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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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I Guess My Heart Ain't Worth it Anymore
Torie adjusted accordingly to the change in the tone of the conversation, tossing her hair over her shoulder once more. The gentle pressure of his hands on hers, grounded her more completely. Going back to courting seemed like a silly venture now, but if he was determined to do it properly, she wasn't going to fight him. At least he wanted to do it at all, which was more than she would have dared to hope for even a few months ago.

She had marvel at this strange drive to get to know one another; she thought they had already done that, but if this was how she got him to follow through, then she would do it at his pace. She did have to wonder though, if he remembered that he was the one who cast her out on New Year's, and not the other way around. His frustration with her still seemed a little unfair.

Still— "Alright," she agreed quietly. Not that Torie would publicly agree to anything else, but she still felt the ebbing heat of a few moments ago on her skin and still wasn't opposed. "On one condition," she smiled slowly, "Please stop calling me by by full name." And don't hold today against me. She added to herself.

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Holding his breath, Anthony waited for what felt like the longest minute of his life. It felt as if time had stopped moving altogether. (Was that even possible?!) He could perceive everything and nothing in the space between them: the way her hair fell over her shoulder repeatedly, the sound of thunder in the distance moving the storm away from them. He could even perceive the bloody dust motes disturbed from the many crates they’d moved about as he waited in agony for her to potentially shoot him right out of the sky.

But then, she didn’t.

The weight of a thousand bricks pressing into him seemed to alleviate all at once. For a moment, Anthony wasn’t even sure he’d heard correctly. Could it be true? Was he really about to get everything he’d ever wanted? Heart pounding fast, the brunette gave Torie's hands a gentle squeeze. His face broke into a genuine smile at the following quip, enough that both dimples managed to make an appearance, and a giddy laugh bubbled out. “I can do that,” he promised. Anything, really, for her.

The overwhelming urge to pick her up then and twirl her in his arms was great, but partially Anthony wondered if that would be too dramatic for this moment. It still felt like there was quite a bit unresolved, things he didn’t necessarily want to spoil their agreement with. So instead, he leaned forward, just this side of Too Close, and grinned. “Can I see you when you’re back in London then?” He hedged, eagerly. A part of him wanted to kiss her again, and his traitorous blue gaze flickered briefly from her eyes to her mouth and back, but he held firm. After everything they’d just been through, he partially didn’t trust himself, and partially wasn’t sure she’d even want him to. So the brunette grinned, patiently. They had all the time in the world now.

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Against her common sense, her heart skipped a little beat, fluttering in her chest as he stepped closer. It was hard to miss the downward flicker of his eyes, but she appreciated the restraint he showed. She was far too willing, she realized, to cross every line with him, but now was not a good time. It would take a great deal of self-control from here on out on her part (and she thought maybe at least a little on his) to keep things appropriate.

Smiling more earnestly now, especially in response to that handsome grin of his, she was pleased he would at least agree to call her Torie from here on out. She returned the squeeze of his hands with her own, letting the relief settle over her more completely. "Are you in London, then?" Torie couldn't help but to listen for information about him these last few, long months. It hadn't been much, only that he'd fled back to his vineyards, citing work as the answer, but she had wondered the whole time if it had been partly because of New Years. She didn't much care for the why of it now, putting it in the past was in her best interest, but she was just a little curious.

Either way, "You'll have to stop by and speak to Father, but I do not foresee any issues with it." It was long past time for any of the three of them to be courting, so Torie was hoping that even as the youngest, that she would be granted this so that at least one of them could start making their way from the nest.

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Sheepishness overtook the brunette’s features as Ms. Torie gave him a reassuring squeeze and asked if he was back in London. So she’d heard he was spending a lot of time in France then. She couldn’t possibly know it was to escape the possibility of seeing her, but his cheeks reddened tellingly regardless. “Er— yes,” he admitted. “Temporarily.” The plan had been to go straight back to France after Tillie’s birthday and oversee work that was starting on the main house but now…? Well, he’d still have to go back, but the schedule after that would need to be changed. Wouldn’t Lucy be pleased. Anthony smiled despite himself and made a mental note to stop by his sister’s house later that day. She would have to be the first to know!

