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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

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Both suggestions were good ones, though the park would mean that he'd have to ask her for a promenade and she wasn't sure if her father would agree to that, seeing that he was middle class and a stranger to the family. Unless they were to meet during some event, an open market perhaps.

She was similarly disappointed that the song was coming to an end and she did want to keep talking to him. However, she knew that scarcity was key to making something valuable and if she too readily agreed to entertain him in conversation, he might think she was easy to impress.

"Oh, I would love that, but I am afraid that I owe my next dance to Mr. Macnair," she replied apologetically. There, this would have him wanting for more. "But - perhaps I might see you at my brother's birthday party later this month?"

Set by MJ <3

He shouldn't be surprised she had others lined up on her dance card but Edgar wondered if it was an excuse. It may not seem proper to show too much interest in one particular man during this event but a part of him couldn't help thinking it had more to do with the fact he was Middleclass and not yet Upper. It will always irk him to think only a few measly Galleons was all it took to determine if somebody was Middle or Upper-class. So many Upper-class people he heard about just didn't deserve the title, being little more than spoiled brats who inherited their family's wealth and didn't earn a single sickle of it.

"I understand completely, Miss Lestrange," he responded, all smiled and politeness. In truth he was disappointed, oddly enough he had enjoyed their conversation and play with words he rather hoped it could be prolonged. "You are very interesting company and charming to be with, not surprising Mr. MacNair would wish a dance. In fact, I enjoyed our dance and wouldn't mind a second, if time permits."

Then she suggested they talk during her brother's birthday party, an invitation he wasn't going to refuse. Not that he was all that close to her brother, in fact he wasn't even sure he ever met Claudius Lestrange but he was sure he could fake his way past house security when the time came.

"There is a good chance you will see me at Mr. Claudius Lestrange's birthday party," he responded, taking a guess as to which brother's birthday it was. Edgar could have avoided any potential embarrassment by simply saying Mr. Lestrange, or her brother but he wanted to show off a bit, prove that one didn't have to be born Upper-class to be intelligent and knowledgeable. "I look forward to seeing you there."

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