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December 1892
December 1892

This month, the full moon will be on Sunday, December 4th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of December.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


MJ made this!
ACAB | REP 6+ | Hunt and Ball

What: Annual Blackwood family Hunt
Who: Blackwood hosting
Invited are friends and social notables
Cost: nope
Where: Blackwood Country Estate
Why: because English rich people hunt on boxing day
When: 26th December

People can floo in at as the sunrises (About 8:30), close friends and family may arrive Christmas night for a dinner.

First hunts kicks off at about 9am when hot tottys and breakfast will be served as the hunt prepares to leave. You can bring your own horse, or borrow one from the Blackwood stables.

Steeple chase at 11am returning to the house for an opulent gamey lunch

Grouse shooting in the afternoon and/or another fox hunt depending on your interests.

Ladies may participate in the fox hunt as riders and may be 'blooded, but not participate in the killing of the fox. For the grouse shoot, the women merely pair off with the gents and accompany them to offer encouragement or be suitably impressed by the shooting.

Followed by a ball to round out of the evening!

Contact Player(s): Dante


[Image: 2SyywhH.jpg]
^  Look what Lady did  ^

What: Skovgaard Prewett Wedding
Who: Mr. & Mrs. Baghsot are hosting the wedding for their goddaughter @"Marie-Louise Skovgaard" and Faustus Prewett.

All notable society members of the UC and high MC have been invited along side the Potter/Prewett/Longbottom families.

Additional invitations have been extended to close friends of the bride and groom (if I've forgotten you please assume you were invited):
Fallon Hatchitt
Jesse Hatchitt
Mabel Brighton
Cost: N/A
Where: A magical church of christ in London followed by the wedding luncheon at the Bagshot's Wellingtonshire home.
Why: Faustus and Malou are getting married.
When: December 3, 1892

The wedding shall be lavish and classy. Malou's only input was she wanted flowers so there are lots of flowers native to her homeland, Denmark. No expense has been spared for food, decorations, etc.

Contact Player(s): Sisse Thompsett


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[Image: RHjZPzp.png]
Thank you MJ <3
UCAB | REP 7 | Family Fun

What: Christmas Festivities
Who: Upper and Upper Middle Class event for invited friends (most UC and UpperMC people). Hogwarts staffers of any rank are invited
The day time event is mostly intended for those with children, but people can just drop by if they want
The evening event is for all adults.
Cost: N/A
Why: Self explanatory.
When: 20th December

The home has been turned into a winter/christmas wonderland internally - think THIS BUT VICTORIAN. There is indoor snow, but the temperature is comfortable
During the day there will be games, indoor sledding, the ballroom is a magical ice rink, a punch and judy show, clowns and performers, enchanted snowmen, live reindeer etc, whatever festive magic you can think of has been created!

Tables spread with goodies and christmas treats - hot chestnuts, candy canes, cakes, hot hand pies, with mulled drinks and hot chocolate.

Children will also be able to visit Santa - which is Meserimus in full Santa gear and receive a gift according to their likes and tastes. Visits from 'joking' adults not prohibited. Magical photos taken of Santa and guests.

In the evening, the room will have a more tasteful CHRISTMAS THEME for a ball. A smaller formal dinning room will be magically expanded to accommodate the ice-skating and the ballroom will host drinks and dancing. Everyone attending will get a small 'favour' from the host and hostess - ladies a fan or handkerchief, the men probably a naggin of excellent whiskey.

Contact Player(s): Dante - Meserimus Valenduris


[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
LCAB | REP Any | Kids Events

What: Santa Visit to Hogsmeade
Who:Meserimus and Katerina Valenduris are hosting the event, as sort of a form of Christmas charity and it is for member of the public that is working, or working middle class
Cost: N/A for Santa, but there is skate hire which is to be paid for, but I'm sure there is a spell that would do the same job.
Where: Padmore Park
Why: Christmas!
When: 21st Dec

A santa's grotto has been erected in Padmore park and local children will be permitted to attend Santa and receive a small gift (ball, wooden tops, toy solider, simple dolls etc)

There is free mulled wine and hot chocolate to drink, and gingerbread and candy canes for the public (1 per person, unless a child can sweet talk Katerina into giving them a second dose!)

The pond has been magically frozen and decorated for skating.

Contact Player(s): Dante - Meserimus Valenduris


[Image: CgHzljG.png]
Bee is amazing
ACAB | REP 0 | Christmas Lewdness

What: The performers of the True Hart will be putting on a concert for the festive season
Who: Hosted by Rose and the performers of the True Hart and aimed at any gentlemen looking for a 'lads night out' before all of the sedate pageantry of the Christmas season
Cost: Free Entry, 2 drink minimum, but the more money you have, the better your night is going to be.
Where: True Hart Music Hall London,
Why: Any excuse for a themed night to bring in the gents for actual fun before their families bore them to death for 2 weeks
When: 17th December

Gentlemen! Are you looking at a sedate and proper Christmas season with your family?

Then why not get your friends together for a lads night out before hand! The True Hart will have some pretty women singing Christmas songs and giving of their company!

