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Queen Victoria was known for putting jackets and dresses on her pups, causing clothing for dogs to become so popular that fashion houses for just dog clothes started popping up all over Paris. — Fox
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November 1892
November 1892

This month, the full moon will be on Friday, November 4th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of Novemer.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


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UCAB | REP 8+ | Wintertide Hunt

What: Dashwood Wintertide Hunt
Who: Georgiana and Alexander Dashwood
Cost: n/a - only by invitation (Assume if your character was invited to her debut, you may well be invited here too. Else, feel free to poke me <3)
Where: Dashwood Hall, Surrey
Why: Poppy wants an excuse to show Kris her horse. We all know how the Victorians love Christmas~
When: Nov 26th

The Dashwoods have decided to host a hunt for the upper classes on November 26. The day will begin with spiked warm ciders and a full breakfast, and if you're lucky you may even spot Basset, Alexander's beloved hound, trying to steal food. The hunt will then proceed into later afternoon, breaking around midday for some nourishment on the upper fields of the estate. When the hunting party returns to the house, they will be afforded ample time to change and dress for a wintertide ball in the evening. Decor will be warm, rich and very Victorian Christmas with oranges and pine everywhere.

*A small house party + family has been invited to stay over the weekend to continue festivities with a brunch the day following.

Contact Player(s): Basil Foxwood


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UCAB| REP 7+ | Society Wedding

What: The Wedding of Victor Daphnel and @"Christabel Dempsey"
Who: Thrown by the families, for those who would know them. Invited would be all the usuaul UC and MC notables.
Cost: nope - gift maybe
Where: Dempsey Estate, Galway
Why: Weddings
When: 11th November

This is the palette. A pretty traditional set up for the wedding, a few celtic wedding traditions thrown in, including handfastening. There is an Uilleann piper before and after the service, and a harpist for during.

Fluus and portkeys for all.

Following the ceremony there will be a wedding meal and dance.

Contact Player(s): Dante @"Christabel Dempsey" and Lynn Victor Daphnel


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What: Spectral Shakespeare in the Park
Who: Performed by a theatrical troupe of ghosts for the general public. Invited by Barnaby Wye.
Cost: No, but living guests are invited to bring flowers or an offering of moldy food for the ghost afterparty, and some dead guests have brought along impressively exotic spirit animals with them as part of a touring menagerie.
Where: Padmore Park.
Why: To celebrate Barnaby Wye's 294th deathday, bitches. Naturally we do not care if there are local murders going on. Let's see a tragedy!
When: Sunday 13th November, after dark.

The famed ghostly theatrical troupe, the Phantasmagoricals, is visiting Hogsmeade to put on a special spectre spectacular of "The Scottish Play", or Macbeth. Rows of benches and "standing" spaces have been arranged (for the living and the dead respectively) around the open air performance area. The park will be lit by the usual orbs and some blue-flame fires dotted around for eerie effect – but if you're alive, better wrap up warm because it'll be cold, the ghosts do not give two fucks about the temperature. The theatre troupe primarily consists of undead players who died violently between 1300-1800 and their mishmash of appearances reflects this. At least a few of them were sentenced criminals. Acting skills vary. There is not much of a set, per se, but some of the more powerful ghosts will manipulate the lake and the air to create a more stormy atmosphere, the apparitions are particularly effective, and the witches are actually played by a trio of hags.

Also featuring a guest star turn (if he does say so himself) of Barnaby as Banquo. And, you know, Banquo's ghost.

After the play, the ghostly feasting and frivolities will carry on throughout the night. Livings are welcome to stay as late as they like, but there will be a lot of rotting food about.

The touring ghost menagerie of dead creatures all freely roaming the park will be around all day beforehand (and possibly also in following days, depending on how long it takes to round all the animals back up again).

Contact Player(s): MJ Elias Grimstone


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What: Blind Portkey Bash
Who: Atlantis hosting for members and their guests (Exclusively male, though at least one party of Women Disguised in Trousers may have snuck in to take advantage of the discount travel)
Cost: No but RSVP via the club is required
Where: portrays depart from Atlantis and deposit guests all over the world
Why: Because it's cold in Scotland so let's go have fun elsewhere
When: 26 November

Gentlemen arrive and mingle for half an hour or so before forming the parties they will spend the rest of the afternoon with, then select a portkey at random from a collection the club procured. They all go fun places, like the magical streets of various European cities and scenic hiking spots that have been pre-stashed with booze, not the middle of the Sahara desert or anything. Guests can get up to whatever shenanigans they like for about three hours, at which point the return portkey brings them back to Atlantis. Do try not to leave any of your fellow partygoers behind in foreign countries.

Contact Player(s): Lynn Ozymandias Dempsey


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MC/UCAB| REP 6+ | Ministry Reception

What: MACUSA Reception
Who: Ministry Department heads, Wizengemot members, Members of the dept of international magical co-operation, other international reps and their associated types.
Cost: N/a
Where: The MACUSA embassy house
Why: A MACUSA reception celebrating the election of a new President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America. The new person is coming to the UK to press the flesh and meet new
When: November 10th

A cocktails, canapes, string quartet and conversation type of event hosted in the MACUSA 'embassy' building in London.

Contact Player(s): Dante - Samuel St.John-Black


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