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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Killian Acadia
Full Name: Killian Noble Acadia
Nicknames: Kil
Birthdate: October 7, 1868
Current Age: 23 Years
Gender: Male
Occupation: Magical Contractor (Construction)
Reputation: 7 (Mother married down and can be seen all over town at all hours of the day. Generally for work, but rumor still spreads regardless.)
Residence: Pennyworth with a roommate
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alum
Wand: Cherry, 11 1/4", pliant, dragon heartstring
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Working
Family: Mother - Lorraine Acadia (nee Hughes), Father – Hubert (Bert) Acadia, Younger Brother – Jarred Acadia, Younger Sister – @Clarke Acadia, Youngest Sister - Caroline Acadia
Appearance: Killian stands at just under six feet and has an above average musculature due to the physical labor required of his profession. He has dirty blonde hair that has darkened with age and blue eyes.
History: Killian was born the oldest of four siblings. Jarred who is only one year younger than him, being so close in age they fought like cats and dogs for most of their childhood. The year that Killian went off to Hogwarts and left his brother behind somehow transitioned their relationship from rivals to friends. They would write each other each week or at least every other week and by the time the summer rolled around their intense sibling rivalry had all but vanished. The following year Jarred was sorted into a different house than himself and this only seemed to help their relationship as they were still close but maintained a relative amount of distance that comes with sleeping and hanging out in different common rooms.

In the privacy of their family home, Killian was an obnoxious kid that threw tantrums and rebelled against his parents at every opportunity, but that too changed the year he went to Hogwarts. Schoolwork and Quidditch seemed to keep him too occupied to be the miniature tyrant he’d been at home. Mostly, as an adult looking back, he just assumed he’d been bored and frustrated at his inability to perform magic as an underage child. Meeting and hearing about everyone else's families both the rich and poor seemed to also make him appreciate what he had and he's been a pretty calm laid back guy ever since.

Killian did fairly well in school, mostly with spells and wand work. He can pull off a potion as long as he follows the directions to the letter, but it was never his best subject. Any essays or reports he had to turn in however, were a different story. He didn't have the patience to sit and write them and they were usually too short, or he hadn't put in the time or research necessary to back up his theories or opinions. After graduating from Hogwarts, he went into the family wizarding construction business with his dad and brother Jarred who joined a year later when he too graduated.

Personality: Killian remains quiet a lot of the time but it's not due to the fact that he's shy. He simply likes to people watch and take in his surroundings only interjecting when he has something to say or if he's around his friends.

He's got a dry sense of humor and tells it like it is but only if you ask. He doesn't like to tell anyone something they don't want to hear but it's hard for him to lie. He likes to give people the benefit of the doubt and tries to look for the best in everyone. As far as romances go, he figures he's got the rest of his life, so he isn't actively looking or too terribly worried about it. He's gone on a few chaperoned dates here and there due to his father’s insistence, but no one ever felt truly compatible.

He makes friends easily, though he doesn't go out of his way to make them. He will talk to whoever speaks to him first, but he's a somewhat private person, keeping to himself when he's not talking to the friends he already has.

Other: Bisexual with male preference (Behind closed doors)
Sample Roleplay Post: N/A
Name: Alice
Age: 30+
Contact: PM/Discord – Alice#0738
Other Characters: @Clarke Acadia
How did you hear about us?: site advert buttons
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