Festive booze, mistletoe for some stolen kisses and ladies in skimpy costumes singing Christmas songs. A chance to get into some 'boys will be boys' fun before being good Christian brothers, husbands and fathers for the rest of the holidays.

Contact Player(s): Rose Hart


[Image: a8anLk1.png]
Delicious things made by Bee!

What: Greyback Christmas Moon
Who: Greybacks - and Timoleon Maxime
Cost:Your hide!
Where: Greyback Reach
Why: Moon shiz!
When: 3rd Dec - 5th

Officially, a few days of family Christmas festivities, held early because so many of the members will be working over the Christmas period. The Christmas moon deserves a bit of an extra party! A knees up, a good feed and then the full moon, 3 days of it - so a mix of actual family get together and practical werewolf stuff!

Contact Player(s): Murdock Greyback


[Image: BqsNlXd.png]
MJ is a National Treasure

What: Potts Family Christmas Party
Who: Mama Potts is hosting a Christmas Party for family and friends. This is an invitation only event.
Daffodil Potts Calla Potts @"Dahlia Potts" Thistle Potts Zinnia Potts Millie Potts (and her parents and sisters)
Ewart Fraser Ailsa Fraser Idunn Fraser Tyr Fraser
One of Calla's friends TBD
Jack Dorset
Quincey Honeyduke
Elias Grimstone
Cost: N/A
Where: The Potts' home
Why: To celebrate Christmas
When: December 24, 1892

Dinner will be served followed by parlor games. Think the Christmas party in a Christmas Carol.

Contact Player(s): Sisse Thompsett


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[Image: gsHAPn.png]
Thank you Bee <3
ACAB | Any Rep | Christmas Trees & Holiday Arrangements

What: Cut Your Own Christmas Tree + Buy Holiday Floral Arrangements
Who: Anyone celebrating the holiday season
Cost: Free to enter, although prices for items to purchase will vary (naturally, the larger the tree, the more expensive they will be; the more complex/larger the arrangements are, the more expensive they will be)
Where: Hillicker Farm in Porchester, England
Why:Get into the holiday spirit
When: December 17th

The Hillicker Farm is hosting an opportunity to come and walk the rows or trees to find the perfect one and cut it yourself; pre-cut trees are also available. Upon request, the tree can be enchanted to twinkle with lights. It will be delivered the following day, so no worries on how to get it home.

The Wildflower Florist shop, owned by the lovely Miss Daffy Potts also has wreaths, arrangements and other holiday florals available for purchase. Some pesky fairies stole a few mistletoes and have been following a few people around the farm with them to cause some mischief; it’s never a good idea to anger a fairy, so do so at your own risk. (They are not subtle in their anger and you may experience sudden terrible luck until amends are made.)

A small variety of hors d'oeuvres and sweet treats from Honeydukes to satisfy any palate are found near the entrance, available for a small fee. One free hot chocolate per visitor is offered upon entry to the farm. To enjoy the food, two bonfires with chairs surrounding them have been set up.

Contact Player(s): Gus Lissington or Daffodil Potts


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[Image: UkiVTG8.png]

What: Christmas Ball
Who: Hermione Longbottom is hosting a Christmas Ball for Prewetts, Longbottoms, and Potters as well as their friends and notables of the UC circle.
Cost: N/A
Where: The Longbottom Home
Why: To celebrate Christmas - and hopefully get her nephews and son on the road to marriage.
When: December 23, 1892

The ballroom has been decorated with several large Christmas trees, enchanted snow will be falling. Traditional Christmas dishes will be provided and a variety of Christmas drinks.
Hermione has also hired a ballet troop to perform scenes from the Nutcracker to perform periodically throughout the evening.
A late supper shall be served at midnight with the final ballet scene taking place then. The ball will resume following .
As with last year there has been a sitting room for the children next to the ballroom that has been decorated for Christmas. There is a Christmas tree with presents for the children underneath it. Nannies and governesses are welcome to enjoy the refreshments in the attached parlor as they look after their charges.
Family members have been invited to spend the night and rooms have been prepared for them.
All guests will receive a wrapped present when they leave. Inside the wrapped package they will find a glass ornament from one of the characters of the nutcracker enchanted to dance when hunt on a Christmas tree.

Contact Player(s): Sisse Thompsett



What: Charms Club Christmas Party
Who: Sisse Thompsett & the Charms Club will be hosting for any and all students who would like to attend.
Cost: N/A
Where: An empty classroom on the third floor where the Charms club typically meets.
Why: To celebrate Christmas
When: Evening of Friday, Dec 9, 1892

The Charms club has decorated the classroom with Christmas decorations and a variety of charms they have been practicing. There will be appetizers and warm drinks provided. Parlor games will be played and the music club has been asked to provide music. Tables have been set up for card games.

