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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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A Little Humility {NEWT CoMC}
September 18th, 1893 — A Small Clearing, 180 Yards Within the Forbidden Forest

Her predecessor, though a bit cluttered, had left Nell some meaningful notes, which formed the basis for today's lesson. It seemed that the creatures professors past had maintained a relationship with a semi-domesticated pride of hippogriffs in the Forbidden Forest—one which Nell set about maintaining as soon as she had uncovered this particular detail. Her NEWT students had met her on the Hogwarts lawns and the witch, clad in boots and breeches, had led them into the woods—a rarity even in her course, but a necessity for their guests. Besides, they weren't going far enough to be in any danger more than the lesson itself would pose.

Two large logs formed makeshift benches along the edge of the clearing, where some of the more sendentary students perched now. Nell herself stood positioned so that she might address the class without turning her back altogether upon the rest of the clearing.

"Last week saw a grave tragedy in London, one many at our school still grapple with," the witch began. She had not seen this class since Thursday's disaster. "Among other things, the dragon... event has brought into sharp relief the importance of treating magical creatures with the respect that they are entitled to. One species in particular demands respect before it will offer any in return to a witch or wizard. Does anyone know of what creature I am speaking?"
Open to Madeline Bell Calla Potts Alcyone Slughorn Meta Lestrange Victoria Greyback Nicodemus Zabini Francesca Garlick Paxton Fudge and anyone else enrolled

Somehow, it felt wrong to be continuing classes after the tragedy that happened in London a week ago, but perhaps if anyone understood that life had to go on despite everything, it was Francesca, who’d lost her mother at birth. She’d heard her father was quite ill with dragon pox, having been in London for the debate when it all occurred, but at least she hadn’t lost someone, not like some of her classmates did. Her dearest friend, Jessamine, had been a mess since the news of her sister’s death and her mother’s illness, and she didn’t even seem to like Wisteria all that much while she still lived, so Francesca wondered just how hard some of her other classmates may have taken finding out their loved ones that they did like had passed away or were seriously maimed or injured. While her face remained rather solemn, she raised her hand when Professor Brierly asked the class about what they may be learning about. After she was called on, she answered the question slowly, “Hippogriffs. They demand the utmost respect when approached and…” she swallowed, feeling queasy, “if you don’t give them that, even by accident, it may be the last thing you do.” She hoped that they wouldn’t see that happening in this class.

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She listened as Miss Garlick answered Professor Brierley's question about the creature they'd be taking care of that day. Hippogriphs. A governess had once told Meta that with her appalling behaviour, she would have surely perished if she came across one of those creatures.

"Do you think we'll have any near death experiences in this class?" Meta asked the classmate that was nearest to her (not Maddy Bell because Meta was mad at her for not making the Gryffindor team).

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"That is exactly correct, Miss Garlick," Nell offered encouragingly. "Take five points for Hufflepuff."

Though new to her position, Nell had taken great pains to learn the names and houses of at least her students quite thoroughly, and had already a good handle on them.

"Today, we will be meeting the local pride, and each of you will be expected to show the appropriate respect. Your classmate is correct in that they do not react kindly to disrespect. But what is the 'appropriate respect'? How ought they be approached? Yes?" the witch gestured to the frist hand she saw.

"We're supposed to bow to them," Meta dropped this pretty well-known lore about hippogriffs. "Perhaps ask them 'How do you do' with your best received pronunciation, they might think it's disrespectful if you sound like you're from Essex." She realized that her answer was not indicative of great success in 'showing respect', but it was worth the laughs she got from some her classmates.

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