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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

The Wings of Fate ... or Disaster
The house was too empty without mother there. Henry tried to fill the quiet with his chatter but even he couldn't drown out the silence of their absent father or the suddenly serious nature of their older brother. Sisse for her part had tried to spend as much time out of the house as possible. Where in previous summers her mother had watched her social calendar with a careful eye, this year no one minded. She was usually with one friend or another. But with Irvingly on lockdown Sisse found herself with out Calla,, Sloane, or Maddy, and rather on her own. She'd spent plenty of hours writing letters but the silence in the house was driving her mad. She missed her friends. She missed her family. And she missed her mother.

It had been almost a year now and yet the loss stung all the more clearly with her time home. So she did what she could to escape and called upon her old governess who was more than happy for some company in the park. She had settled on a bench to read while Sisse had settled down beside the trunk of a tree facing the lake with her sketch pad.

Idly she knew drew the lines of the boat on the water, of the couple sitting inside it. Soon enough though the project had engrossed her entirely. She didn't even notice that a game of badmitten had been started nearby until a shutlecock hit her in the head and flopped down on the pages of her sketchbook as if to laugh at her.

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Things had been awkward with Sisse for months, and so Lester didn't lob his shuttlecock into her head on purpose. He just wasn't a very good badminton player, and Victoria had made him come here with her, and now he had to retrieve the stupid badminton thing from wherever he'd hit it.

That location was, of course, Sisse's head.

"I'm sorry!" Lester said to start, slowing his trot to an awkward slow walking pace. "I'm just — bad at that."

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At the sound of a farmiliar voice Sisse looked up - and found her cheeks growing warm. Lester.

Immediately her mind went to the night of the Christmas party, of the way he had comforted her, of their kiss. But then it just as quickly remembered all the months since then. The silted conversations and the fact that he had never once said anything about that evening. She had expected him to say something the next morning, to draw her away from the rest. But instead he hadn't. In fact they hadn't had a chance to say anything at all before they left for break and at that point Sisse rather assumed Lester wished it hadn't happened. So she had found herself avoiding him instead, flushing pink when their paths did cross, and having absolutely no idea how to behave.

"It's alright." Sisse assured him, holding out the shuttlecock to him. "I doubt I'd be any good at it myself." It wasn't any of the things she wanted to say, but she hated the awkwardness between them so she hoped trying to keep things normal would be better than avoiding him - since there was no avoiding him at the moment anyways.

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Sisse was turning pink. She'd turned pink when they were talking ever since Drunk Night, which made Lester think he had said something stupid. He'd been too embarrassed about it to ask for months, because asking also meant admitting that he didn't remember much after she got to the Fat Lady with him.

He took the shuttlecock back, careful to avoid brushing her fingers with his hand. Lester shrugged at her. "Probably better than me, still," he said. "How's your summer?"

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Was he purposely trying not to touch her? Had her kiss been that terrible? Had it repulsed him so much that he didn't even want to risk an accidental touch of her hand? The thoughts flicked through her mind in a quick whirlwind as he claimed the birdie back.

"I sincerely doubt it." Sisse told him pulling a smile across her face. "Seeing as I've never played before."

Her summer. "Alright." Sisse lied quickly with another smile on her lips. Although they were friends and he did deserve some element of the truth, "Although I'm ready to be back at school. And your's?"

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"Pretty boring," Lester replied, with a shrug of his shoulders. And it was all his fault. "So I'm excited to be back, too." They should have done more as a friend group this summer. But of course he couldn't hang out with Sisse alone anymore, because of that whole night he didn't remember — was that why her smile looked fake?

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"What a pair we make." Sisse commented before she realized what she had said and her cheeks began to warm again. They weren't a pair. He'd made that clear by the fact that he'd never mentioned that particular night. Embarassed, Sisse looked down at Lester's feet rather than up at his face.

"It'll be good to be back." Sisse quickly added, trying to cover up her slip up. She brushed a strand of blond hair behind her ear that had gotten lose from her braid and wondered if she should stand up to be level with him. But then again, she rather suspected he'd just run off again with the birdie in his hand and leave her on her own again.

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She was flushing after saying pair, and it was definitely because of whatever he'd done when he was drunk. Lester swallowed nervously and squeezed the birdie in his hand. "I suppose you probably have important things to do," he said. There was a layer of pink embarrassment on his own cheeks.

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