As for seeing Ms. Torie’s father… a sudden knot twisted itself all up in the brunette’s stomach again. Roderick Malfoy. He didn’t know too much about the man really, but most of the older generations in those ancient pureblood families tended to be… reserved. They liked their own kind to intermarry, as if there was something wrong with mixing with halfbloods and the like. Anthony had never paid it much mind before but he was almost sure he would have to now. Putting on a cheerful face however, and determined not to let Ms. Torie know how much he was dreading such an encounter, the brunette nodded. “I’ll be in town on Monday,” he agreed. “If it’s alright with you, I’ll stop by before tea.” Better to get things sorted as quickly as possible after all!

In the meantime,” Anthony took a slight step back and appraised the girl’s skirts as if he could possibly see her ankle from here. “How are you feeling?” They really ought to get back soon before they were missed much longer.

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Torie tutted out an amused response about his temporary situation. Well, at least it seemed he was eager to really get things moving. That brought a more genuine smile back to her lips.

"Monday it is then," Torie could appreciate the pace. This doing things properly was going to be suffocating, she just knew it. It wasn't like she was looking to go about it backwards. In fact she had never envisioned doing it any way other than properly, but now, well, she'd had a taste, a very sweet taste of what things could (would!) be like and she wasn't entirely sure how long she would be able to go without.

Heaving a sigh, she could feel the exhaustion of the whole ordeal washing over her as he mentioned it. The adrenaline rush of the afternoon was waning and her limbs felt heavy and her body tired. "Sore, but otherwise alright. How's your head?" She was still worried about that, even if neither one of them had paid their injuries much attention in the last few minutes.

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Genuinely pleased that things seemed to be settled and trending in the right direction, Anthony allowed for another gentle smile. Monday it is. He was glad to be doing things as properly as he was able. It was always how mama had raised him to be and frankly, it was just how Anthony had always… been. Even as a teenager when the other boys would sit around and chat vulgarities or try and compare conquests he hadn’t participated. It seemed in poor taste to him then, and he was vaguely ashamed of his own liberties now. At least things had turned out… better than might be expected. But he was sure to make a note that such ruinous behavior would not be repeated! Not until things were well and fully sorted, for good.

His concern grew then for her ankle, appraising as his gaze tried to be, and the shift in tone caught Anthony’s attention. Likely the poor woman was exhausted after their ordeal. He could understand that feeling given the slight throbbing he was starting to feel in the back of his head. Adrenaline and anger had kept it at bay but now, at first hint of calm, he could tell it was going to be a doozy. “I’m alright,” he replied. “More concerned for you, though.” Looking around for the wand that they had to share, he spotted it on the ground near the original crates Ms. Torie had been perched upon. Anthony retrieved it quickly and dried himself off, making haste to re-button and tuck in his shirt. He then refitted his waistcoat and ran his hands through his hair before turning back to the pretty redhead.

It doesn’t seem like this storm is going to let up anytime soon,” he sighed. “Perhaps we ought to call for reinforcements?” Anthony wasn’t keen on the thought of sharing the lady’s attention, but they couldn’t well sit around here for ever. People would start to wonder, anyway. He’d set out looking for her ages ago! No, no, it was time to be getting back. “I can see about letting Aunt Viola know. Maybe the house can send a carriage by way of the south trail.” And with that, Anthony transfigured a small pebble into a flat note which he scribbled upon with a piece of charcoal that was sitting behind one of the crates. (He’d noticed it when they were sprawled on the ground, Ms. Torie trying to squirm away from him.) Then, folding the thing up, he sent it zipping on its way out the window. Hopefully it would reach the house before it disintegrated.

