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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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August 22nd, 1892 - The Minister's Office
"I stopped by the boy's funeral," Ross said, rather unceremoniously. The other resident(s) of the office may have been surprised by the turn in conversation when they moved past the pleasantries, although they perhaps should not have been — Ross had been staying late recently, keeping a stack of Daily Prophets on his desk, keeping notes he didn't share.

"Shared my condolences with the family. Sent flowers to Mulciber's family, and Beauregards, and the Daily Prophet. And do you know what we don't have for them?"

If the person knew him well, they would be able to pick up on hints of irritation — a shadow under his eyes, a tenseness in his shoulders that was not usually present.

open to 1-3 people; DMLE notables, department heads, any of the Roman/Charles/Jules crew
'an answer?' Murdock muttered bitterly, the failing of the department to find an answer was beginning to feel really rather personal, and it was deeply unsatisfying not have an answer with so many already dead.

'Aye I dropped in to the funeral as well, it might well kill his father yet' he added flatly. 'An awful thing.' added as an afterthought. He had gone to the death house to see the body, before the undertakers had done their work - and it had been a ghastly thing to behold. There was little left of the man in what was laying on the slab. In his moon changes he had ripped apart his fair share of game, woken up up to his elbows in gore, but still he had seen nothing like this. Never seen a human form look less human by its, or anyone elses hand.

'At least his family know it wasn't by his own hand.'

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Juliana was a bit worried about Minister Ross, but trying her best not to show it. She was already the only woman in the room on most occasions; she did not need to lean into the stereotypes and assumptions any more than necessary by acting fussy or maternal. But there was a shadow under the Minister's eyes and all she could think was I hope he isn't letting this keep him up at night. He had a background in Law Enforcement, which Juliana supposed might mean he was taking this entire situation more personally than the Minister of Magic ought to do merely by virtue of their position.

She busied herself with preparing cups of tea for each of the gentlemen in the room and hoped that Greyback had something to offer besides vague platitudes. At least anything was not going to be enough for the Minister.

An answer was right. Ross sighed, and would have perhaps let things go after that, had Greyback not followed up with his final sentence. The Minister raised an eyebrow. "The boy had no history of derangement," he said, "And his witnessed statements before his death are concerning."

'Ai ' Murdock agreed, inspite of the fact that the boy made every cut himself, inspite of the fact that it 'looked' like a suicide, it was clear both from looking at him and reading the witness statements that he had been under some manner of compunction at the time of his death - or perhaps murder was the better description. Add to that the other 'strange' deaths that had occurred around the same time and there was something rotten in the state of Denmark...or well Hogsmeade. 'I've asked them to double the constables on the street patrols,' he affirmed, 'And an information campaign to see if we can drum up witnesses, we're asking if people may have seen someone trying to administer counter hexes' he explained, 'no one likes to think of their neighbor as cursing people in public, but someone trying to help, someone who might be a hero is more likely to get people to report it.' he explained the theory but he was sure Ross would understand the rationale.

'This one might call for a full court press from your office.' he said grimly, 'it would be more use to have you as the face of the ministry on this one, rather than individual departments, this is one where some of the more 'ambitious' pundits might try and make a career for themselves by being the face of this, I think it's better that we make that you.' he noted, 'better to have a united front.'

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MJ is a National Treasure
If Juliana had been fretting that Minister Ross would take this situation more personally than he should, Mr. Greyback's advice was only going to exacerbate the problem. Not that she was concerned by his saying it; she thought Minister Ross would have taken a firm public stance on the matter as soon as there was one to take, whatever Greyback said. Anyone who tried to beat him to the punch would only look foolish when it turned out they had no evidence, so they'd do best to fall into line behind the Minister if they were looking to advance their careers. No one competing with Minister Ross for press space was going to come off looking like the stronger politician.

As Juliana steeped the tea it occurred to her that she admired him. This was surprising; a year ago she had limited political opinions (except as pertained to her area of expertise) and had prided herself on being critical of anyone in power. Things had changed. She wondered if Kieran would be disappointed by this.

"Sugar?" she asked Mr. Greyback, keeping her voice quiet enough to avoid interrupting the ongoing conversation. She already knew how Minister Ross took his tea.

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