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Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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December 10, 1892 - Hogwarts Room of Requirement @This party

@Lester Hatchitt

It had been one year since Sisse had had her first kiss. One year since she realized her feelings for Lester. And one year since she had lost him as a friend. Oh, they still spoke, but it was nothing like it had been before the kiss. Perhaps it wouldn't have bothered Sisse so much if things hadn't gotten so awkward, but they had. Now Lester could barely stand to even look at her let alone speak to her. Was she really that much of an embarassment? She wished she could just put it past her, move on, but, well... she liked Lester in a way she hadn't felt for anyone before. Not Cam or Ned. A way that was unique to Lester. And, now she only had a few more months before he was no longer at school. She didn't mind if he didn't want anything further from her but she just wanted her old friend back.

Around her students laughed and talked, trading stories, dancing and joking. Pretending the end of term didn't mean tests. Sisse was trying to enjoy it but she kept thinking of last year, of Alice, and Mr. Higgs, and of Lester. So, rather unwisely, she drank more of the brandy she had been offered, trying to keep up with the conversation. But the more brandy she drank the more her eyes drifted to Lester and the more she dwelled on the past.

Finally, fed up with herself and with him, Sisse finished her glass excused herself from the group she had been speaking with and marched toward Lester. She was filled with purpose and even a bit of anger. But she would not waste the last term she had with her friend.

Thankfully Lester's own conversation had ended when Sisse drew near and she found him by himself on the edge of the room. Without any preamble (she'd quite certainly lose her nerve if she resorted to civility and niceties) Sisse launched into a speech she'd have considered mortifying in any normal state. "This ends now." She declared, hands fisted on her hips, giving him her most stern look. "I get that you regret kissing me, but do you really have to ruin our friendship too?" Merlin's beard why were her eyes getting watery? She hated that she tended to cry when she was really angry. But hopefully Lester wouldn't notice the sheen on her eyes in the lighting of the room.
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Last year at this party, Lester had gotten far too drunk, and the next day had been a parade of torments. This year he was determined to be just tipsy. He could be responsible; he was usually responsible. Last year he'd just gotten ahead of himself.

He was successful at keeping himself at a steady buzz, just a little wobbly, which was more than he could say for many of the other students in attendance. He felt weird being here when he was less drunk than so many people, but was sticking to the edges of the party and nursing his brandy. He'd just about made up his mind that someone ought to keep an eye on Sisse tonight when she came up to him and started talking.

Lester had a wary smile on his face, and then she started talking, and it fell away and all he could do was stare at her with wide eyes. "What?" he said, when it seemed like she was done — he'd never kissed her!

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"Don't you pretend you don't remember." Sisse had had a year of him pretending nothing had happened and she wasn't going to deal with it a second longer. "We both know what happened." She added fiercely, "I don't mind if you want to put it behind us, but please," Merlin's beard her voice was wavering and her mind was spinning even as the words continued to tumble almost unthought from her lips, "Stop ruining our friendship too."

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She was going to cry. Lester could see that she was going to cry, and before thinking, he put his hands on her shoulders to steady her. "Sisse," he said, "I don't remember that night. I've thought you were upset with me ever since, but I don't remember it." He'd had his first kiss, and he didn't even remember it. If he wasn't so busy trying to keep her from crying, he would have felt pretty shit about that.

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