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Welcome to Charming, the year is now 1894. It’s time to join us and immerse yourself in scandal and drama interlaced with magic both light and dark.

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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
Potato Wars

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March 2023
(I need everyone to know I almost titled this thread March 2003 and it didn't sound wrong.)

Activity Check Complete
Another activity check come and gone!

The list of inactive accounts has been compiled and deactivations and list maintenance are underway :) If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in Maintenance starting Wednesday, 8th March. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately!

(If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!)

February Posting Wizard
The winner of February's Posting Wizard was Lynn (Fortitude Greengrass) with 56 posts! This month, I'm up against Fallin, Kelly and Kit!
March Things
IC Events
March Writing Challenge
Last Call for spring banners!
A Spring Cleaning Note
Feels like we're all in the ~spring cleaning~ mood, so please take a moment this month to check your character profiles to make sure character ages, still-growing heights and relationship statuses are up to date! I know some of mine were embarrassingly behind...

look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3
SURPRISE! The next Activity Check is... not next week, hallelujah!

Due to staff schedules and member absences, everyone gets a holiday! This means the next AC will be on Sunday 7th May. Make sure that if you didn't post your characters this month that you do post 'em next month, etc... and fingers crossed we all have a better April xD

look ANOTHER beautiful bee!set <3

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