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Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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January 16th, 1893 - Daffy's place
@Elias Grimstone

On the eve of her twenty-third birthday, had Daff been more introspective, she might have thought about how much had changed in the last year, but she had always been the kind to stay in the present, who tried not to dwell too much on what had been and enjoy what was. A lot had changed, her last birthday felt like a another lifetime entirely. She hadn't even celebrated it, pretending to be ill to avoid the whole thing. It was hard to picture after the contentment she'd settled into over the last couple of months, for which she was incredibly thankful.

And really, it wasn't a big birthday, and Daff had never been one to make a big deal out of it, so she was simply looking forward to a quiet night in with her critters. Tomorrow would be the obligatory birthday dinner at home, which was fine, that she didn't mind. She was not one to enjoy being the center of attention or fussed over. Plus she had always thought that people should be thoughtful and intentional any plain old day. Everybody thought of you on your birthday, but Daff had always thought it was any other day of the week, a random Tuesday, when you thought of someone and sent them a little note; or when somebody stopped at the florist to get a bouquet just because. Daff was of the opinion just because should be celebrated more often.

With the front of the shop all locked up, Daff sat atop her workbench in the greenhouse with her sketchpad, Winston snoozing in his bed below her, snoring softly. The evening light had faded and the lights that hung from the roof created a soft glow in the greenery of the space, still warm from the afternoon sun. Her workbench ran along the entire wall attached to the building and around the corner to where Hector was happily munching on his plant scraps. Daff purposefully left the corner devoid of clutter so she could crawl up there and curl up to work or sketch or read, whatever it was that she felt like doing at the end of the day. Humming to herself as she rounded some soft edges of her sketch, Daff heard the gate squeak open at the alley, which could only be a few people. The back door was locked, and Winston perked up, barking as he ran to meet whoever it was. "Hello?" Had she been expecting somebody?

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She hadn’t told him about her birthday this week, but there were a lot of Potts girls about in Hogsmeade and he had overheard a little bird’s chirping about it in the florist’s, and he couldn’t very well do nothing.

At any rate, Elias was grateful he’d heard about it beforehand at all; chance hadn’t exactly given him much time, but luckily he’d already been working on something else for a while. He’d done up her shop sign and then made a little open and closed sign to match, and by that point he’d liked having a little side project to tinker with in his spare moments. This one had not exactly fallen far from the tree, one could say – it was a broomstick, technically, and not entirely disguised by the hasty wrapping job on it now.

It had ended up rather unlike his usual brooms, of course – it did fly, but Daffy was not exactly a flier, so it had become a project less of function and more of form, something that might look nice even if it never moved a foot. The handle was burnished cherry, the main length of it more haphazardly shaped that usual, following the branch’s natural twists and decorated with a flowery vine design. The tail was his very best effort at a bouquet – she had taught him enough by now that he wasn’t terrible, he hoped – with other plants woven into the willow,sprigs and flowers dotting the brush and all carefully bound up into the broom.

It wasn’t much, and besides, he would rather catch her alone – but it was later than he’d intended by the time he had gotten to London, she had already locked up. He hoped she was still around somewhere, though – so, with a quick glance over his shoulder, he slipped into the alley. He heard barking nearby, which was a good sign, and then a hello? “Daffy, it’s me,” Elias said, knocking lightly and trying not to be too loud about it. “Can I come in?” He rather hoped she didn’t have company.

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The responding voice had been unexpected, but both relief and delight flooded her as she realized who had stopped by. Daff had gotten so used to popping by his workshop that she hadn't realized he would think to return the favor. Honestly it was a wonder he wasn't sick of her yet.

Flicking her wand toward the door, she called, "It's unlocked, but you'll have to find me I'm afraid!" She would have gotten up to meet him, but she was tangled up in her blanket and shawl and would have likely fallen right off the workbench if she'd tried to rush it. Not to mention this was a wee bit more fun. The greenhouse wasn't that big from the outside, that she knew; she and Jack had put it together themselves, but once the frame had gone up, she had magically expanded the inside to be of much better use.

"Watch out for Hector, he's in the corner opposite me." Daff teased lightly; it was part clue, part warning, because she didn't think they needed to deal with a chomping cabbage bite tonight. With her luck though, Winston would lead Elias right to her, but that was neither here nor there.

Carefully, she started tucking away her drawing supplies, setting the charcoal away in her little supplies case. She'd just been playing around, drawing the section of the greenhouse she could see from her perch, mostly to decompress from the day before she headed upstairs for the night. There was something peaceful about the quiet and greenery that relaxed her like very little else could. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company this evening?" Not that she was complaining, and perhaps it was for no reason at all, but she was curious.

She pushed her sketchbook aside and tried to rearrange her blanket so she could eventually hop down, but didn't plan on moving until he found her. As an afterthought, she hastily pulled her sleeve down over the bandage on her arm. The slice from her fall during flying practice kept reopening thanks to her inability to sit still and delegate, so she was still wearing a tight bandage that Ama had warned her not to play with until her sister could take another look at it.

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