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August 25th, 1893 - an open forum
Kieran had drunk enough to keep his hands steady and his words at bay, and was staying at the bar, sketching and periodically sipping his whiskey. He was keeping an eye on Jude, although it was hard to tell if one was looking at him — his glances were few and far between, just enough that he could roughly sketch an impression out of the people talking to Jude.

It was early evening when Esteban was next to him. Kieran slid some of his charcoals closer to him. "How're things going with him?" he asked, tilting his head towards Jude's direction.

Esteban Zavala

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Esteban was having great fun with this campaign manager gig. It was hard work too but he was used to his fun having a dose of hard work with it. He was doing his thing and helping route the people coming to speak to Jude about his stance and other things.

Deciding he needed a break, he plopped down next to Kieran."A lot of work but I think he is reveling in it," Esteban said as he helped himself to a drink.

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"Of course he is," Kieran said — he was not sure if he was impressed or annoyed, and his tone came out long-suffering. He took a sip of his drink. "They'd better vote for him." Jude would change people's lives, change the world — if they were only smart enough to see it, which they weren't.

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"We're doing our best to make that happen," Esteban said with his usual joviality. "The posters are magnificent, by the way. Any chance you are willing to scare up a couple more versions?" The posters already up were more than enough but Kieran was always so creative and artistic. He was certain they had not been the only version his artist friend had dreamt up.

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Kieran brightened slightly at the mention of the posters, which were excellent. "It'll take me a few days, but I can make more," he said, more cheerful than he had been for the entire conversation so far. "Is there anything on the current ones that people are really responding to?"

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"Brilliant!" Esteban declared when his friend confirmed that he could make more. He couldn't help an excited grin as Kieran asked what people were responding the most to. "Equal rights seems to be the prevailing topic that have people flocking to Jude. Honestly, it has been surprising to the point it gives me even more hope for the future." Even if Jude did somehow end up losing, at least this had opened everyones eyes to what people valued these days.

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Kieran nodded. "That's promising," he said. "And they're not being — scared off?" Plenty of people were all for equity and justice until they realized that it included people they thought were gross.

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"Some seem to lessen in enthusiasm whenever Jude mentions vampires and those not completely human but not so many that I find it disheartening," Esteban said in response to his friends question. Still though, this much was amazing. This was more support for equality than they had seen in previous elections.

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Kieran made a noise that was somewhere between a grunt and a hum. Despite it, he said, "That may be promising. We'll see." He was still worried someone was going to try and murder Jude sooner or later.

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"Come on, Kieran. Our fearless leader can win them over," Esteban said, nudging the other man with his shoulder. "Even if he doesn't win, he will have caused a stir."

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"Great," Kieran said, nudging Esteban back. "Let's hope that stir doesn't get anyone in jail."

Or assassinated. After all, someone had killed Darcy Potter.

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"I can't imagine it would be very good for my career," Esteban joked at the mention of possibly ending up in jail. "Besides, we're all too pretty for the slammer."

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Kieran snorted and nudged Esteban with his elbow. "Don't worry," he said — good natured, this time. "I'll protect you."

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