ever have need of them in the future. I saw several teams of who couldn't be older than trainees working tirelessly throughout the night. It was a light during a dark time, let me tell you!

As if the Bixbys have not suffered enough, I saw one of the Bixby boys — the Quidditch referee, Wallace? — in the triage. I could not even tell if he was dead or alive. I don't think he will be able to continue being a referee from what I saw of his injuries. If he even lives.

I saw the healer Mister Valerian MacNair getting into what looked to be an argument with Mister Fortitude Greengrass. I wasn't close enough to hear what it was about but goodness! Time and place!

Miss Annabelle Scrimgeour really must have something wrong with her. I heard that she tried going into the fray to fight dragons all by herself.

Look at the time and place that these dragons got loose in. How do we know one of the candidates didn't orchestrate this all to make themselves look like a hero and it got out of hand?

What is it about a heroic man that makes them so attractive? I saw Mister Ozymandias Dempsey saving a child and I just about swooned. Of course, it could have been the blood loss from an injury I had but even so!

That Mrs. Juliana Ainsworth is a certifiable battle axe! I had something of great import to speak with the Minister about and she would not let me!

Who do you suppose caused all this destruction? Will they be made to pay for their crimes?

An auror saved my life and I am determined to marry him! Only problem is that he never gave me his name and quickly deposited me in the triage before going back into the fray.
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Don't be caught unawares by a dragon again! Buy fireproof parasols from Magnolia's Fashion House!
Page 1 — Less competition in the marriage mart: 5 debutantes whose appearance will never recover

Page 4 — The latest in mourning fashions for the mourning debutante: don't let death stop you from looking your best!

Page 9 — 5 plants to naturally relieve pain.

Page 12 — How to mitigate the negative impacts of impromptu mourning on your early seasons.

Page 18 — 10 surefire ways to get your heros attention.

Page 25 — How to make the most of your dragon disfigurement.

Page 27 — How to show your healer that he's the one for you.

Page 30 — Top five beauty potions to conceal burnt flesh and scars.

This issue is made possible by our sponsors: Maison Bellerose
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