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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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What Boys Don't Learn, Men Won't Know...
August 20th, 1892 — Men's tailors, Diagon Ally

Longwei was, if he was being honest, jealous of his brother beginning his educational journey.  He had only had 5 short years at Hogwarts but he had loved every moment, and his continued educational journey had been testament to his love of learning for learnings sake.  When his father had indicated that it as time for Chun to have his school wardrobe seen to he had readily volunteered.  It was an exciting part of his little brothers life to be part of. 

He had arranged for them to fluu to london after breakfast, a proper 'grown gents' day in London for the pair of them.  It would be fun.  He was determined.  He would not allow his envy of his little brother ruin his relationship with his youngest sibling.  While he and Ida were not at logger heads, there was a strain between them, which he was self aware enough to realize was mostly his fault. 

'Are you ready for your Hogwarts suits?' he prompted Chun with a smile, as they entered the opulent plush green and oak paneled shop front of the gentleman tailors shop.

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Chuntao was excited to finally begin his time at Hogwarts; he’d heard all the stories from Longwei and Ida but being able to experience it for himself - finally - was the best part of it. His brother had been in Slytherin while his sister had been Ravenclaw, and he couldn’t help but wonder what house he’d been in. Either way Chuntao was going to live in his school robes all year until someone told him he absolutely had to change.

That of course, meant going to get them. Longwei had readily agreed to take him to go shopping for his wardrobes, which was one of the best parts - he enjoyed spending time with both his siblings, but having time with just Longwei was something extra special. Especially in a place like London; he didn’t come here often, only when special occasions called for it. And today that meant school items. He had the list memorized: three sets of plain black robes, one pointed hat, a winter cloak and a pair of protective gloves (that made Tao nervous.)

“I’m ready!” Chuntao grinned at his older brother as he entered behind him, taking some time to look around the tailor’s shop; it was a bit overwhelming. He wanted to touch everything but knew better, his hands sliding into his pockets. “What house do you think I’ll be in? I kind of hope Slytherin like you, or  Ravenclaw like Ida.” Chun asked as he shuffled behind him.

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'I think you'll be a Ravenclaw,' he said to his brother with a fond smile, 'Or perhaps a Hufflepuff?' he gave an impressed raise of his eyebrows. He thought that Hufflepuff was often times a better mark of a persons character than the other houses. They lacked the singlemindedness of the others, that often made them cold, vain or callous respectively.

He would do better with Chun than he had done with Ida. With her he had let his jealousy get in the way, to the detriment of both. Since her debut he had done his duties as chaperone with tolerance, but he could still feel the distance between them. He would ensure they were close and convivial, even if their father allowed him to stay in education, which he surely would. With Long to take the family reigns, there was no reason to deprive Chun of any means to provide himself a living into the future.

'either way you shall be dashlingly dressed, and we will all be very proud of you whichever house you are in. And you will be very well dressed.' he smiled kindly at his little brother, as the tailor began the work of sizing him. He suddenly looked so very small next to all the grown men's clothing. 'Smart enough to impress all your new friends.'
A Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff; being in his own house wouldn’t be bad, although he’d rather follow Long or Ida in their respective houses - he wasn’t sure why. Maybe it’d be comforting knowing one of them had been in the same space as him with the same feeling as him when they were first years. Selfishly too, Chuntao would have much preferred if they’d all gone together so he could run to Long or Ida whenever he had a problem. Instead he’d just have to write to them.

At least Long was quicker at answering letters than their sister was.

The tailor came over to begin measurements, and Tao held his breath before he turned his gaze up toward his brother and smiled at him fondly. He was going to miss Long a lot. He’d spent so much time wandering after him and spent many nights on the edge of his seat as he spun tales of his travels. (It was because of him that Chuntao wanted to see the world, although it seemed entirely overwhelming so he was going to need his brother to come with him for a while.)

“Thank you, Long.” His smile brightened at his elder brother; he was always good at putting his mind at ease when it was working overtime with anxiety of the future. “Were you afraid to leave?” He was so young when his brother went to Hogwarts he didn’t even remember him being gone, but then again, he didn’t remember much from his first few years of life. Memories of their mum were far and few in-between. “Where did mum go to school?” He asked quietly. It wasn’t Hogwarts. Or at least, he didn’t think it was.

'She didn't' he said, matter of factly. 'Mama was taught magic at home.' he explained, 'its why it was so important that we get a proper education, at a school as great as Hogwarts.' he smiled fondly at his little brother.

'Oh very afraid' he conceded to his little brother. It wasn't entirely true -nervous but not afraid per se, but the distinction wasn't important enough to go into with his little brother - and it wouldn't be helpful to be too facetious. Long had been more excited than anything when it came to school. He had run aboard the Express with barely a second glance at his family, and the hat had screamed Ravenclaw the moment it had touched his head, almost before it was fully settled over his ears.

'I was shaking in my boots!' he explained, Long could see the tailor smiling away to himself, keeping his head down, trying to keep his smile from the younger boy. 'There was no one before me - well not since Father.' Long seated himself in a green wing backed gentleman's chair in the corner of the room, looking at Tao in the mirror. 'But I met some lovely people on the train, and of those some ended up in my house.' his tone was affectionate and full of warm nostalgia. 'I'm still friends with most to this day, even those who were not in my house.' Long was confident that a boy like Tao, a bright, warm, loving child would have absolutely no problem making friends in school. He was just the sort of agreeable child who people sought out for friendship

Oh. Chuntao didn’t have any idea about their mother’s education but then again he didn’t know very much about her, outside of her name and a few foggy memories where her face wasn’t very visible. He knew Ida felt bad for him and Longwei probably did too, but he found it didn’t bother him often. He missed her on occasion but his family had done a great job filling in the gaps where their mother should have been. He smiled bright at his elder brother. “Well, I plan on being the smartest Chang to ever walk the halls.” It was a tall order, but he was going to do it.

His attention turned toward his brother as he spoke of his first days at Hogwarts, always marveled by the story. Tao was worried about what house he was going to be in, even if, in the end, it wouldn't really make a difference - he’d wear his colors with pride and do his best to win the house cup each year. He held his arms out when the tailor instructed him to so he could get some more measurements. His smile brightened as Longwei recounted his friendships - he’d met a few of them when they’d come back.

“What if I don’t make any friends?” Tao finally asked, letting out a breath. That was his biggest fear - having to go through seven years without any friends. Although it wasn’t as if he couldn’t try again with the first years who came after him…

Long laughed heartily, throwing his head back at the pronouncement. A hearty, affectionate belly laugh. He didn't doubt his brothers intent, the intensity of purpose that marked all of the Chang children was certainly evident in him. He wasn't sure which house his little brother would end up gracing but he was sure they would be lucky to have him.

Oh you will' he mushed affectionately and stood to approach the tailors stool on which his brother stood, so the tailor could better access his legs. Long stood side by side with him, the stool making them almost the same height. 'You will have lots of friends, I can promise it!' He clapped a large hand on his little brothers skinny shoulder, causing the tailor to shoot him an admonishing look for jostling his charge.

'Just wait!' his tone carefully full of enthusism, 'I think we should head down to London the day before, have a nice dinner, stay in a hotel and you can go up to school on the train, and go over on the boat?' he suggested, 'That way you can meet people on the train, rather than going into Hogsmeade and walking up to the school.'

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