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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
but the system is done for

the home front
20 August, 1893 — Dempsey Estate

The rest of the event hadn't been much to speak about one way or another, but Oz was still ruminating over his conversation with Emilia Wright. He traced it over again and again, trying to determine how many people had been listening closely enough to remember what was said and how they might have interpreted it. Unfortunately he knew the answer to the first question was at least one, and since there was no accounting for who people talked to (or how stories might be distorted on every retelling), he had no choice but to assume the worst. By the end of the week, everyone would be familiar with whatever the worst possible version of the tale was.

He found Thomasina in the upstairs parlor that the pair of them had more or less monopolized as their writing room and study since they'd married. He flopped dramatically into one of the armchairs and put his feet up on the nearest end table. "I may have accidentally declared my support for women's suffrage today."
Thomasina Dempsey

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Sina had been interested in haunted books since her interaction with Mrs. Voss earlier that summer, and this had taken up a large segment of her at-home research. She wanted to take the next step towards acquiring some personally, but going to Knockturn Alley seemed a smidge like a recipe for getting kidnapped again. It was a conundrum.

She pushed back from her desk when Oz came in and stood up, coming to sit in the armchair across from him. "Finally," she said, "A policy stance I agree with."

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Oz glanced towards her languidly. "I don't believe you disagree with all the other ones," he countered. "But I shall take it as a compliment if you do." A lie, but one in the spirit of their typical back-and-forth antagonism. Honestly, he had not particularly considered his wife's political opinions on most issues, but assumed they mostly lined up with his — or that she was apathetic, which was well within her rights as someone who didn't have the vote. What was the point of having a highly developed and nuanced opinion on economic policy reform if no one ever asked to hear it?

"It's only a matter of time before this is all anyone talks about," he pointed out. So my campaign is more or less over he did not say, because it was self-evident.

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Sina smiled. "Being talked about could be good for you," she said, "I wouldn't say yet that things are over." Ozymandias was a good candidate — he was smart, and could be charming, and he was not connected to the Ministry. And it was going to ruin her life if he won.

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Oz sighed. He hoped she was right. This was the first moment in his campaign where it occurred to him that he cared about the result of the election. He'd started running just to prove a point, but somewhere along the way he'd started expressing his actual opinions about things rather than just what he thought politicians tended to say, and now he — well, he still didn't think he expected to win, and wasn't even sure if he wanted to win, but he did want some people to vote for him.

"I don't think I committed to it strongly enough to make any of the militant leftists happy," he said wearily. "But it's certainly enough to alienate the right. It's a lose-lose issue, and always has been."

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Thomasina huffed out a breath. "You should try standing for something," she said, "Otherwise you'll just bore everyone sooner or later." She would like for her husband to stand for suffrage — but she also understood that most men didn't.

Still, if Oz wasn't running to win — wouldn't it be nice to make some noise?

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Oz leaned his head back and let his eyes close with a groan. "Don't you start. Christabel already did the whole pitch. Imagine a world where every citizen had a voice," he said, in a high pitch mockery of his sister's voice. "Where the government listened to all our grievances and mediated all our arguments and dropped by every evening to make a plate of biscuits and tuck us into bed."

He sighed and waved his hand in the air as though he could dismiss the whole thing like a lingering bad smell.

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Sina snorted. "I'm not telling you to be Christabel," she said. Christabel would have been nearly as far-left as that Jude Wright, if she ran. "I'm telling you that you're interesting, so you should be interesting." Centrism was boring. Thomasina did not have an abundance of political opinions, but she was convinced of that.

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Oz wrinkled his nose. On the one hand, being called interesting was high praise — from Thomasina it was perhaps the highest praise she would willingly voice. On the other hand, he wasn't sure that interesting was enough to get votes. In social circles he liked to be interesting, because the only goal there was to control the narrative. If people were talking about you and you knew what they were saying, you'd won. Here, there was a narrative driving towards a specific point, and he wasn't sure what the best path to that point was. "Was Minister Ross interesting?" he asked, as though he genuinely couldn't recall what he'd thought at the time. Oz hadn't voted for him, but obviously plenty of people had, and Oz could admit that he had been largely content (or at worst nonplussed) with Ross' leadership since the election. "Was Urquart interesting?" he continued. "Before his daughter made headlines."

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Sina shrugged — she had never paid either Ross or Urquart much mind, before they were Minister, or while they were campaigning. Outside of going to events that included women and wives, she'd had no reason to have opinions on people who might be Minister. "They worked for the Ministry," she said, "They needed less press."

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She had a point there. Ozymandias Dempsey was a name known in society circles, but not for any of the right reasons: he was known to fight with his wife; he was known to have been a rake; he was known to be connected to any number of eccentric poets. None of these were particularly good recommendations for a career in politics. And there were plenty of members of the voting public who were not well-connected to society, and they might not know him at all.

But if he had to be known for something, he still wasn't sure this was the thing to be known for.

"Maybe I'll announce myself in favor of Irish home rule," he said diffidently. "That would at least confuse them." An Irishman, in favor of Irish home rule, running for the office of English Minister of Magic — it could almost have been a limerick, it was so silly. And nevermind that Oz wasn't sure he actually was in favor of Irish home rule; it would be worth it just to hear secondhand debates over which side of the government he planned to stick with if he succeeded in splitting the British Isles in half.

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