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Marshall Eldridge
Full Name: Marshall Marcus Eldridge
Nicknames: Mars
Birthdate: May 26, 1878
Current Age: 14 Years
Gender: Male
Occupation: Fourth Year
Reputation: 9
Marshall's family is relatively normal, but are relatively new to wealth, with Marshall's grandfather bringing the Eldridges up to the middle class when Marshall's father was a young.
Residence: Bartonburg South, Hogsmeade | Fourth Year Gryffindor Boys' Dorm, Hogwarts
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: elm, 10 1/4", flexible, unicorn tail hair
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Middle Class
  • Alonzo Eldridge II | father | 1845 | Department of Magical Transportation Employee
  • Marietta Eldridge née _____ | mother | 1850 | housewife
    • Katherine Eldridge | sister | 1873 | debutante
    • Alonzo Eldridge III | brother | 1876 | Hogwarts Student
    • Hamish Eldridge | brother | 1882 | child
  • Alonzo Eldridge I | grandfather | 1817 | retired, formerly Head of Ministry Department
  • Penelope Eldridge née _____ | grandmother | 1822 - 1884 | housewife
    • Leona _____ née Eldridge | aunt | 1843 | housewife
      and family
    • Glenn Eldridge | uncle | 1848 | Ministry employee
      and family
General | Marshall is a teenager of average height with dark eyes and curly hair that is usually kept neatly in place. He has excellent posture when he isn't bent over an essay that just needs a little bit more work. He uses his right hand as his wand hand.

Fashion | Marshall is typically seen in his Hogwarts uniform during the school year, and while he wears it the uniform is impeccable. Outside of classes and other uniform-necessary occasions, Marshall favors jewel tones like burgundy.

Face Claim | Amir Wilson
Before (pre-1878)
After years and years of hard work, Alonzo Eldridge I became the Assistant Head of one of the Ministry departments in 1846, launching his family into the middle class. As new money, the Eldridge family often found themselves as outsiders among those who were born into that type of money, but Alonzo I's children quickly picked up the etiquette and habits, blending in almost as well.

All three Eldridge children were able to attend all seven years at Hogwarts due to their father's job and class. While at Hogwarts, both of the boys were encouraged to work jobs in the Ministry like their father did in order to secure their positions, and both ended up doing so. In 1855, Alonzo I is further promoted to Head of the Department.

After establishing his footing and reputation as a man capable of supporting himself, not to mention a wife, Alonzo II married Marietta of the _____ family in 1871, also a pureblood of the middle class. In 1873 they had their first child, a daughter named Katherine, and then in 1876, their first son, Alonzo III. Shortly afterwards, in 1877, they move to Hogsmeade, establishing a home in Bartonburg South.
Pre-Hogwarts (1878 - 1889)
Marshall was born May 26, 1878 and was a very serious young child almost from birth, rarely crying and with a bit of an uncanny nature for staring at his family members. As a toddler, he often tagged along with his older brother while he got into mischief and found increasingly more obscure ways to hide from his nannies until he was placed with a capable governess.

1882 saw the birth of Marshall's only younger sibling, his brother, Hamish. He was typically ambivalent towards the bundle until it started crying, at which point Marshall would always run and fetch whatever nanny, even if his mother was already taking care of Hamish.

In 1883, Marshall had his first experience with his own accidental magic, ending up inside a wardrobe after a particularly egregious spelling lesson with his governess. After this incident, Marshall's grandmother gave him a necklace that was later discovered to be charmed to track Marshall should such an event happen again.

The Laughing Plague struck the Eldridge family in 1884 just before Katherine was set to head to Hogwarts for her first year. Thankfully for Marshall, nobody in his immediate family died, but his grandmother passed away before the cure was found. Alonzo I also retired from his position in order to spend more time with his family. Katherine goes to Hogwarts and is sorted into _____.

Marshall spent a lot of time with his grandfather, who always told very interesting (read: not interesting at all) stories about the Ministry and life as the Head of a Department. These stories were often to be escaped by whatever means necessary, including hiding away in various rooms of the house while servants frantically tried to keep their jobs by finding him.

In 1888, Alonzo III left Marshall alone with Hamish to head to Hogwarts and was sorted into ______. Marshall and Hamish spent the year re-reading all of the letters about Hogwarts and arguing about which house they will be sorted into when they finally get there.

Hogwarts (1889 - present)
Finally, in 1889 it was Marshall's chance to go to Hogwarts. He was sorted into Gryffindor and made average grades in most classes, having a very average first year. He was very quiet and not really noticeable among his peers compared to his older siblings.

Marshall also discovered that he was not talented at riding a broom, something that did not really disappoint him that much. His father wasn't pleased with it, but he still had other sons who would better understand that particular method of transportation.

As a third year, Marshall chose to enroll in Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Studies, and Muggle Studies.

Now that he is a fourth year, Marshall hopes to continue to do well and succeed in school, though he is slowly realizing that he doesn't want to follow in his family's footsteps and work in the Ministry.
Personality: Quiet, serious, unique, bold
- Once managed to fall off his broom ten times in class. A Hospital Wing trip followed, of course.
- Has a pet cat called Cynthia, named by his sister.
- Definitely not responsible for hiding a loud charmed train that Hamish owned as a small child. Do not start The Train Argument
- Somehow manages to memorize etiquette and other rules, as well as keep up with reputations of peers.
- Prefers to be clean when possible
Sample Roleplay Post: Mars turned around at the sound of another voice. Someone was talking to him? He'd thought that most of his peers had ended up staying during the rest of dinner, but apparently another person had decided that the time was better spent elsewhere. He smiled a little at him. It was only polite, after all.

"I thought that I missed a concept the Muggle Studies professor went over." Marshall admitted, "So I didn't really have time to eat a proper meal. It was good, I'm sure, but still." He examined the other boy, curiosity being the prevailing feeling at the moment.

"What about you? Decided that Mrs. P couldn't really cook as well as she thought she could?" He tried to see if it would provoke a response out of his new companion, though what exactly he was looking for he couldn't say.
Name: Luna-Lee
Age: 19
Contact: PM
Other Characters: none
How did you hear about us?: can't remember

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