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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

going on a lark

Words can’t express how happy I am that we are now reunited. So please do me the honor of attending one of our shows in the final run of Giselle! It was a raving success over the Season for reasons you will soon realize. Come visit backstage after. And for God’s sake, please bring a friend of yours. One that I will like, if you please!
But not in ‘that’ way.


Enclosed is a program for Giselle at the Enchanted Ballet of London, which runs through September 4th. An envelope includes two pairs of goldfoil tickets: two for any Friday and Saturday showing in box seats, and two to come visit backstage. Not all productions had the same fine print on the tickets, but Giselle did. 'Agreeable to mild and temporary intoxication for duration of performance and backstage entries' was a term of agreement printed on the back of their tickets.

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thank you gin for the set<3

My Dearest Allspice,

I am very excited to watch you perform in Giselle and I can't thank you any for sending tickets. I thought about asking Beaver (is that weird to say? Bee? Professor-B? Pro-bee? Probe?) Well, anyway, I think I can swing it, but he might think it's weird? Please tell me it's not weird for us to go to the ballet together without it meaning more even if I want thatbecause I don't want to scare him. We're just friends. I think. We may not even be that.

If not, I guess you can always meet Vince! You'll like him, although I can't promise you won't like him in 'that' way.


P.S. Maybe not Beaver. Lovage? It's a spice.

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I am so excited to see you! Both of you!

Though I do not believe B has earned nearly enough credit required to have the honor of becoming a spice. I am sorry you are so deeply in love darling but this is where I draw the line. It is a privilege afforded to very few who have shown their mettle! I will consider it, maybe, BIG maybe, only after we meet and I've performed my assessment to deem him worthy.

How will you ask him? Have you considered perhaps making it sound as though it's a group date with others? I'm not saying lie, no, of course not. But perhaps a simple intimation to take pressure off the lead-up, where the rest of the group conveniently appears to have bowed out on the night of. You will enjoy one of the box seats. There is a good amount of privacy there, for what it's worth, and two men visiting the ballet is not at all uncommon.

Alternatively, you can pretend you had arranged plans with another but now have this open seat and your dearest ballerina friend will be devastated to notice an empty seat in a premium box. If memory serves, he thinks I'm quite dramatic, doesn't he? I do not mind prolonging this impression of me. It's mostly true anyway

If all else fails, make it an intellectual endeavor. I can show you two some of the wonderful tricks and enchantments we employ for the performance. I showed this to X, an inventor, much to his pleasure (and my wild success).

On the matter of what to call your dearly beloved, please great gods above, call him anything but 'probe'. Beaver is not very flattering though I enjoy it. But he's cute, isn't he? Does he still have curls and all that? In my head I shall refer to him as Queen Bee. He certainly acts like royalty.


[Image: bwQbAnd.png]
thank you gin for the set<3


Okay, okay. I can agree to that. That's our thing anyway, isn't it? People will just think we're a couple again now that you've returned, and what better way to feed into those rumors than having lovely pet names? B can wait to earn that privilege, if you ever deem him worthy enough. (Although I daresay I hope you do.)

I haven't considered how I'll ask him. I honestly haven't seen him since the 'incident' and I'm not sure he'll even say yes to any sort of outing with me. I do hope he does, of course. I don't think he'll go for the group outing because he doesn't know my friends too well... unless I say Skeeter is going, but I don't want him to ask Skeeter why he bailed and me get caught in a lie. Hm. He likes Fig, and I know she'd go along with it if I asked her to, especially because she's in Australia for the next few weeks.

I might with the second and beg him to go with me because we ALL know I don't like to do things by myself. Surely a box will make him feel more comfortable even if two men going to the ballet isn't weird. And curious as to who I was going with to begin with. Yes, yes. I'll go with that. 

Oh, my darling, I am SO excited for you to (re)meet him. I promise you're going to love older him. I'm most excited to see you perform again. You're brilliant and if you're going wow me I know you're going to blow B's mind and he'll be super excited to meet the star of the show. Flowers after the show? Chocolates? A hug? All of them?

He's the cutest. He has the lightest grey eyes you could get lost in forever and never want to find yourself again. And his hair is so fluffy. I know you'll want to to touch it, but I wouldn't. Just take it from me, it's perfect.likehim. Queen Bee made me laugh, although you'll have to do better than X.

I can't thank you enough for these tickets. I owe you. And I am curious as to what tricks you showed X for that kind of reaction from him. Phil for Philtres?

[Image: UkiVTG8.png]

Oh please, no one will think we’re a couple. No one we care about thinking the opposite, anyway. Those who “know” will know. And I promise that I will approach this “re”-introduction to Queen Bee with an open mind. I am not trying to be difficult regarding him. Not on purpose. Does he know how upset he left you all those years ago? I will feel better knowing you’ve been honest with him about it.

I’m pleased conspire with you to have him join, at any rate! History aside, it will be great fun. It’s a beautiful production, filled with plenty of charms that promise intellectual and emotional stimulation (among other things). Though in London now we are still at our heart a Russian production, you know how we love to celebrate the beautiful lines of human forms. I shall tell Damien we are to dedicate our last pas de deux to the both of you. He will be ecstatic and liable to throw me up in the air much higher now (he won’t want to look lazy, knowing you’re in the audience). I’ll try and not get lost in the precise hue of Queen Bee’s light grey eyes. Really darling have you considered writing poetry? You were just three syllables off a sonnet in your description.

And please don’t worry about bringing anything besides your dazzling selves! But I like all those things

Oh goodness gracious. I can’t commit any energy to a more creative name than X when he is no longer a part of any equation for me. Perhaps if he makes an appearance again in the future, I will bother with something more clever. As for the tricks I played, a simple confoundus with a bit of physical misdirection is an effective, almost lethal combination. The theater is so romantic by its nature, as well. Although, is Q.B. afraid of heights or tight spaces? I know you’ll throw yourself into any number of harrowing situations, but I would hate to frighten him too much. (Again, I promise you I’ll be on my best behavior.)


[Image: bwQbAnd.png]
thank you gin for the set<3

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