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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Chasing Snitches - 03
September 3rd, 1892 — After dinner - Quidditch Pitch

He looked over and saw Sloane walking onto the pitch and tried to remember what he suggested as tonights enticement to get people to the pitch.  A statement he tried to focus on being around younger years while he said it.  Blinking he realized he said the stupidest thing that had been in the earshot of one Sloane Bixby.  Last term he had seen her do an amazing snitch catch with an amazing turn that he was still trying to figure out how she did - though as he was spying he couldn't ask.

With a gulp he remembered he said around the house tables targeting the younger years with advertising a snitch chase on the pitch. 

Holding up the snitch that had been fighting to get out of his hands since he got it from the practice supplies he smiled and said " I'm guessing you are here to take over my unofficial snitch catching practice. "  Then he stepped forward a few steps with the snitch in his hand out for offer to Sloane.

Then he said quietly " Unless your not here for the pre-tryout practice I was trying to arrange to help people prepare for tryouts or practice for the season. "  Which would also work for him, but having her here might work better as admittedly he'd never caught a snitch.  So this wasn't the best planned idea he had.

At least it was snitch chasing day that got one of the more experienced older years.  Any ideas he had involving bludgers were canceled.

@Sloane Bixby

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As happy as she was to be back at school, it wasn't the same without Alice and Sloane was feeling the hole that her friend left with her departure last year. An owl was probably in order tonight, but she was pretty sure it would just be a lot of undignified whining and nothing of substance, so she should probably wait.

Fortunately for Sloane there was little better to distract her than a few laps around the pitch. She didn't quite have the same freedom during the summer. Any flying had to be supervised or she needed somebody to go with her if she wanted to go somewhere on a longer flight. Splash was off harassing the boys as far as she knew so this was a good time to get some of the melancholy out.

The air was warm enough to make it pleasant, but what she hadn't been expecting was for somebody else to greet her when she strode onto the pitch. She'd been about to mount her broom when one of the little Slytherin chasers approached her talking about pre-tryout practices. "Ah, I'd just come for a few laps around the pitch, didn't know it was booked." Honestly she knew she wasn't the only one who used the pitch at these hours, but it was sort of unusual. Not to mention Gryffindor was only looking for a beater this year, a position she wasn't suited to teach anything about, so her participation in pre-tryout practices wasn't exactly something she'd considered.

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Apparently he hadn’t been so stupid to practically challenge Sloane to a snitch catching match.  She was just here to do laps which was more than respectable.  After all, one didn’t get as good as her without true practice.  He said “ Ohh. No it isn’t booked. “

Then he looked around seeing no one else so perhaps he was going to be stood up.  Which was fine, he’d try again tomorrow night and all the ones following until the ninth when Gryffindor had there try-outs.  With a smile he said “ I figured as I was the only first year to make the team last year, that maybe if I held some pre-tryout practices more of my fellow younger years would make the team.  Though maybe I should have advertised better than walking past house tables and randomly inviting younger years at dinner.  Though anyone is welcome. “

Then he looked down at his hand and the snitch struggling to break free in it.

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It was often that first years made the house teams— she hadn't and she'd been riding a broom since she could walk. Then again seeker hadn't been open either and she wasn't great at chaser. Maddy had managed to make it hoewver however, so she supposed it wasn't all that unheard of. Honestly she wasn't even sure she knew anything about the Slytherin standing before her other than his surname, which she'd gleaned from matches last year.

Regardless, she didn't think it was going to work. The first years, unless they grew up with the sport, like herself and Maddy, should have probably given Club Quidditch a year or two before trying out. She wasn't going to say exactly that though. "Maybe inviting them to a Club Quidditch meeting would do the trick. Give them a taste of what it's like to play." Sloane suggested as she pulled on her gloves, stretching her fingers to fit the small, red leather practice gloves. Sloane liked the club teams for extra practice, but also because it was way more fun and less intense. She rarely played seeker, often tried her hand at chaser instead, so others could try the position she hoped to play professionally in the future.

Noticing the struggling snitch in Smellie's hand, Sloane had to wonder what he planned to do with it, because she was pretty sure he played chaser. She quirked an eyebrow, but didn't ask, as she wasn't sure she wanted to get roped into a conversation right now.

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