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August 15, 1892 — Holyhead Harpies Practice
Citrine had been utterly delighted when she had been promoted to first string. It was the first practice since then and everyone was mostly in the midst of warmups. The redhead was seeking out one face in particular and she made a beeline once she spotted her fellow redhead. She had looked up to Miss Robins as a mentor of sorts ever since joining the team as a second string chaser.

"Miss Robins! Did you hear? I'm now on the first string!" She said, bypassing a greeting entirely. Though by now her teammates were likely used to it being a 'Oh that Citrine Weasley is overexcited about something' quirk.
Augusta Robins / Elias Grimstone

Gus had been doing some standing stretches on the grass of the pitch, trying to be rid of the lingering soreness in her shoulders from their last match, when she heard her name. “Weasley!” she cried merrily, before she’d even heard Citrine share the news – when she heard first string, she barreled over to the younger redhead and slammed into her for a delighted hug.

“Well done! she said, as if she hadn’t already heard. Besides, she had been badgering their coach and sponsor about Weasley’s growing talent for long enough that she was inordinately pleased to hear they’d seen sense and finally promoted her. “Ha, it’s going to be you and me up there now,” Gus said, as she released her from the hug; they’d get to chase together more often now. (Hopefully that wouldn’t make Miss Weasley reconsider her promotion.)

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Citrine was delightfully surprised as Robins slammed into her for a hug. Miss Robins was always so kind and smelled so nice. She looked up to her immensely. At least that was what Citrine was telling herself to explain away the fluttery mass of butterflies that had emerged in her stomach.

"I cannot wait! When is our next actual match?" She asked excitedly. She would need to tell her family so that all her sisters could make sure they were able to come.

Gus was still beaming when she pulled back, and she bounced a little on the balls of her feet, Miss Weasley’s excitement easily mirrored. Getting along with one’s teammates – particularly in one’s chaser set – was half the job, really, so Gus was determined to be as good as possible to the newest addition to the starting line-up. They really ought to be friends: to understand each other and trust each other and practically read each other’s minds. That would all come in time, of course, but –

“This Saturday, against Appleby,” Gus informed her, which only gave them this week to get their new formation into solid shape. She was optimistic about their chances, nonetheless. “Feel like you’re ready for it?”

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That soon?! Citrine's face fell a bit and she felt like her stomach was going to give out. "Not at all," she blurted out truthfully when Robins asked if she was ready for it. She had felt primed and ready to go but hearing that it was in a week had her second guessing herself.

“Now, what’s that face for?” Gus scolded, screwing up her own expression and folding her arms overdramatically to express her opinion of that. Weasley wouldn’t have been promoted if she didn’t deserve to be on first string, and all her talent and training was already there – the rest would all come in time. And practice. But she wouldn’t stand for pessimism taking over. “That’s three whole practices away. I bet you’ll feel ready by the end of today,” she said insistently. “You’re already a great chaser.” They could do drills together all day, and by then their chasing would have fallen into place.

(Gus was determined to make this work, however Weasley felt.)

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"Do you really think so?" Citrine asked, face flushed as Robins said she was already a great chaser. Still, it was only three practices away. What if she choked? "I just don't want to let the team down."

Poor Weasley was going as red in the cheeks as a quaffle, herself – she must be seriously nervous. Gus hadn’t quite expected it. She got nervous and awkward about plenty of things, but never quidditch... but as one of the more senior women on the team, she wanted to exude encouragement and confidence and patience. “Of course I think so,” she said, emphatic.

And then pulled a conspiratorial expression and leant towards Weasley as she lowered her tone, all mischief. “And if you do really start bombing Saturday’s game,” Gus said, mock-seriously, as if that was ever an option, “we can call for a timeout, switch robes, and we’ll just say Robins had an off day.” She beamed, picturing the commentator and the crowd giving her hell unknowingly. Subbing one redhead for another – from a distance, who would notice anyway?

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Citrine did not think she had ever been so touched by a sentiment in her life. If Robins thought she would do well then surely she would, right? She didn't want to let the older woman down.

She had to laugh at the others next comment. "I could never be the cause of your reputation tanking like that," she said though she knew Robins was only joking. Even so, at least it had served to relax her nerves.

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“Ah, but there’s a certain charm to being the underdog,” Gus countered, with a cheerful wink. “They just won’t know what to expect from you.”

“‘Course,” she added, now that Weasley was laughing again, we’ll have to be able to read each other’s minds up there.”

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"If you listen to that Puddlemere sponsor, you would think our whole team were the underdogs," Citrine couldn't help but chuckle. She was thrilled with the prospect of being of one mind with the older woman. And the third chaser of course. "By our first game, I'll make it my goal to know what you intend to do with the slightest twitch fo your broom."

Weasley might have chuckled about Puddlemere’s sponsor, but Gus narrowed her eyes and screwed up her face in stubborn disapproval. She had a number of nemeses in the quidditch world, and anyone who generally dismissed the competence or inclusion of the Harpies in the quidditch league was enemy number one.

“And that’s why we’ll win the league sooner or later,” Gus said, with great assurance, patting her solidly on the arm as she saw about getting her broom in hand again, ready for practice. “Who knows. Maybe you’ll be our lucky charm.”

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Wow, the others hadn't been kidding when they had said the thing with Puddlemeres sponsor was A Lot.

"I don't know about that but I will sure do my best," she said as she followed Miss Robins example and got her broom ready. "So I best get more practice in."

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