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Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Baby Prep
(Why yes. I am piggybacking off Bee's post)

Okay so, here's the deal. We are officially a week out from "baby can come whenever". Do I think baby is coming anytime in the next 2-3 weeks? No. Am I freaking out and trying to prep everything under the sun? You bet. (Am I also presently sick and trying to be useful in whatever strange ways I can? Also yes.)

I fully expect to go MIA for at least a few weeks if not longer while we get our heads above water. I'm sure I'll still be stalking/chatting, but if I remember right from T it took me a few months to be able to form a spare coherent thought. (I also had other issues that we're hoping to minimize this time. Hopefully that'll get me back sooner.) The newborn haze is real y'all.

So. This is my order on who will go on vaca first (from top to bottom) if needed. This is, of course, subject to change as muses are fickle and can sometimes be a pain in the ass.
Beau Miller - gone in Sept AC
Verity Swann
Jupiter Smith
Fallon Hatchitt
Melody Crouch
Alice Dawson
Dorian Fisk

Now I have questions for you guys:
Do you have any strong opinions on the vaca list order?
Are there any plot details we need to iron out asap?
Do we have any urgent threads I need to focus on before baby comes?
Is there a thread we can wrap with 1-2 posts and cull from my list?

Please be patient with me <3

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
You know me lovely, RL comes first and foremost. Any plots we have can be suspended/modified for however long/whatever you need <3

I’ll hit you up for the finer details of our plots!
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   Melody Crouch

[Image: uaLNks.png]
Do you have any strong opinions on the vaca list order?
- Nope, just please let me know if there is anything my characters (Ford for Verity, Ben for Melody) need to be aware of before you send them on vacation <3 Verity can probably pretty easily just be busy being married and not talking to her family much, but I'll need to know the ~vibe if Melody leaves so let's discuss please <3
- I also am a little sad Jo is so high on the list BUT I cannot offer you a firm timeline for more squish so I understand xD We can do it later, anyway <3

Are there any plot details we need to iron out asap?
- NCE things but I think we're on the same page about that right now! We can keep ironing as things develop

Do we have any urgent threads I need to focus on before baby comes?
- Nah.

Is there a thread we can wrap with 1-2 posts and cull from my list?
- We could possibly wrap both of our threads? I don't think Ford would be pushy about trying to get information out of Verity, he just wants to make sure she's actually better before she leaves. So we can artificially make some time pass with superficial conversation and then have her duck out if you want and revisit this later when she's not distressed.
- NCE could wrap whenever tbh, I will eternally want another one but up to you on what you're interested in!

EDIT: OH if you do send Melody on vacation I might do the same with Ben, just to prevent that awkward ~trying to have threads without trying to develop anything~ limbo? But I'd be up to revive him whenever you were back, so no pressure. Just letting you know.
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   Melody Crouch

MJ made this <3
Exciting stuff mama. <3 Just wanted to send you all the well wishes! <3

No threads needed unless you want it, but would love if we can assume Ida Chang here got that intro to Jupiter via Basil Foxwood Smile So she can have proper follow-up and academic girl crush whenever you bring her back from vacay haha.
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   Melody Crouch

[Image: hmTz0M.png]
stefanie made this beautiful set <3
Clearly we are in similar (though very much not the same) boats but we are good because we holler at each other on the daily XD

Eva will be goin in this AC too
we have Jellon stuff set
Slice can be reduced to letters as frequently or as infrequently as we like
Wiry stuff is flexible!
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   Melody Crouch

[Image: 5mVg7A.png]
MJ made this divine beauty
Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
Yay, baby time!

I think we are experts now about communicating how certain ships are going when either of us need to be absent <3 haha So, you do you, and I'll follow suit!

Sinns can be stuck in their awkward, what-do-we-do bubble for as long as you need. I'm sure they won't mind. roooofl

Nice will end up mostly being letters that we can always assume the contents of in the interim.

Take care <3
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   Melody Crouch

[Image: gmun6e3.png]

MJ, yet again working her magic.  <3 <3 Thank you
No pressure from me here seeing as I'll mia too for a few weeks starting in two weeks.

Let me know whatever you need us to wrap and whatnot Smile

So you aren't caught off guard Everett is likely going on vacation until we're both back at it.

We should discuss Fallou reaction to Mouse engagement.

And where Alisse stands.

(This is reminding me I should put one of these threads up myself.)
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[Image: Fvrksn.png]
ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
good luck xoxo! otherwise I think we're good but sending love
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   Melody Crouch

MJ made this!
Okay so! I failed on this all around because August was an absolute god awful month and then little Miss was forcibly evicted several weeks earlier than intended. That being said, I'm finally starting to feel like my head is above water a bit again. But now everything I had going is beyond dead.

Which begs the question, who would like what revived? I have a few I'm planning to revive (Sinns, Nice, Brisk) but everything else feels like it could be a "shouldn't we just start fresh??" mood to me. I'm open to reviving anything we had going, I just need some input there so I don't feel like I'm immediately back under water.

Please let me know <3 I'm hopeful to be back this week
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   Aldous Crouch, Daffodil Potts

Beautiful set credit goes to MJ
[Image: rVeL1F.png]
welcome back bby! we can start a new thing, I don't think we need to revive ours
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   Melody Crouch

MJ made this!
I think we had wrapped everything pretty nicely before we both poofed.

When you are ready I think a Slice letter and some Wiry are at the top of my list!
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   Melody Crouch

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
My feelings on things are whatever your feelings are! Aka yes we can leave stuff dead and start fresh when you're feeling it.
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   Melody Crouch

Fabulous set by Lady!

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