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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Doing as he was told, Mason could only chuckle at her comment about battle scars. He had plenty of those, though the kids rarely saw them as he had to roll up his sleeves to get a good look. He wasn't naturally graceful, but just the nature of his work often lent itself to scratches, scrapes and bruises.

Her comment about were-gnomes had him laughing aloud as he had never even imagined such a thing. She was quite creative, he had to admit. He didn't even have much of a chance to look around the kitchen before being pushed off toward the sink. He ran the tap, the cold water felt soothing against his skin as the water ran red for a moment. Turning back to find his handkerchief, Mason dried his hand on the clean end while he waited for Miss Warbeck to get her supplies.

Rolling his sleeve up so it was out of the way and wouldn't get stained while he held the handkerchief against the bite until she was ready. "At least I will not have a monthly affliction." No, one were-creature was enough in his household. Not that Miss Warbeck needed to know that.

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Mr. Skeeter had a nice laugh, Lila noted absentmindedly as she opened up the cabinet where she kept her odds and ends when it came to her garden. It didn’t fit, but her son was always into something. He was at that age wanting to explore and stick his face in quite literally anything he could, even when he was scolded not to. Ah, well, it was working in her favor right now. The paste, luckily for Delilah, was front and center where she was looking; she was quick to grab it and work it open, her nose wrinkling as the odor assaulted her nostrils.

Maybe she should have just put a jar of this outside – if it didn’t keep the gnomes away, nothing would.

Lila grabbed a couple bandages, washed her own hands before she made her back toward Mr. Skeeter. Then she smiled at him as she set the jar onto the counter. Removing the handkerchief she took a moment to look over the bite marks, thankful that they weren't too deep – stupid gnomes with their useless sharp teeth. “This may sting a bit, I’m sorry.” Sting his arm, sting his nose… maybe a little bit of both, but it didn’t stop her from pouring some onto the wound; it was thick like maple syrup, tinted orange.

“So this will harden and act a bit like stitches to hold the bites together. Tomorrow, put a new bandage on and reapply. It should heal in a couple days, but if you notice an infection please discontinue and go to the infirmary.” Lila wrapped the bandage around him before she stepped back. She’d send him home with a small care package of things, just in case.

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Mason merely tensed a little when she said it might sting. It wasn't nearly as bad as the bite itself, so he held still and let the salve do its thing. "Interesting, what's in it?" The smell was strong, but the consistency wasn't quite like any other healing measures he'd had used on him before. Then again, Mason tended to just wash and bandage things himself. Which probably accounted for the large number of scars instead of things healing up without.

He took note of her instructions, pretty sure he could remember them. If not he could always write for clarification, he supposed. Well, he would write anyway to see how the gnome problem was going. It was personal now. "Hopefully it won't come to that." Nurse Little was quite capable, but he always felt a bit like a child having to go see her for treatment. "Keep me abreast of the battle success." Mason chuckled, flexing his bandaged fingers gently.

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“It’s a mix between murtlap essence and stargrass salve. I got a little distracted while making it and well… the mix doesn’t exactly look or smell nice, but it gets the job done.” She may have added flobberworm mucus like she was making a healing potion which gave it its color… but, well, it was a mistake that Delilah didn’t really intend on making again. Potions were her forte, else she wouldn’t be in the career she was, but she learned not to try to make anything while her children were underneath her feet.

Smiling at him then, she nodded as she moved to put the lid back on the jar. “I hope so too.” Then she laughed. “I definitely will. I have a good feeling about those chomping cabbages Mr. Skeeter. Thank you for your help today.” Delilah really did appreciate it. Hopefully she’d wake up tomorrow to a garden that hadn’t been destroyed by gnomes.

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