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Torie watched Anthony scurry around with a soft, smitten sort of smile. She eased herself back down onto the crate she'd bumped into earlier. She tried not to be too put out by the fact that they were both fully dressed once again. "Can you find my hair pin?" With her wand she could easily tie it all back up neatly, as if nothing had happened.

Trying not too think too hard about what had transpired today, Torie thought that at least she had wound up making a fool out of herself for a good reason in the end. She reached out for her wand and the pin, now struck by how easily he managed to use her wand. Traitorous little thing. Sighing, she rolled her head to either side, trying to stretch out the sore muscles, or wake herself up a little, she wasn't sure, but it felt better afterwards. A quick charm whipped her hair back into perfect place, tight and smooth at the base of her neck.

He scrawled out a quick note and as it flew from the window, Torie was struck by an easier solution, though she wasn't sure if it worked. It also did not solve the horse problem, either. "Does the floo not work?" It wasn't her favorite method of travel, but she had been gone an exponentially long time by now and the pain in her ankle was pulsing beneath her makeshift wrap. Hopefully one of their two options would work.

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The request for her hair pin sent a small pang through Anthony as he realized that was the last tidbit to completely erase everything they’d been through. He still couldn’t believe what luck this afternoon had yielded. After coming all the way out here to deposit Tillie for a weekend of birthday activities with their aunt, Ms. Torie was the last person he’d expected to be here. Much less need rescuing and then, ultimately, practically yelling at her to court him. (His cheeks tinged a bit red at the thought.) Still, it had all worked out for the best and the brunette spotted the hairpin easily, picking it up and moving closer to hand it to her.

He held the thing out and waited for Ms. Torie to reach for it before pulling it just out of her grasp and grinning. “I do rather like your hair loose like this,” he teased. One hand came up to gently play with a curl away from her face so as to not be too intrusive. Then, relenting, he handed her back the pin and the wand jointly.

A suggestion to use the floo caught the man’s attention and Anthony turned back away from the window. “I don’t think it’s been used in ages,” he admitted. “Not sure it’s even connected to the network anymore.” He gave a slight squint in the direction of the fireplace. There wasn’t any floo power laying about either and, since he rather disliked floo, Anthony did not make a habit of carrying any on him. “Are you in a haste to get back?” He hedged, carefully. He could understand if she was. It had been a long few hours already and with the storm what it was, he couldn’t blame her for wanting to get back somewhere warmer, dryer, and a bit safer for her reputation. "I can always try to ride back and see if we can't get you home more quickly?"

Victoire Malfoy & muse song (it's especially fitting because tombé means fall lol)

© darling MJ for this spectacular sight
Torie had a quip about her hair being loose that she managed to keep on the tip of her tongue, trying not to blush as he toyed with her hair pin and then a curl. Now that it was all swept back up, she almost wished she hadn't bothered. The urge to stick her tongue out at him was strong, but she contained it and instead took a deep breath.

This whole thing had been rather exhausting, but still, "No, I suppose not. It didn't need to be any more complicated than waiting for the carriage if need be. "It was just a thought. We would have had to leave the horses anyway. No matter." Truthfully, though she was still a little embarrassed by the whole thing, she wasn't quite ready to give up his company just yet.

Standing was getting a bit painful however, so Torie lowered herself to the crate she had bumped into a few moments ago. Her boot was still loose around the swollen joint, but she took it off and made sure the wrap was holding. Just being off her feet would help. Hopefully some expert care from a healer would set it to rights with little fuss. She already had the tiniest bit of a limp from the broken leg, this certainly wouldn't help. Perhaps she should learn a few spells of this nature to help with the situations she kept finding herself in.

Regardless they were going to have to wait this out either until the storm passed or help arrived, so she sighed softly, eyeing Anthony with a smile. "We'll figure it out, I'm sure." Eventually.

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