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“Cheese and Crust” - an exclamation common among the lower classes. A perversion of the invocation of the name of Jesus Christ, though considered somewhat respectful for its veiling of the oath. — Bounce
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

Wishing My Life Away
She inclined her head at his comment about not being a fool. Mr. Flint’s hands were cold, Juniper noted as she glanced up to watch the emotions that flickered across his face; he seemed unsure and she wondered if she’d pushed him too far. If anyone had asked her where the evening was going to go, being alone with a man with a dagger pressed to her skin wasn’t it. Still, she didn’t move as he seemed to make up his mind, and she tilted her head and offered him a slight curl of her lips as she watched the tip of the dagger split her flesh.

She did wince (it wasn’t like Juniper was immune to pain), but she didn’t try to pull her palm away from him. Instead her attention moved toward the dagger and the blood, green eyes watching the movement. Amusement flickered across her expression. Then she laughed under her breath and reached out with her other hand to almost touch the blood dancing in front of her with her finger. She didn't want to mess it up, she instead she dropped her hand back to her side and glanced at Mr. Flint.

“I don’t, actually.” June admitted softly as she turned her gaze toward him. “It’s blood magic, although I think that’s a given.” Her teeth grazed her lower lip as she considered exactly what Mr. Flint had done. “I think you bound my blood to your dagger.” She was impressed, which shocked her. It took a lot to do that.

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Thank you Stef<3


The heat of her hands in his, the warm porcelain of her skin against his. She had barely flinched, made little indication that the cut had pained her, the slight curl of her lip and a slightl wince had been the only sign that she had experienced even a moment's discomfort, and the flicker of amusement intrigued him more than he could possible say.

A sly smile pulled a the corner of his mouth at her answer and the expression of tantalised interest on her face. 'Clever girl.' he said his voice little more than a purr. 'I did indeed Miss Edevane.' the drops continued to swirl around each other, 'you should thank the heavens that I am a man of honor, otherwise...' he let the implication hang in the air.

That held his large, broad hand over the tender skin that had been split by the blade, he made no outward sign of casting a spell but there was a warm glow under his palm and when he removed his hand, rotating his hand so that her palm was face up in his. The only evidence of what had occured was a smear of blood on the pale skin, the two drops still levitating above her palm.

'But I'm a gentlemanand you needn't worry.',

June tilted her head as she half smiled at him. There was something about being called clever that always made her giddy, but then again she always liked being seen as more than just a debutante. She was smart and the idea of being nothing more than a socialite taking care of a home frightened her, but she had a feeling that Mr. Flint wouldn’t push her into that kind of box.

“Otherwise you’d be in trouble because I am not afraid of dabbling in any kind of magic.” She blinked at him as she softly giggled. “And then you would have made a fool of me for trusting you, and well…” She mimicked him and let that implication hang in the air, but Mr. Flint should know that she wasn’t frightened of anything he could throw at her. If she didn’t like it there was either a way to undo it, or she could find someone who did.

The next thing she knew the cut in her hand had sealed back up; Juniper removed her hand from his in favor of curling her fingers against her palm and then opening it. She didn’t feel a thing – no pain, no stinging, it was like nothing had happened. It was kind of a shame that he was playing the gentleman role, but now was not the time for her to push the envelope. “Impressive Mr. Flint.” The corner of her lips twitched into a smile. “I guess you’ve earned the title of the most impressive person in the room, but just know I’ll be in competition for the title very soon.”

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Thank you Stef<3

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