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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Kiera Grant
Full Name: Kiera Lacy Grant
Nicknames: Key, Kai, Kieran
Birthdate: January 3rd, 1876
Current Age: 16 Years
Gender: AFAB Genderqueer, perceived as characters see fit, although is widely perceived as female.
Occupation: Student
Reputation: 6 | Generally they appear odd and don’t regularly interact with others, as well as being a quarter vampire– even if it isn’t widely/publicly known.
Residence: Hogwarts | When not attending Hogwarts, they reside in Hogsmeade.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Cypress wood, Bone core, Hard flexibility, 12 2/10 inches long
Blood Status: Quarter-Vampire
Social Class: Working
Family: Father: Lane Odin Pyre (whereabouts unknown, deceased), Mother: Aleana Lacy Grant (A scholar working in London’s library, living, 45 y/o), no siblings to speak of.
Appearance: 5'3, cropped short brown hair, pale white skin, built like a twig, brown, almost black eyes. They enjoy wearing jewelry, despite the air of femininity that accompanies it.

1876 - Born.

1884 - First act of magic! Kieran was working with their mom in the library, helping out and being a generally decent child, when someone decided to jump out in front of them and run out of the building! Kieran's immediate reaction was to cover their face with their hands. The adrenaline was pumping, their fear was as high as it could possibly go- and they sent a wave of pressure out from their palms. They got in so much trouble for that.

1887 - Received their acceptance letter for Hogwarts! They were also given the First Year Scholarship, and told that if they scored high and stayed out of trouble, then they could potentially stay longer. Kieran also believed that if they were at Hogwarts for most of the year then their mother wouldn’t need to worry about feeding them or taking care of them in general.

1887 - Started Y1 at Hogwarts. Made a few friends, but ended up falling out of touch during their summer break. Haven't been seen with them since. Kieran also was able to maintain their grades enough to the point they were awarded with the Partial Academic, and worked hard over the summer in Hogsmeade while their mother sent them what she could to help pay for their next year of school. She had high hopes for them, and they’d rather chew on coal for the rest of their life than let her down.

1888 - Started Y2 at Hogwarts. They started to realize that they didn't quite identify with what society had deemed them to be, began to question their likes and interests as well as what they preferred to be called. Made two friends, though lost them near the end of the school year. In this particular school year they were able to keep their grades at E’s, O’s, and one barely passing grade in Potions that kept them from being awarded the Full Academic Scholarship.

1889 - Started Y3 at Hogwarts. Kieran realized they were struggling with potions and sought out members of the Ravenclaw house to help them. They can be direct when they need to be. Kept their grades high enough to keep their Partial Academic Scholarship.

1890 - Started Y4 at Hogwarts. Kept their grades high enough to keep their Partial Academic Scholarship.

1891 - Started Y5 at Hogwarts. Nothing significant really happened during this year, although they began to do better in their potions class. Kept their grades high enough to keep their Partial Academic Scholarship, and has high hopes for being able to acquire the Full Academic Scholarship. They aspire to be a Professor at Hogwarts someday and teach , therefore

1892 - They have spent the summer reviewing what they have learned over the last five years, practicing, and attempting to make friends among their peers, though with little to no success.

Personality: Studious, Cunning, Short-Tempered, Intelligent, Blunt, Sarcastic, Ambitious
Other: Over the summers since starting at Hogwarts, they have been working at Hogsmeade’s Memorial Ballroom as a Kitchen Maid; although when they turned 13 they applied at the Owl Emporium as a cleaner– and was employed at said establishment from thereon. They can’t work over the school year, obviously, so they worked out a deal with the owner in which they would work in the summer and be off for most if not all of the school year– i.e working over breaks. They were also given a small cot in the room with the owls in which they stayed for most if not all of the summer.
Sample Roleplay Post:

Quote:Aimen was practically skipping as she entered the room, excited to watch the coming bloodshed even as she noticed more than one of her exes among the crowd. She’d best stay away from those broads… they hadn’t exactly ended on good terms; much less livable ones. If Aunty Melly happened to somehow pick the molly for a fight, Aimen would give it her all considering if she didn’t, well, for one, she’d never hear the end of it from Melinoe, and for two, she’d probably give the mollies a reason to beat her ass before they sauntered back on over to their lovey dicey clans. Whatever, she’d win. No doubt about it.

When Melinoe called the first fight, Aimen’s gaze would drift to the ring, shoving her small body forward to get a closer look at the pup and the Riverclan trash that he was fighting. Throughout the fight, she would keep her gaze locked on Melinoe, goading her aunt to put her in the ring next, if not outright puppy dog eyeing her. She was good at giving the stink eye, sure, but her baby eyes… now those would get just about anyone to do as she asked.

Aimen slipped through the crowd as Haku’s fight ended, running right into Melinoe in the process— who promptly called her a fucking pigeon and shoved her into the ring. "Now who the fuck you callin' a pigeon Melly?!" She’d retort, playfully but loudly sending the taunt at her aunt. Should she get a response she’d laugh, but if not then she’d continue on her way to the other side of the ring to allow room for her poor competitor to lay their claim. "Come on ya sissy’s! Who’s up, huh?! Who?!" Aimen was always a taunting bitch, could never keep her mouth to herself.

She watched as Melinoe shoved a clannie onto the fabric, almost laughing when the tom let out a cry and threw himself at her. Assuming he was just attacking paws outstretched, Aimen would attempt to duck, possibly dodging the blow or at least part of it to minimize the damage. She’d make her own attack though, snapping her face forward to attempt to take a chunk out of the tom's stomach. Should she succeed, her bite would cause minor lacerations on the rib cage area of the males exposed belly.

Name: Toast
Age: 19
Contact: Discord; @hellycinthx#9170
Other Characters: N/a
How did you hear about us?: an ad while I was site hopping for an active site to join!
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