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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Winston Umbra
Full Name: Winston Cornelius Archibald Umbra
Nicknames: Winny
Birthdate: May 12, 1868
Current Age: 25 years though he is often mistaken for a teenager
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ghoul Studies Professor
Reputation: 8; a known eccentric but otherwise has yet to prove scandalous
Residence: Wellingtonshire when he isn't at Hogwarts
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff '79-'86
Wand: Hazel, 10", springy, fwooper feather
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Upper
Cornilia Umbra; mother
Archibald Umbra; father
Heath Umbra; elder brother
General | Winston stands at an average height of five feet, seven and quarter inches. He is very slender. He has a very youthful looking face to the point that he is often confused for being a teenager. One of his eyes are blue while the other is green. He has dark hair that tends to go past his shoulders, mainly because it never occurs to him that he should cut it. He is right handed.

Expressions | Winston often looks a little lost in thought, even while he is speaking right to you. A smile is rarely not seen on his face. His feelings and thoughts are more or less easy to read.

Fashion | Winstons clothing tends to be random at best. While living at home, his clothing is more put together because he has his mother to keep him in check. On his own, he is often mismatched.

Accessories | Always wears a protection amulet as a bracelet that he got from one of the tribes he visited.
Scent | Winny tends to smell vaguely of rain somehow.

Distinguishing Characteristics | He has heterochromia; one eye is blue while the other is green.

Face Claim | Erin Mommsen
May 1868Winston is born the second son and last child of his family.
69-78Winstons childhood is nothing too notable. He does get bullied for his two toned eyes but Heath's fists tend to solve these problems. It is also a boon that Winston doesn't tend to even understand he is being bullied.
79-80Winston goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. He is reasonably quick to make friends but bullying also happens. As in his childhood though, Winston doesn't seem to take notice, those he has befriended being more offended on his behalf than he ever is. Winston is a lot more fascinated with the ghosts and poltergeist of the castle.
81-82For his third year, Winston begins taking Divination and Ghoul studies as his electives.
83-84It comes as no surprise when Winston does not make prefect. Since beginning at Hogwarts, Winny had long developed a habit of exploring places that he ought to stay out of. This does not bode well for someone that would likely forget his own head somewhere if it wasn't attached. One night during his fifth year, he gets lost and he spends some hours wandering a secret passage he had found when he is found by one of the prefects. Unfortunately this does not curb Winstons habit of wandering through various parts of Hogwarts and the Forbidden Forest. Lucky he is not expelled really.
1886Winston gets a job at the Spirit Division in the Ministry. Winny simply was not built for an office job. It also doesn't help that he constantly forgets he even has a job and things he is meant to do with the spirits beyond conversing. He is let go of his job in 1887 but it's fine. He had already forgotten he even had a Ministry job by then anyway.
1887Soon after being let go from the Ministry, Winston goes off to Romania on a whim. He lives among a coven of vampires there and researches how they live. He compares this to the vampires of Hogsmeades Vampire Caverns and publishes a paper of his findings.
1888Winston goes to different residences known to have pesky ghouls for research information. He studies these creatures day to day activities and publishes another paper about his findings.
1889Winston studies both dementors and a variety of ghosts this time. The dementors are a hard thing to deal with, even for Winston. He publishes his paper on Dementors and their effects whilst his paper on the ghosts are more about the ghosts point of view of their unife.
1890Boggarts are just as hard to deal with as dementors. It's no fun to see his own fear repeatedly but it also strangely spurs Winston on. He publishes yet another paper before moving on to the next creature of his interest.
1891Dealing with Dementors and then Boggarts for extended periods of time and back to back take a bit of a toll. Winston takes a bit of a break and simply travels about, gathering stories from ghosts and visiting different places to get their differing cultural views on spirits and the like. It proves very interesting for him.
1892Winston decides to study lethifolds and almost dies in the process. He publishes his paper but those that care for him urge him to settle back into Hogsmeade. He decides to follow suit. After managing to organize his abundance of notes, Winston publishes all his various research on ghoulish creatures into a book. Winny also publishes the various stories from ghosts he had collected into a book so that their tales might live on.
1893Winston returns to the country and is urged by his parents to get a job that is more than just researching various ghoulish creatures. He gets hired at Hogwarts and is due to begin in September 1893.
Forgetful. Scatterbrained. Disorganized. Passionate. Kind. Generous. Chaotic. Compassionate. Tendency to get hyperfocused on things that catch his interest.
  • When interested in something, he tends to be very good at it. If it can keep his focus for longer than five minutes.
  • Can speak Gobblegedook.

  • His amortentia smells like a forest after rain, ink and oranges.
  • He is a virgin and is only vaguely aware that he holds an attraction to other men.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
Ghoul StudiesOO
History of MagicP

Name: Kit
Age: Not quite a Cryptkeeper but inching closer

Winny has heterochromia. His right eye is blue and his left eye is green.
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