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The first patented espresso machine was in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. — Fallin
They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
but the system is done for

I throw a raven into poems
July 7th, 1893 — The Shapeshifters Ball; Hawthorne Hallow; Irvingly
One of the most delicious things about this event was how decidedly illegal it felt when one considered the no-magic rules of Irvingly. He couldn't get in trouble for it either since it wasn't his event. He had invited along Ford as his plus one, having used the dress code as an excuse to spoil his lover. It was going to be Fords birthday in a couple of days anyway (not that he was stopping at an outfit and matching accessories when it came to his gift giving).

Another fun thing about this event was the chance to have an audience. They were in the gallery now where Tycho had demonstrated his skill as an animagus. It was oddly something that came fluidly to him but he supposed the same could be said about every animagi here. He transformed back into human, complete with his feathery costume that was a nod to the raven he was able to shift into.

With a grin, he rejoined Ford as another animagi took his place. "Did I look impressive?"

Tycho had been an animagus for the entirety of their romantic relationship, yet there had still only been a handful of occasions where Ford had actually watched Tycho transform. It was quite the spectacle when one was concentrating on it without distractions. "You did," he responded without even attempting to hide his admiration as Ty returned from the stage. "You are."

He had to resist the urge to laugh at how lovely that was to say. Being here with Ty felt decadent. It wasn't often that he went to a social event without primarily being there to chaperone the girls, and tonight he had an excellent excuse to cling to Ty's side all night. And this was without even mentioning the trappings — the event itself, the spectacle, the new suit. Ford's second new suit of the season, to speak of decadent. Not that he was ever likely to find another event to wear this one to, clad head to toe in white.

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Tycho grinned as his lover responded as he had hoped he would. They could be old and gray and he would still be intent on doing things that impressed the other. Besides, he liked to see the skill he had worked so hard on be appreciated. It was rare for his focus to stay on one thing for so long.

He kept finding every subtle excuse to touch Ford that wouldn't also have people side eying them. As out there as he could be, he would never risk bringing danger onto Fords family like that. "What would you like to do next?"

That was an excellent question, and one Ford had trouble deciding on an answer for. What could one do at a ball when there was no chaperoning to be done? When there were no performances to be put on? There was no Miss Chang here tonight for him to dance with, no Grace to help steer through an awkward conversation or seven, no Clementine to pester. He didn't want to do anything that meant separating from Ty, but he also didn't want to sneak away with Ty; they were so infrequently out in public together like this that it seemed a shame to squander it by just running off and doing something they could have done on any other night. That left... what, refreshments? As though Ford was going to eat or drink anything while he was dressed head to toe in a white suit that probably cost more than two or three of his other suits combined.

"Hm," he hummed as he thought. "Find a corner we can take over and take guesses at what everyone's outfits are meant to be," he suggested. "We could make it a game. Loser owes the winner favors."

In a gentleman's club where everyone had money to squander, this was the sort of thing one would bet money on, but Ford didn't have money to bet. Fortunately, he didn't think Ty would object to trading favors instead — especially favors of a particular, not-to-be-spoken-of-at-parties variety.

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"Oh, that sounds like great fun. And we can take in everyones Transfiguration skills. Maybe you can take a spin at it, too," Tycho said since it wasn't only animagus transformations on display tonight. Even those non-animagus attendees were showing their best conjuration and transformation skills.

Besides, he would never say no to favours.

"Would you like some wine? Champagne?" Tycho asked as they picked out a table to abscond to.

Ford hesitated. He preferred red wine over champagne when it was strictly a matter of taste, but he wasn't usually wearing a blindingly white suit. "Champagne," he decided. "And I think it's best for everyone if I don't take a spin," he said with a chuckle. His magical abilities had always been strictly focused on practical magic. If he didn't have an opportunity to practice it at least once a week in the course of regular activities, he was going to end up rubbish at it before too long. He hadn't continued with transfiguration at the NEWT level — actually he hadn't even earned an OWL in it, though he didn't know whether he'd ever shared that particular fact with Tycho. He would certainly be sorely out of his depth at a place like this.

"If I were an animagus," Ford said, with the same air as one might say if I could fly to Saturn — "What animal do you think I'd be?"

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Tycho procured champagne for the both of them before rejoining Ford at their table. Ah, now this question he had actually pondered before. He smiled over at his lover, wishing he was able to touch him but still glad to be able to be out and about with him. He personally thought it was good for them to be seen together as friends now and then. It would raise a lot less questions of 'what were they even doing together' if something were to ever happen.

"A golden retriever. Those dogs are particularly sweet and loyal, a family oriented breed, affectionate. With the most adorably beautiful chocolate brown eyes." He smiled over at Ford to hint that he wasn't just talking about the dog.

For a brief second Ford was disappointed that Tycho's answer was so — mundane, when there were so many more exciting animals out in the world. And that he had answered so quickly could perhaps have stung as well, except that as Ty continued it was clear that he was drawing the comparison in a complimentary way, and that he was doing so rather thoughtfully. Before he'd finished, Ford had gone from disappointed to bashful. He was no stranger to Ty's compliments — they came as often in the form of poems as in plain speech — but they were in a more public space now than they usually were when they had these kinds of conversations, and Ford's modesty was getting the better of him.

"Well, that wouldn't help me sneak out of my room at night," he joked, deflecting from the praise. "So I don't think I'll try it."

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The expected deflection came and Tycho couldn't help but laugh. That meant that Ford had most definitely read between the lines of what he was saying. "If you ever decide to, you know where to find me." Though perhaps he would make for a poor animagus mentor. Not that he'd really had one himself. "As it is, I'm amazed at how many people accomplished this. I wonder how long it took them compared to me?"

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