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In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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May 27, 1892 - 5th Year Gryffindor Girls' Dorm
@Alice Dawson

These OWL exams were going to actually end her. She had failed some of them miserably, she just knew it. At least this last day was her electives and those she was pretty good at. She hadn't been too worried about Muggle Studies in the first place, but she wanted to excel in Creatures, so she had put in the time and effort to make sure she was going to do well.

When it was all said and done, she thought she had done just fine. It was a good thing she had studied outside of class, but she thought she got the necessary E to keep the class for next year. The afternoon sun had been criminally bright and Sloane was hot and a sweaty, wishing there was something else she could have worn for her Care of Magical Creatures exam aside from this Merlin forsaken dress. She was filthy and it was smeared in dirt and she was ready to peel it off and wash off. If there was one thing she would miss about Hogwarts it was the ease of having her things washed, including her person. The washroom was glorious with its large washbasins and endless hot water.

Feeling the pink of a sunburn on her cheeks, Sloane was barely through the door before she started to undo the buttons of her dress, halfway down the bodice when she realized the dorm room was not empty like she expected it to be. "That was merciless," She said for lack of anything else better to say to Alice, hands paused, hovering over the fourth or so button. "It's so hot out there." She should have just jumped into the lake to cool off.

[Image: qt8lUD.png]
Alice had retreated to bed as soon as her exams had concluded. The exhaustion she'd been avoiding for months had slammed into her like a fast moving train, leaving her limbs feeling as though they were full of lead. Truthfully, were it not for the blistering hot temperature of the dormitory Alice might've been able to sleep for a week straight. Not even being only in her chemise could keep her cool enough, though, so she had summoned a large pitcher of water as the door opened.

Alice wasn't sure when she stopped taking note of Sloane's dressing habits (perhaps when the final push towards OWLs had begun?) but as she caught sight of her friend's half opened bodice a deep blush spread across her cheeks. Mercifully, this blush could easily be explained by the heat, but Alice still felt the too-familiar confusion their Christmas kiss had gifted her. A few more weeks and they'd never have to face this situation again. Sloane could continue on doing ... whatever she was doing with Cameron, and she could focus on whatever profession she settled upon.

"You should've brought a parasol." She chastised gently. "Your cheeks will sting later."

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Did she even own a parasol? The absurdity of imagining even carrying one had Sloane making a face. "Hard to wrangle chupacabras with a parasol in hand." It was accompanied by a chuckle, but Sloane couldn't even wrap her brain around it. Maybe the sun and the studying had finally fried it.

"I'm sure it'll be fine." She shrugged, unsure as to what was happening here. How had they even gotten here? Sloane wasn't even sure what had happened this time. Things had been fine between her roommates, at least she'd though so. She and Sisse had been getting along fine and there had never been any issues with Maddy or Alcyone, but it seemed like something else had happened here and she simply hadn't the time lately or the understanding to try and tackle it. The keep sting of growing up was back and she had to wonder if this is how it was going to be over the course of the next two years?

Moving further in the room, Sloane instead moved to take off her shoes and stockings. "I should have just jumped in the lake, but I think Moony would have had a heart attack." After her last dip in the lake to rescue Splash, she was pretty sure Ned had outlawed her even thinking about swimming.

[Image: qt8lUD.png]
Right. Sloane was planning to become a magizoologist after graduation. Of course she couldn't grow accustomed to creating shade for herself when faced with large magical creatures. "I suppose so. I'll leave you a list of charms that'll help for the future just in case." She shrugged and inched back on her bed in favor of grabbing her pillow to pull over her lap. The fraying edge would provide a decent distraction at least.

"He'll move past the incident eventually." It was still difficult to think about Edison in the long term. After how close they had grown this year, losing him would ache more than anything else. "Just be nice to him next year. He'll have his NEWTs to worry about."

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[Image: aNalFd.png]
Charms. Sloane nearly snorted in response, one of  her worse classes. "I think I should just invest in a good hat." That had to be the most practical answer to the problem. It wasn't exactly a long-term problem either. Sloane spent enough time outside that her skin darkened enough to where it no longer became a problem. Too many years of endless quidditch practice. Plus the sun made her freckles stand out more, which she liked. Maybe if she really concentrated she could just will it away with her metamorphmagus abilities, but she wasn't quite sure it worked like that. More than likely she could make the pink on her cheeks vanish, but it would still be there, even if it wasn't obviously visible.

"It's not like I go around purposefully worrying him, he comes by it naturally." She shrugged again. Ned's uncanny ability to act more like her father than her own father was amusing most of the time, and the thought of disappointing him was somehow worse than upsetting Papa too, but she didn't intentionally go about giving him grey hair at seventeen.

Unable to handle the heat anymore, she moved around the room toward the washroom and returned to the buttons of her bodice, needing to shed a layer. Maybe a cold bath would be almost as good as a dip in the lake.

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