Contact Player(s): Sisse Thompsett


[Image: Xz1bS1e.png]
*sniff* Bee made her look all grown up <3

What: Hogwarts Yule Ball
Who: All students in years 5-7 are eligible to attend, with faculty required to act as chaperones. Sparrow & Chicken students, regardless of age, can enlist to earn some pocket change as waitstaff.
Cost: Your dignity None!
Where: Great Hall
Why: Christmas?
When: December 16th

Dancing and hors d'oeuvres and sparkling cider. Have fun, kids!

Contact Player(s): Aldous Crouch


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— set by mj ♡ —

What: Garden Club Wreath Decorating
Who: Intended for members of the garden club however, Calla did prepare a few extras in case anyone brought friends along with them.
Cost: N/A
Where: In one of the greenhouses.
Why: As a last get-together before the winter holidays.
When: December 14, 1892

For their final event of the calendar year, the garden club is hosting a wreath decorating event. Calla has gone ahead and premade the base wreaths and there will be a few different colorings and types of evergreen needles. But beyond the wreath itself, everything else is up to the individual. She has brought in some decorating elements like pinecones, ribbons, preserved berries, flowers, etc but everyone is also welcome to bring along their own elements like ornaments and whatnot if they want a personal touch.

She's worked with the house elves to have warm egg nog, hot chocolate, and butterbeer (all in the school-approved, alcohol-free variations) as well as Christmas cookies and sweets.

The wreaths, in theory, are enchanted to not discolor until after Christmas and to not shed on the way home with students - but while she tried hard, she isn't a charms prodigy. So they may work or they may not.

Contact Player(s): Calla Potts


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[Image: SQXZU54.png]
look at the pretties mj made me!!!

What: Irvingly Ice Skating Party
Who: Mainly WC/MC residents of Irvingly but anyone can come! Just mind the no magic laws in place.
Cost: N/A
Where: Lake Greer in Hawthorne Hallow of Irvingly
Why: To have fun and celebrate the holidays.
When: December 22nd, 1892

The lake has completely frozen over and some Irvingly folks such as Josiah have taken it upon themselves to clear the snow off of the surface to make it into a skatable surface. Skates will be on loan to those that do not have their own. There will also be a bonfire, Christmas snacks and hot cocoa made available, caroling, and handcrafted, muggle made toys will be handed out to any children and teenagers in attendance.

Contact Player(s): Clarissa Cosgrove


UC/MCAB| REP 7+ | Soiree

What: Flint Institute Christmas Soiree
Who: Members of the institute, potential students, parents and family of them. Members of the Knights of Walpurgis by extension for the evening. Ministry well to do's are invited to attend as well, as are business notables.
Where: Flint Institute, Wellingtonshire
Why: Christmas time!
When: 10th December

For the afternoon - There is a string quartet, canapes, fancy drinks and schmoosing for the general public. A chance for students to socialise and rub heels with the people who they may hope to employ them in the future, or people who can assist them socially.

Following the public soiree, members of the Knights of Walpurgis will be invited to attend an order meaning, a winter renewal ceremony and senior members a discussion of a set of a cursed books which together are believed to instill great power.

Contact Player(s): Thaddeus Flint


What: Annual Upperclassmen Christmas Party
Who: Organized by [Insert NPC 7th year name here]
Most 6th and 7th years, and some particularly cool 5th years and/or Quidditch team players. Generally, Head Boys/Girls are not invited for obvious reasons, and any Prefect in attendance can expect to be hazed until they participate. So they won't spill the beans, you see.
Cost: BYO libations, snacks, entertainment strongly encouraged
Where: The "Come and Go Room" is located on the seventh floor in the left corridor of Hogwarts castle. There is a hidden entrance opposite the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet. The way to open the room is to walk past it three times thinking about what one needs, and the door will appear. Students may not realize this room is what it is, but those with direct knowledge of the event will know to walk at precisely this spot and think, "I need a place to celebrate Christmas with my friends without worry."
Why: Come on, let your hair down! Students enjoy this time where they can loosen up a bit outside of the purview of chaperones, and share gifts with friends before they head off on what is, for many, their last holiday break! Other students look forward to the invite as this might be their first acquaintance to the finer pleasures in life - like good cider or brandy, a well-rolled cigarette, or a chance to finally catch the eye of a classmate with their impressive dance moves.
When: Saturday, December 10th, after dinnertime

Students at Hogwarts have often whispered about a long tradition of holding this highly secret not-official-not-endorsed Christmas party among older students. Generally, the party starts with tame drinks and snacks and Christmas cheer in the well-decorated room. Christmas gifts might be exchanged, plans for break made, and then things quickly turn into rowdy revelry with plenty of GAMES, from cards to musical chairs. Much to everyone's dismay, the night typically ends with a drunken musical rendition of "Hoggy Warty Hogwarts", and the host will secretly nominate someone to carry the tradition to next year.

This party has a storied legacy of legendary outcomes: new loves, new quarrels, shocking revelations, and a fair share of inebriated embarassment. Even if you don't particularly care for your classmates, if you want to know anything about what people are whispering about for the rest of this month, you'll want to be there.

Contact Player(s): Sisse Thompsett

credit to Ida Chang for the write up


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[Image: Xz1bS1e.png]
*sniff* Bee made her look all grown up <3

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