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It’s quite unusual for a caster's patronus to be their favourite animal, but very possible that it will take the shape of a creature they’ve never before seen or heard of. — Amy
As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
Potato Wars

Bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses (1st and 2nd Year Potions)

'Well done Mster Mohr' Meserimus remarked with a large heavy hand on the boys shoulder, a supportive and approving gesture, 'And yours Miss Arundell, nicely done.' he noted approving. He waved a hand and a small pinch dragon scale appeared on each desk.

'This is to be added next, carefully, and slowly stir your potion clockwise and slowly add in the dried dragon scale.' he commented continueing his slow circle.

Last round!

Lincoln Dashwood - 6+5 =11 // Eros - 14+9=23 // Lucy 9+8=17 // Katherine 16+3=19 // Chuntao 6 // Rowan 14+1=15 // Elizabeth 17

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
Owl grade: E
Skill: 3
Member of potion club: No

Eros was quite pleased as the professor praised him. He didn't have time to dwell too much on that though as they had to begin the next step. If he allowed himself to be distracted for too long, his potion could go bad.

eros is half-veela which means females tend to feel drawn to him with older ladies feeling protective of him
Owl grade: O
Skill: 4
Member of potion club: Yes

They were onto the last phase of their potion making and Lincoln kept his focus on the task at hand. He followed the instructions that they had been given closely.

At the praise Kitty tried not to beam. All her hard work seemed to be paying off. Following the professor's directions she carefully added the dried dragon scales as she slowly stirred the potion clockwise. Her brow furrowed in worry. Please let it do what it should. She prayed frevently.

Owl grade: Aiming for an A
Skill: 2
Member of potion club: no
First years Muggle born

Lucy was satisfied that at least her potion seemed to be progressing as it was supposed to. It had certainly better, considering how many times she'd read and reread the instructions, just in case. She added the dragon scales and stirred as instructed next.

Owl grade: E
Skill: 3
Member of potion club: No

Well, that could have gone better, but Tao wasn't one to give up. Knitting his eyebrows together, he nodded, more to himself than anyone around him and added the dragon scales per the instructions and stirred. He hoped this worked out in his favor.

Owl grade: O
Member of potion club: No

She seemed to recover from her initial little stumble and she manged to pass the second check without being called again. She felt a bit less like she wanted to go back to her dorm to cry but was still ready for class to end so she hurried through the last steps.

Owl grade: A?
Skill: 3
Member of potion club: no

Well done everyone' he congratulated, making his way through the tables. With a wave of his hand the samples were bottled, the cauldron's cleared and those with good samples were left with a small amount in front of them for their personal use. 'Not that you all need it but since they were so good you might as well keep a small amount for yourselves.'

Meserimus distributed house points to those who deserved it, and dimissed the class.

Lincoln Dashwood - 6 +18 - 24 // Eros - 12+ 15 - 27 // Lucy 9 + 20*Nat -29 // Katherine 10 +16 - 26 // Chuntao 3+13 -16 // Rowan 8 +14- 22

[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing

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