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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
dining is pageantry

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June 18th, 1892 — Annual Irvingly Spring Celebration, Salem Square
@Ella Grimm

So far, the festival had been a delight. The girls had methodically bounced from one stall to the other, ogling at the vendors wares and competitively attempting to best others in a variety of muggle games. They'd even scored some delicious sweet treats that could rival Honeydukes. (Not that Selene would ever tell the poor man.) Yes, it had been an excellent day.

As the afternoon wore on, and the street dance started to kick off, the pair stalked off to explore the nooks and crannies they had bypassed on their first go-around. They found themselves down a sort of side-alley where excess tents and booths sat crammed as if their vendors had decided last minute to set up shop. Near the end of the row was a fairly unassuming tent with a crooked sign that read "Keep Out."

Selene scrunched up her nose. Signs like that only ever really served to make people more curious about what was inside. If they really wanted to keep people out, they shouldn't have labeled it. Or, well, at least that was her opinion. Either way, it seemed like they'd hit a dead-end.

"I suppose we could always try the next alley," she stated, disappointment very clear in her voice.
Ella was, as always, ready for any kind of adventure with Selene. The annual celebration in Irvingly was traditionally something they enjoyed and was an easy place to find some mischief. They'd been meandering successfully for a while now, but the novelty was starting to wear off and she was looking around for something else to do.

The tent with the Keep Out sign was clearly an invitation to go in. Honestly.

"I don't see why a little peek wouldn't hurt?" She raised a sly eyebrow at Selene, accompanied but a quirk of a smirk. If it was indeed nothing fancy then they could try the next alley. Passing Flopsy a look, that was met with a wringing of the house elf's ears, Ella proceeded toward the tent curiously.

"I guess you're right. A peek never hurt anybody," she replied with a crooked smile. It didn't really ever take much convincing (from Ella at least) for Selene to go along with what was probably a bad idea. The last time they'd taken just a peek, they'd accidentally let a jinxed broom escape. There wasn't a lock on the tent, so surely it couldn't be as dangerous as that.

Selene's gaze drifted to poor Flopsy, and she frowned slightly. Maybe they ought to be nicer to the poor house elf.

But the keep out sign was too tempting.

As the pair pushed through the bit of fabric that kept them from the interior of the tent, they were greeted by a haphazard collection of barrels and crates that contained little tubes and sticks. On the sides of the containers, a very enticing word was painted.

"Fireworks," she whispered out. "These are fireworks? They sure don't look like much." Despite how unimpressed her choice of words sounded, her tone betrayed her.
Emboldened by Selene's agreement to venture forward, she did passe an apologetic smile toward Flopsy who looked like she was about to faint. Really, the elf was a little dramatic sometimes, she should have learned by then that such tactics did not overly work on Ella when she had found something she wanted to do.

As soon as they peeled back the curtain, Ella's vague sense of dread mixed with anticipation (a common feeling of their exploits) turned into elation as they realized where they'd landed. "Fireworks!" Ella stared wide-eyed and giddy at the sight before them. Crates and crates of the explosives surrounded them and even though she barely knew what exactly it was she was looking at this was exciting.

"I didn't know this is what they looked like," She admitted as she pitched up to her tiptoes to look down into a crate containing all of the oddities and wonders that were apparently what fireworks looked like before they were blown up. "There's so many!" She added, clearly still awestruck.

[Image: OVW9mf.png]
Selene, for her part, also shot an apology to Flopsy. The poor elf had seen them through many days of mischief already, and it was barely a month into summer.

Reaching out, the girl felt somewhat emboldened to poke at one of the fireworks in order to see its true size. "Some of these are rather small. How do they pack such a gorgeous display into these tiny...sticks?" Although, some of the explosives weren't quite in stick form

"Wonder how many there are?" She wondered, casting a glance over the boxes and quick counting in her head. Of course she would never be able to get an accurate count, but Selene estimated it to be about a billion and six.

"Where do you suppose they light them off? Surely, it can't be from here." The little tent looked like it could catch fire in an instant.
"Magic?" Honestly Ella had no idea how it all worked, but she was instantly intrigued. "Don't they set them all up outside somewhere?" That had to be it. If they did it from in here she highly suspected everything would catch fire and it would be a big problem. She was marveling over how many there were, just like Selene, but she was also wondering how they could sneak out a small one to investigate.

"Where are the small ones?" She asked of her friend, taking care not to look at Flopsy who was likely wringing her ears. Nobody would notice if one little one was missing, right?

[Image: OVW9mf.png]

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