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“Cheese and Crust” - an exclamation common among the lower classes. A perversion of the invocation of the name of Jesus Christ, though considered somewhat respectful for its veiling of the oath. — Bounce
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Ball's In Your Court(room)
January 5th, 1893; Mid-Morning — Ministry of Magic
Courtroom Level

It could be worse, Gwyn thought as she tugged at the cuffs of her blouse, the outfit, having been lent to hear by Enid, not the worst she could imagine. She could even move relatively easily in the simple skirt, though the cuffs were murder and when she had seen herself in the mirror, the young dragonkeeper thought herself some sort of burgundy marshmallow.

If Hogsmeade had been a buzzing hive of activity, the Ministry of Magic offices in London were a roaring ocean, one in which each individual droplet of saltwater had its own objectives and opinions. While Howell probably would have come if she had asked (repeatedly), Gwyn knew the grumpy keeper had no love for London, and thus far, could not at all blame him. Get in, give her testimony, get out, and change into something more comfortable. A simple order of events—so she had thought.

First, upon arrival, they had examined her wand, though to what end, Gwyn could not imagine. The clerk had done a double-take when Gwyn had stated her purpose for being here, and while she could not blame him, she had not been altogether empathetic. Eventually she had been directed to the lifts where she had stood far too close with other people in a descending box that was surely going to kill them all and—

And then the door had opened, releasing Gwyn onto the courtroom floor, that she might deliver testimony on the case of Harrison Littlejohn and Titus Drake, dragon smugglers. This would, the witch thought, be the only part of today that was easy, and even still, she was apprehensive. What would it be like in the courtroom, she wondered as she sat outside? Would they even take her seriously?

The sound of breaking glass sharply drew her attention, and Gwyn found herself on her feet without even thinking about it.
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As an Aurur there were times he was required to give testimony at trials, whether as the arresting officer or an expert witness. Today was one of those days as the arresting officer of a rather sneaky sort of dark wizard. It had taken awhile to gather enough evidence to make the arrest but finally it had payed off. The wizard in question had been convicted and all that was left was a short early morning session to determine sentencing and whether bail would be made available. Walter was against bail but that was a decision left to the lawyers.

With sentencing complete, Walter had left the court room so they could prepare for a case against a pair of wizards who were caught smuggling dragons. Walter rarely had anything to do with magical creatures, leaving that sort of thing for the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures to deal with. With his court session over, all Walter wanted to do was dump the assorted material he needed to have on hand just in case there had been questions he would need to answer during sentencing. As there wasn't, he wanted to dump the lot into his office and focus on what he enjoyed most, tracking down dark wizards.

As he made his way through the area reserved for witnesses waiting to give testimony, the vial of ink he had balanced on the stack of papers in his arms slipped. WIth a soft curse, he watched as the vial fell and shattered on the floor, his hands too full to be able to even attempt catching it without losing all his notes in the process.

"Figures," he sighed, then turned when a sudden movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. A young women apparently had jumped up to her feet, startled by the noise was his guess.

"Sorry to have startled you Miss, just a minor little mishap." Walter assured her. He carefully set his notes on the nearest unoccupied bench and drew his wand. "I'll have it cleaned up in a jiffy."

@Gwyn Conway

In spite of his mishap, Gwyn's first impressions were that the wizard altogether knew what he was doing—not just in the immediate sense, but in life, generally. Though a bit rougher 'round the edges than the lawyer with whom Gwyn had been speaking, he seemed very much to fit in this place, for which the witch was envious.

"Not startled," she protested before realizing she had changed altitudes. "Well," Gwyn amended with a wry smile, "not badly startled, at any road. Are you sure you don't need any help?"
— @Walter Staghart

mj is an artiste
Walter considered the young woman's offer for a moment then gave his head a shake. "That won't be necessary, but I do appreciate the offer."

With a quick movement of his wand, he repaired the shattered ink vial and managed to get most of the ink back inside. Giving it a critical look he decided the ink was to contaminated to keep. Setting it carefully on top of his stack of papers once more, he finished cleaning up the spilled ink.

"On second thought...if you are finished given testimony, a little help getting this stack of papers back to my office would be appreciated." Walter didn't want to risk dropping the ink again. The moment he asked for a little help however, he realized it may not be appropriate. "There's no need to worry, there are plenty of people between here and my shared office you won't be alone with me. Me being Auror Walter Staghart," he added.

@Gwyn Conway

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